Nodame and chiaki relationship quiz

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nodame and chiaki relationship quiz

Made me realize just HOW REAL Chiaki and Nodame's love relationship is, from the teenage/youth kind of romance, but then it developed into a more mature. Nodame Cantabile - Chiaki Shinichi & Noda Megumi <3. Timpanist Masumi Okuyama, an admirer of Chiaki, is jealous of Nodame's relationship with him and begins tormenting her with pranks. Mine suggests a contest.

A bunch of romance anime involve either tons of girls circling a guy i. Nisekoi or tons of guys circling a girl i.

nodame and chiaki relationship quiz

Although only one guy or gal really mattered out of the bunch, these types of anime feel extremely lopsided to me because they naturally over-emphasize the character whom the harem is fixated upon. While many potential love triangles exist in Nodame Cantabile, these are spread out between Chiaki and Nodame—i.

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Both sides are trying to win over the other instead of one party just sitting back as everyone else fights over him or her. Chiaki definitely ends up falling for Nodame in spite of her looks, not because of them. Ah, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder… 7 No Tragic Ending. This is more personal preference than anything else, but I just cannot tolerate romance stories with tragic endings. When these endings happen, I feel extremely let down because I just spent a whole season rooting for a couple to get together, witness them succeed for a moment, only for them to ultimately part at the end.

All the characters make plans for their careers after graduation.

Nodame Cantabile, Vol. 12

The supporting cast is strong, especially the rocker friend, who grows alongside the protagonists. At first, I found the characters to be exaggerated, especially Nodame.

Nodame becomes likeable in her awkward genius. It was fun to read her because that character type is usually written as a male female misfits are usually faux-geeks who just need the right dress, whereas Nodame dresses up for her competition and still looks bedraggled.

I worried for her as she worked herself into a fugue to prepare for a competition with a cash prize. I have a weakness for genius heroes, and Chiaki is an appealing and well-rounded one. He's constantly afraid of being surpassed by Nodame, trying to go ever ahead, which leaves her miserable as she is trying to catch up to him.

He also can be considered as insensitive. He is one of the major factors in Nodame's progress in music, occasionally taking the time to extensively coach her during critical periods. In turn, he too is influenced and inspired strongly by her music. This relationship sees a continuation when they move to France, where Chiaki is coerced by Stresemann's manager Elise into signing a contract with their agency. As the series progresses, he falls in love with Nodame, especially while they are in France.

Despite his popularity among women, he is somewhat surprisingly devoted, and once their relationship solidifies is never seen to be unfaithful to her, once explicitly declining Rui's invitation for a date and stating that he was going to meet up with Nodame.

However, they do go through the occasional rough patch, partially because they spend large amounts of time apart as a conductor and Stresemann's student, Chiaki travels all over Europeand both Chiaki and Nodame are prone to bouts of insecurity.

nodame and chiaki relationship quiz

At the end of series, he is slowly advancing his career as a conductor, with an orchestra that has a long history but had since fallen on tough times.