Olivia dunham and peter bishop relationship goals

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Olivia & Peter, cutest tv couple ever. I love how they're relationship develops. . Joshua Jackson & Anna Torv (Peter Bishop & Olivia Dunham) from Fringe. Henrietta Bishop (daughter with Olivia Dunham; alternate and final timeline) . In the episode "6B" Peter and Olivia try to fix their relationship, but when they share a forgot about Peter because he "never existed", as he "fulfilled his purpose". three FBI agents (Olivia Dunham, Phillip Broyles, and Astrid Farnsworth), a mad scientist (Walter Bishop), a civilian with a rather varied skillset (Peter Bishop) .

But I may be able to intercept them. Olivia goes to open it. Is this Poly Sci ? I believe with proper demodulation, you could receive satellite television for free. What formula are you rattling off at 3 o' clock in the morning?! That's what's so important you couldn't stop yourself from broadcasting? I haven't had it for ages.

I thought I might make some in the lab tomorrow. Where are you going? It occurs to me it might be easier to sleep in the tub. A Root Beer Float!

Where is your father? Walter is at the hotel. But don't worry, your agents are standing guard, not that it matters 'cause the man is unconscious. He was awake till five in the morning reciting the chemical compositions of his favorite beverages to me.

That was right after he finished lecturing me on how I squandered on my above average intellect and my substantial education all while he was standing there naked. Because he 'prefers the breeze'. Who the hell are you? What is the cylinder? You know what it is, don't you?

Why is it here? I wanna hold your hand! Lucy in the sky with diamonds! Do you really know my father? Did you talk to him this afternoon? Are you his friend? I'm a fairly open-minded guy, but there are things happening here that I can't even begin to explain and I'm not going anywhere until I can. In that case, you might want this. Civilian consultant to the Department of Homeland Security. Does this mean I don't need an escort to come into the Federal Building anymore? Will it get me out of speeding tickets?

So let me tell you about my day, Walter. I was abducted, tortured, had two wires shoved up my nose that were connected to a machine I've never seen before and maybe the strangest part of the day is that somehow, without talking, I was able to answer a question that I didn't have the answer to.

Everybody put on their best straightjacket. Walter, you're not going to accidentally fry one of those pigeons? Stranger things have happened. So we're putting GPS chips on carrier pigeons to find a man who can control electricity. I have you to thank for that, don't I? So… what is this? This is the sort of work I was born for. You were hoping for something more specific, maybe? Where can I get one of those white suits?

Walter, her disease, if there's no cure That's a question and one which we should pose to whoever was treating her. Which makes three questions. The other being what exactly happened here. That's only two questions. Oh, the third questions, um Oh, Olivia, join us. We've learned some things already. We don't think she ran away. So she was being held against her will.

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Either that or she had a proclivity for sexual bondage. Scientific observation, not a judgement. Some of my fondest memories-- Peter: Stop, wherever that's going it's just wrong.

You better get back upstairs before Walter falls asleep in your bed. He has actually done that before. While I was sleeping. Really not something you want to wake up to. To help us understand what happened at the diner, we'll use Mr.

This is upsetting as he is the friendliest of the fruits. In Which We Meet Mr. I'm sure he'd be just thrilled to hear your diagnosis. I had a fruit cocktail once in Atlantic City. Mind you I'm not the fruit cocktail sorta guy. Is it the fruit cocktail thing again? Yeah, he's been doing that recently. He gets obsessed about certain foods. We need him to focus.

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Broyles, two-thirds of the time, my father's not even lucid. And in those rare and unpredictable moments of clarity, he rambles on about the foods and beverages that he missed while he was incarcerated in a mental institution for the better part of the last two decades. To say that he's not focused Which is to say, you're absolutely right, he's not focused and also it's not going to change any time soon.

I'm not a puppeteer. I don't have a remote control. There's no master switch I can flick and turn him into the man I wish had raised me. Or even somebody I don't have to babysit everyday. Bishop, what are you doing here? Oh, I just got off the phone with Olivia. She's headed back to the airport. Jones would only help us if he could talk to Mr.

olivia dunham and peter bishop relationship goals

Smith that your people just killed. That's the first serious thing I've said all day. Peter, hey, it's Astrid. Your father wanted me to inform you that there is fluid accumulating in Agent Loeb's lungs. Tell him we need help quickly. He says we need help quickly. Let me talk to him. Uh, hello, Peter, uh, this is me, your father, Walter Bishop. I know who you are. Excellent, uh, we need to talk to that man Smith right away. He may be our best chance to save Agent Loeb's life.

I know that, but he's dead. We're out of luck. Well, does he still have his head? Is it still attached to his body?

Oh no, there's been an error

Only you would ask that question seriously, yes, he still has a head. Splendid, then perhaps in this case, death is simply an inconvenience. He's been shot in the head. Is that a problem? Yes, that's a problem.

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Of course, it's a problem! A bullet in the head would normally indicate significant brain trauma. Well, it would also indicate that he's dead, but you didn't seem to have a problem with that. This procedure's not like removing tonsils. I've never had a conversation with a dead guy before.

olivia dunham and peter bishop relationship goals

Forgive me if I don't know the rules. Green, green, green, red Now, how did you know that, Dr. But that's what happened, isn't it? Think you might be able to jog your mind, Walter?

Is Peter putting false memories in her brain? What's real and what isn't? We're all asking these same questions too. Ultimately, Olivia realizes the feelings are true, and the Observer tells Peter he's been home all along. Because truelove conquers all, obvi. Peter and Olivia remember each other, are in the same universe, and have admitted their feelings.

The two-part Season 4 finale was shot as a potential series finale and thus wraps up plenty of Fringe storylines. Plus, we see Peter and Olivia in bed together discussing finding a place of their own, and by the end, Olivia finds out she's pregnant.

For a couple who have so very few happy moments, these might be some of the best on record. It's hard to imagine the story ending this happily, TBH. So luckily, we got Season 5. After being frozen in amber for 20 years, the Fringe team is in and ready to save the world from the Observers, who have taken over. But more importantly, Peter and Olivia are reunited with their daughter Etta, who went missing as a child when the Observers arrived to take over Earth.

The couple themselves aren't in perfect harmony, but Olivia finally getting to hug her daughter is one of the most touching moments of the season. Meeting Etta, aka the physical embodiment of Peter and Oliva's love, makes the rest of this episode seem less bleak. After spending most of the season trying to thwart the Observers' plans, Peter and Olivia grieve the loss of their daughter Etta, who died during their mission. But in this final episode, Walter reveals a way to go back and prevent the Observers from invading at all, thus saving Etta's life.

So while life in is dire and not at all joyful, Walter sacrifices himself to give Peter and Olivia a happy life with Etta. He took his cell out of his pocket.

olivia dunham and peter bishop relationship goals

Peter had all but insisted that he come along, and Broyles had agreed that Peter would be very useful with this particular casino boss. The trouble was, this time, they were playing newlyweds.

So, he limited himself to holding her close and calling her pet names. Then, on the casino floor, she hooked her arms around his neck and looked to be bringing his lips to hers for a kiss. Instead, she just slid her lips next to his ear. Peter returned with the coffees when he found Olivia asleep on the couch. He set the cups down on a table and then knelt next to Olivia. He pulled the blanket off the top of the couch and carefully placed it over her. He was caught by the sight of a few strands of hair escaping from her now-mussed ponytail.

Peter reached out a finger and gently tucked the hair behind her ear. Did you get me a caramel mocha?