Montag and beatty relationship trust

montag and beatty relationship trust

What if Captain Beatty was trying to protect Montag all along? . I joined the firemen to gain trust and make them crumble from the inside while my I could say anything that would expose our relationship and ruin the plan. It's not until Beatty gives Montag that big speech in Part One that we understand what's going on in this guy's head. He used to be curious about books, just like. What poem does Montag read to his wife,. Mrs. Phelps, and What is Captain Beatty's relationship with books? a. trust shall never be put out.” a. Clarisse b.

She sounded so scared on the phone. She told me, "We're all in danger! And please don't ever call this number again. I became so angry and I lost it.

I was now hungry for revenge. My brother and I swore to avenge our parents. I joined the firemen to gain trust and make them crumble from the inside while my brother gathered survivors and those who were willing to fight for the same cause.

montag and beatty relationship trust

Someone had reported an illegal possession of books. I arrived at the scene to see my brother along with his supporters in a house filled with old books. This memory will be embedded into my mind for as long as I live.

I remember it like it was yesterday. The images are too vivid. I remember opening my mouth to call out to my brother. I remember thinking about knocking all the other firemen out and helping my brother escape. My brother stopped me before I could say anything that would expose our relationship and ruin the plan. He cried a sharp no as his eyes peered into my soul. They spoke to me, they told me not to say anything, and pretend we had no relation. Like when the old woman from a few days ago, my brother refused to leave.

He and his supporters decided to burn along with the books. When they declared this, my brother looked at me again. With sad eyes but a smile on his face, he didn't say a word. However - that face of his that haunts me to this day told me to do the honors.

I couldn't at first. I couldn't bring myself to kill my beloved brother. I was like you Montag, I tried to save them. They were so set on dying there with the books. I let them die, right there in front of my eyes. Do you know how hard it was for me to act indifferent to that woman burning?

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I achieved status when I became captain. I don't even know why but I risked all that I've built on you. I gave you so many chances to turn back but you never did.

I knew you were special when you hesitated at the old woman's house. You didn't want her to die, you wanted to save her! That's why I tried to save you!

I gave you so many chances! Why didn't you run? Montag was not expecting this; he didn't know Beatty had such a past. I shouldn't have been so insensitive. I thought you were going to turn me in! Put you in jail? At least you would've been kept alive! If they knew about your actions, you would've been part of an "accident".

And…I couldn't bear to lose you. I felt that it was my duty to protect you, Montag. So please, burn down this house along with the books in it and let me arrest you," Beatty pleaded. I have to go to save mankind.

I can't just sit still in a cell and allow this superficiality to continue in the world. If you'll excuse me I-" His mouth was shut with a sudden kiss. Beatty's lips pressed against Montag's, hard. It was a harsh angry kiss.

Beatty hands held the sides of Montag's face. Montag's eyes widen with surprise. It was useless; Beatty was too strong.

Realizing how impulsive and inappropriate his actions were, Beatty parted his lips from Montag. His hands that were holding onto Montag's face fell down to his sides.

I was just so angry, so afraid I was going to lose you. I don't know but I can't lose you, not you. When I think about losing you my being weakens, my heart tightens, and I feel this pain in my chest. Please," Beatty said in desperation. He lifted his arms again, this time he wrapped his arms around Montag's body. He buried his face into Montag's shoulder, drenching the man's shirt. Montag's heart skipped a beat.

He did not struggle this time. His heart started to pound at Beatty's words. No one had ever made me feel this way before…I've never felt so needed…Not Mildred, not anyone has ever said this to me before. It makes me feel…What's this called? Is this what Clarisse was talking about?

If I blew a dandelion now, would it stick to my chin? Out of impulse, Montag draped his arms around Beatty's neck. Montag pressed his lips against Beatty's. The men share a passionate kiss.

The two men felt as if they were the only ones in the world.

They were able to forget about their problems for a moment and just think about each other. Montag slips his tongue into the man's mouth. Beatty moans in pleasure. Montag took this as a sign that his partner wanted more. He pushed Beatty onto the couch; Montag set it up so his body would lie on top of Beatty's. Their hot bodies were pressed against each other. Both men refused to let go of the other. He wants someone to listen and understand how he feels and to help him understand the importance and significance of books in a society.

Also, Montag wanted Faber to help him reintroduce books to the world and his society. Did Faber remind Montag that people who are having fun are reluctant to become rebels? Yes, Faber did do so. People who enjoy themselves are reluctant to become rebels as that would change the system that currently brings them so much happiness and joy. In fear of resurrecting or rather introducing a system with many failings that would hurt them, people have not rebelled against the sytem that they are currently under.

How did Montag finally get Faber to consider really helping him? Initially Faber was extremely reluctant to assist Montag in his quest to reintroduce books to his society. However, once Montag started ripping up the Bible he had brought, Faber was so distraught at the fact that one of the last of the Bibles was being destroyed before hsi eyes that he decided to help Montag. How did the Queen Bee analogy underscore Faber's cowardice? Faber claimed that his character was similar to that of a queen bee.

Similarly, he would sit in his house and send out worker bees Montag in this case to carry out his orders. Montag would be in charge of doing the dangerous work by venturing into the society while Faber would us a headset-like device to monitor Montag's progress.

Also, even if Montag was killed, Faber's location would not be disclosed. Therefore, Faber can be compared to a coward since he is unwilling to venture out and perform the potentially fatal work himself. Professor Faber gave Montag an earpiece that resembled a small green bullet, so he could talk to Montag and listen in on whatever Montag hears. This way, Faber can sit safely at his home while Montag interacts with the outside world.

