Pandora hearts oz and alice relationship

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pandora hearts oz and alice relationship

Tags: Anime, Pandora Hearts, Oz Vessalius, Alice Baskerville Heart Pictures, Heart Alice & Oz oh gosh guys I don't ship this as a relationship · Pandora . Alice & Oz oh gosh guys I don't ship this as a relationship but like as the strongest Discover ideas about A Relationship. oz x Pandora Hearts - Alice and Oz. Relationships Lacie As the person who had unintentionally granted him life in the first Oz cherishes Alice, not only because she resembles Lacie greatly, but.

pandora hearts oz and alice relationship

Regardless, he was saddened when the Intention didn't smile that often in the past. After learning about the entire truth of Break's encounter with the Intention, Oz, like Alice, was determined to grant the Intention's wish. After the Intention was able to see Jack once again and told Oz her thanks for granting her wish from years ago, she asked Oz to form a contract with her.

Oz complied and asked Alice and the Intention to say his name. Both she and Alice together called out to Oz affectionately as 'our dear black rabbit'. Just when Oz was about to deliver the final blow, tears swelled in his eyes as the Intention smiled happily at him for granting her wish. Despite the fact Oz developed a closer bond with Alice, Oz nevertheless cared about the Intention as well.

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Oz eventually granted the Intention's wish and freed her. Jack Vessalius Jack's relationship with Oz was complicated. Originally, Oz was a chain that was created by Lacie during her attempts to end the Core of the Abyss's loneliness. After the Core embraced Lacie's daughters while Lacie was destroyed from the darkness of the Abyss, Oz became acquainted with her daughters: Alice and the Intention of the Abyss.

When the Intention recognized Jack's voice through Alice's body, she asked Oz to give Jack a piece of Lacie's thoughts and feelings, believing that Lacie wanted Jack to know her true feelings for him. Oz accepted this request due to his desire to thank Lacie for bringing him to life. He also saw from Lacie's memories that Jack was someone important to her. Although Oz was aware of the fact that his body will be destroyed after accepting the small fragment of Lacie's soul, due to the darkness of the Abyss trying to destroy all of Lacie's presence, he was successful into giving Jack the fragment of Lacie's soul.

However, Oz was unaware that his actions were a horrible mistake. When the Intention transformed Oz's body his other body that remained with the Intention into the chain B-rabbit, Oz once again met Jack after Jack tricked Vincent into opening the Baskervilles's Door to the Abyss. When Jack asked Oz to form a contract with hm, Oz remembered the reason he gave Jack the fragment of Lacie's soul was due to his wish of wanting to repay Lacie for giving him his life.

Despite suspicions of whether his latest action of giving Jack the fragment of Lacie's would create a misunderstanding, Oz accepted Jack's request and formed a contract with Jack, before proceeding to destroy the chains wrapping the world. Oz's worst suspicion was confirmed as soon as Jack mercilessly ordered him to slaughter the Baskervilles who came to aid Glen, as well as injuring and finally beheading Glen. Unknown to Jack, Oz was horrified of the actions he just committed.

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His cries were heard by Alice who was inside the tower. After Alice confirmed her doubts that Jack was the one responsible for Oz's anguish, she tried to have Jack sympathize with Oz only to have him show his indifference towards Oz and become enraged before trying to make her switch places with the other Alice. When Alice committed suicide in order to protect those she loved- Alice and Oz - Oz could only stare in shock and dismay over the fact that he couldn't stop Jack from hurting Alice.

He was severely depressed. Later on, Alice in spirit took over Oz's body, taking his powers as B-rabbit and his memories, which released him from Jack. After the events of the Tragedy of Sablier, in which Jack took advantage and manipulated the truth, Oz remained dormant in Jack's body. After Jack convinced the current head of his family, Xai Vessalius, years later and the last pieces of Jack's soul has disappeared from his body, Oz was woken from his slumber and took control of Jack's body.

Because Alice had taken away his memories, Oz was unaware of the truth about himself. When Jack discovered that Xai knew the truth about what really happened at the Tragedy of Sablier, Jack manipulated Xai into believing that by casting him and Oz into the Abyss using the Chains of Condemnation, Xai would be able to get rid of both of them. In reality, Jack was hoping that Xai would cast them into the Abyss, in hope of reuniting with Alice and regaining Oz's powers back.

After returning from the Abyss, Oz saw an image of Jack after the pocket watch fell and one of Alice's memories appeared. Jack told Oz that he's been waiting for him. Jack encouraged Oz to find all of Alice's memories. Jack appeared once more during Oz's attempt to stop Alice from killing Phillipe West's father by telling him he can control Alice's power.

