Noragami yato and hiyori relationship help

noragami yato and hiyori relationship help

From then on, we see Yato and Hiyori's relationship grow leaps and bounds The anime's title Noragami means “stray god” in Japanese. Manga I have read Noragame 6 times. I did not find yato x hiyori moments. All fans Noragame say yato x hiyori look for signs under. Noragami. But for some reason, Yato and Hiyori's relationship stands out. Noragami is a wonderful series that is a mix of many things, surprisingly that.

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Beyond being light on her feet, Hiyori is also trying to find her place in the world. Hiyori is always thinking about Yato. She is always thinking of Yato. At school or at home, walking to school or taking a bath, Hiyori will mindlessly wonder about Yato.

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Hiyori eventually meets more gods, many who are much more capable than Yato. She sticks with Yato and Yukine. After all, Yukine is just so cute, and Yato has moments of laying his affection on thick. In the last arc of Aragoto, Yato is trapped in the underworld with Hiiro. Yato never told his new friends his real name or his past, but in his absence, Hiyori had been doing research on Yato and the folklore of gods.

noragami yato and hiyori relationship help

Yato needs Hiyori to exist, literally. Noragami Episode 12 In Noragami Aragoto, we learn a lot more about this world of gods and phantoms. Most noteably, the most important rule we learn is that gods are immortal and can be reborn when they die; however, gods who are forgotten can die and disappear from existence.

Unlike Bishamon and Ebisu, Yato is an unknown god with essentially one follower. Hiyori connects Yato to the Near Shore, the land of the living. As if she could get any better, Hiyori even makes a mini-shrine for Yato.

noragami yato and hiyori relationship help

Yato treasures the small shrine and can even use it to enter Takamagahara, the residence of gods with shrines. This is one of the reasons Yato is always following Hiyori around. He does not care for Yato's feelings and tries to sever his relations with other people as shown through his manipulation in the murder of Sakura and in threatening Hiyori and manipulating Ayakashi to attack her family's hospital, causing everyone to go on a rampage and bombarding her family with lawsuits.

Yato wishes to be free of Father's control but fears that should he end Father's life that he himself will cease to exist. Yato despises his father for the way he uses him to kill people and fulfill his means but has no choice but to conceal his identity lest he loses his "lifeline". It is even shown in chapter 60 that he used to beat up and abuse Yato in the past but Yato is incapable of doing anything against him.

Edit The two do not get along. Takemikazuchi was the one who murdered Ebisu so Yato is not happy at all to see him. Takemikazuchi loves to ridicule Yato and pretend he doesn't exist but is shown to be extremely jealous over the fact Yato has a blessed Shinki but not himself, especially since his lead Shinki Kiun is extremely hesitant with the idea of becoming one.

He even humiliated Yato and Yukine by making them bow during the banquet which was something disgraceful for a God and his Shinki to do. He tried to spark a fight with Yato but Yukine erected a shield and proved to be superior. Takemikazuchi's desire for a blessed Shinki also comes from his role as a war God and his love for battles and disregard for people's lives, especially since he couldn't imagine how strong Kiun would be if he was a blessed Shinki since he is already one of the strongest Shinki of heaven but still lost to Kazuma who was only a nail in the beginning.

He seems to want to make an enemy of Yato since he recognizes Yato as a powerful enemy and since in order to have a blessed Shinki one needs a powerful enemy.

yato x hiyori an impossible relationship

The fact that he is related to Nora and by extension Father further complicates and foreshadows the strong possibility of him being a powerful enemy in the future. This is later on proven true in chapter 61 when he orders Kiun to ignore the search for Bishamonten in order to fight Yato.

This is made further evident in Chapter 57 when Kiun comes to ask if Yato is on heaven's side. Yato considers not because of what they did to Ebisu and despite wanting to be a God openly states how much doesn't like heaven and how he might even rebel against them including the main goddess.

However, when Kiun tells Yato if he rejects that his status as a God will be removed and his shrine taken away and how he will be reduced to a cult leader Yato quickly changes his mind, much to Yukine's Hiyori's and Ebisu's annoyance.