Montag also gives Faber the last copy of the Bible to keep it safe. It denotes a token of trust between Montag and Faber. What is the volcano's mouth? The volcano's mouth represents the living room with the "Parlor walls. People in the society, including Mildred, Mrs.

Bowles, would reside in the parlor for hours at a time, mindlessly staring at the bright, colorful walls. No one would talk to each other about social topics. They would only respond to the pictures on the wall witlessly.

Also, the bright red and orange explosions of color on the walls also serve to depict that the parlor is similar to a volcano's mouth. Montag pulled the plug on the living room fish bowl. In reality, MOntag pulled the plug on the electronic "parlor walls", not a fish bowl. The walls met to resemble a giant fishbowl in the living room, but there was never really a fish bowl in the room. Yes, this is true. He wanted Montag to be more careful about reading because he was worried Montag would blow their cover.

Which lady was affected by the original intent of the poetry? Phelps was affected the most by the poem because she started crying after Montag was finished reading. However, at first Mrs. Bowles was very afraid to be read poetry while Mrs. Phelps encouraged Montag to read some. True or False In the late hours of the night, Faber refused to console Montag for foolishly reading poetry to the poor, silly women.

No, this is false. Faber did indeed provide some comfort for Montag. He stated that he was always there to support Montag and that Montag should never give up with his dream to restore books to their rightful place in the world. Listening to Beatty play his harp and needle had what effect on Montag? When captain Beatty played the "hard and needle" to Montag, he was playing around with Montag. Captain Beatty knew the truth about Montag reading and hiding books, but did not really accuse him of it.

He was playing around with Montag by asking questions and stating book-related sentences that made Montag feel uncomfortable. In a way, Beatty was indirectly giving Montag the message that he knew he was hiding something.

Montag did not know if he could lie out of the situations, or whether it would be no use since Beatty would already know he was lying.

What interrupted the poker game? There was a phonecall to the firehouse. Mildred had found some of the books that Montag had stowed away in the backyard. She took them in and called the firehouse, turning in an alarm telling them there were books in the house. Mildred's alarm call to the firehouse paused the poker game. Captain Beatty drove the Salamander to whose house?

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The alarm that said there were books in a house came from Montag's house. The Salamander drove to Montag's house to burn the house. Part 3- Burning Bright Pages How has Beatty given Montag hints that he is under suspicion?

Beatty sent the mechanical hound to his house and also came in person to his house, announcing that Mildred said that there were books in Montag's house. Who must have brought the books back from the garden?

Mildred must have done so in order for Beatty to see them and burn them. Who turned in an alarm against Montag? Bowles, and Mildred turned in an alarm respectively. What happened to Montag's green bullet? Beatty was holding it when Montag shot him with a flamethrower, which burnt Beatty with the green bullet that he was holding. Why did Montag burn Beatty's body? Montag burned Beatty's body because Beatty was insulting him and driving him to the breaking point.

The final act of Beatty that made Montag burn him was when Beatty said that he'd trace the green bullet to Faber. Out of fear for the safety of faber, Montag burned Beatty and killed the other two firemen as well.

What is Montag's plan to escape? In order to escape, Montag must not only get out of the sight of anyone in the city, but also hide his chemical code from the mechanical hound. His plan is to drench himself in whiskey and wear Faber's old clothing so that it would be difficult for the mechanical hound to pick up Montag's scent.

Then, he ran to the river because he knew it would take too long for the hound to search the whole river. He eventually rode the river till he reached another side of the town. This side of the town consisted of others who are like Montag, who also have read books.

How much money did Montag give to Faber? Montag handed Faber a hundred dollars. How many scent can the mechanical hound remember? The mechanical hound can remember ten thousand scents. Why did Montag want Faber to turn on the air conditioning and sprinklers? At this point in the novel, Montag was being traced by a mechanical hound. As he had entered Faber's house, he didn't want the hound to follow the trail there and potentially kill Faber.

Therefore, he believed that the trail to Faber's house would be masked if the air conditioning and sprinklers were turned on. Interpret "Twenty million Montag's running, soon, if the camera's caught him. Many people in the society are watching the tvs fixedly like robots.

If Montag was caught on a camera, then the twenty million tvs would each show Montag running because of the number of people watching tv at this point. Why did the search for Montag veer inland? The government did not want to admit that they had lost Montag's trail at the river. Therefore, the search veered inland in order to find a scapegoat to play the part of Montag who would be brought to justice for his crimes.

The search could only last for so long such that viewers interest could be maintained. The government portrayed Montag as dead on the television for the public to see. When Granger and other like-minded people are stopped by authorities, why isn't any incriminating evidence found? No incriminating evidence is found because they do not physically possess any books because they have the ability to memorize the books that they read.

This way they are able to preserve the information in the books without getting in trouble with the law. They say that everyone has photographic memory although only few truly use it to its full potential. Granger and other like-minded people are using their memory for not only their good but also for the good of future generations. What proof do you have? Yes I think that there are other book chapters in other towns.

I believe this because books were written in all towns, and people are naturally curious. It only takes a few curious people to begin to read books and create a group.

montag and beatty relationship trust

The previously small group will slowly grow until it becomes a book chapter. Also, Granger's group hints to Montag that they know others who have saved books in their minds when he tells Montag there is just one other man who knows the Book of Ecclesiastes. Also, Granger believes that books are the ones that promote change and advancement. The men who carry the burden of the books do not matter as the books themselves are the only ones that have any value. Without books people become mindless robots.

Explain the last implications of the events in the last pages.