Nicholas ii and alexandra relationship questions

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nicholas ii An artistic representation of Nicholas II, last tsar of Russia. The marriage between Nicholas and Alexandra was unusual for several reasons. He was also religious, conservative and thought problems in his regime were the work. For Higher History learn how political and economic problems combined with He made poor decisions that led to worsening relations with the government The departure of Nicholas II to the front left his wife, Tsarina Alexandra, in control. Nicholas II or Nikolai II known as Saint Nicholas the Passion-Bearer After the Second Duma resulted in similar problems, the new prime Alexandra protested vehemently but Nicholas refused to.

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The incident cut his trip short. Returning overland to St. Petersburg, he was present at the ceremonies in Vladivostok commemorating the beginning of work on the Trans-Siberian Railway. InNicholas traveled to London on behalf of his parents to be present at the wedding of his cousin, the Duke of York to Princess Mary of Teck.

Queen Victoria was struck by the physical resemblance between the two cousins, and their appearances confused some at the wedding.

nicholas ii and alexandra relationship questions

During this time, Nicholas had an affair with St. Petersburg ballerina Mathilde Kschessinska. He attended meetings of the State Council ; however, as his father was only in his forties, it was expected that it would be many years before Nicholas succeeded to the throne. Once in Coburg Nicholas proposed to Alix, but she rejected his proposal, being reluctant to convert to Orthodoxy. But the Kaiser later told her she had a duty to marry Nicholas and to convert, as her sister Elizabeth had voluntarily done in Thus Nicholas and Alix became officially engaged on 20 April Nicholas's parents initially hesitated to give the engagement their blessing, as Alix had made poor impressions during her visits to Russia.

They gave their consent only when they saw Tsar Alexander's health deteriorating.

nicholas ii and alexandra relationship questions

That summer, Nicholas travelled to England to visit both Alix and the Queen. Along with being present at the christening, Nicholas and Alix were listed among the child's godparents.

Upon learning that he would live only a fortnight, the Tsar had Nicholas summon Alix to the imperial palace at Livadia. From his deathbed, he told his son to heed the advice of Witte, his most capable minister.

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Nicholas chose to maintain the conservative policies favoured by his father throughout his reign. While Alexander III had concentrated on the formulation of general policy, Nicholas devoted much more attention to the details of administration. After lying in state in the Kremlin, the body of the Tsar was taken to St.

Petersburg, where the funeral was held on 19 November.

Nicholas II of Russia

Staggering under the weight of his new office, he had no intention of allowing the one person who gave him confidence to leave his side. Alexandra gained increasing influence over the appointment of ministers to the government.

She was determined that no member of the imperial government should ever be in a sufficiently strong position to challenge the authority of her beloved husband.

She appointed less threatening, sometimes incompetent, ministers to replace those who knew how to govern. As a result, members of the government tended to be increasingly weak and ineffective men. They owed their positions to winning favour with the Tsarina, rather than their ability and effectiveness. This would have been bad enough with Russia at peace, but in wartime, it led inevitably to disaster for the monarchy and for Russia.

Issues with Rasputin Rasputin The imperial family was brought into disrepute as the Tsarina fell under the influence of Grigori Rasputin. Rasputin was a monk from Siberia. He was rumoured to be a Khlyst, member of an extreme underground sect that had split from the Orthodox Church. He was infamous for his drunkenness and for womanising.

However he also gained a reputation as a healer, able to perform amazing feats and miracles. Rasputin came to the attention of the royal family.

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In AprilAlexandra called on him to heal her only son, the Tsarevich Alexis. He was suffering from painful bleeding as a result of an injury. It was not publicly known but Alexis suffered from the blood disease haemophilia. After Alexis recovered, Tsarina Alexandra became convinced that Rasputin could control the young boy's illness. While there is still debate over the nature of his powers over the health of Alexis, it is clear that his influence over the Tsarina was considerable.

He advised her on appointments to the government, interfered in important decisions. He could do no wrong in the eyes of the Tsarina. Excuses were always made for his excessive and antisocial behaviour.

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To the Russian people, Rasputin symbolised everything that was wrong with imperial government.