Oz finally met Jack during his and Gilbert's rescue attempt to save Alice and Break from Cheshire's dimension. Despite the sudden meeting, Oz believed in Jack when he said he wanted to help him save Alice. Oz, having seen a memory of Alice and Jack together, trusted him and allowed Jack to give him his strength. Jack comforted Oz when he witnessed a scene of the Tragedy of Sablier, as well as when Oz discovered Alice's death scene. After Oz, Alice, Gilbert, and Break escaped Cheshire's dimension, Oz discovered he contained Jack's soul within him during the confrontation with the members of Pandora.

This revelation shocked and surprised Oz. To his dismay, the members of Pandora treated him as someone special rather than a normal person. Oz explained to Reim that it is because they seen him as Jack rather than Oz. Over time, Oz accepted the fact that Jack's soul lived inside him. However, he told Rytas he is just Oz, not Jack, showing that Oz sees himself and Jack as two separate people.

pandora hearts oz and alice relationship

Oz sometimes takes advantage of the fact that he has Jack's soul inside of him. An example of this is when Oz tricked Isla Yura into believing that Jack took over his body at the moment Oz tried to kill himself and manipulated him into gaining access to his mansion. All of this changed during the Baskervilles's attack at the headquarters of Pandora.

When Oz managed to get Leo to regain his sanity, Jack took over Oz's body and sent one of B-rabbit's chain through Leo's body, much to Oz's horror. When Oz stopped Jack from harming Leo, Jack was amused when Oz said he is Leo's friend and won't allow Jack to take control of his body. Jack countered this by telling Oz that's impossible because he knows Oz is trying to deny the memories within him. After telling Oz that his existence is nothing and that everything he was had diminished, saying that Oz's existence can't really exist, Jack forced Oz to regain his lost memories.

After Oz regained his lost memories, he was completely devastated by the revelation Jack forced him to remember as well as the events that really occurred during the Tragedy of Sabiler. During the rescue attempt by Gilbert, and later on by Oscar, Oz was able to regain himself after Oscar revealed his wish for Oz to be happy. This allowed Oz to regain control of his body and free himself from Jack's control.

Despite Oz hating Jack for everyone he's done, Oz asked Jack to make a deal with him. During his battle with Oswald who at the time taken control of Leo's bodyJack once more tried to convince Oz to destroy Oswald to which Oz refused again.

During Oz and everyone else's attempt to save Alice and Gilbert from the Core of the Abyss, Jack at first stopped Oz from leaving after the completion of his Incuse. Looking to Oz, Jack asks if it's really okay for him to be doing "it" alone.

Confirming this, Oz reveals that he's already said everything he wanted to say to Jack, bidding him farewell as he loosens from Jack's grip and drifts away from Jack's subconscious. This showed that Oz, despite his feelings toward Jack, trusted him for what he's about to do next. It was revealed that Oz's body was becoming more chain-like as a result of his power and the Incuse on Oz's chest fully completed it's rotation. Regardless, Oz made a deal with Jack: Oz wanted Jack to tell the Intention the truth of why the events occurred at the Tragedy of Sablier.

Oz is aware of Jack's influence on the Intention and know she whould believe anything Jack said. Intrigued by this, Jack asked why Oz asked for such a request and what Oz do in exchange for Jack's cooperation in fulfilling this request. Oz said he will stop the Chains from being destroyed, to which Jack laughed knowing he was the one responsible for the Chain of the World's destruction. However, Oz explained that while he aware of this, he will show Jack that his actions were a mistake.

Oz reminded Jack about the conversation about the Abyss and Jack's reason for why he wanted to destroy the Chains after Lacie's death.

Oz told Jack that Lacie never wanted the world she loved to be destroyed and that Jack never understood Lacie's wish in the end. Jack rebuffed Oz's statement, asking how can Oz know such a thing.

Oz counters this argument by stating Jack never saw the Abyss in its original form. Oz explained to Jack that Lacie not only loved the world she grew and lived in but the other world she saw: Jack claimed Oz is lying but Oz immediately told Jack he isn't lying.

Jack knew Oz was telling the truth since Jack himself is a expert of lying. While Jack went to the Intention, Jack told himself that he had no desire to help Oz and fulfill the deal they made. Jack wanted to continue his plan to destroy the Chains. However, Jack found himself questioning his reason for doing all of this. After remembering a memory he had with Lacie shortly after they met, Jack found himself hesitating and instead told the Intention the truth, much to his confusion.

To Jack's surprise the Intention forgave Jack for his actions and told Jack she was happy to have met him. After the Abyss was restored to its original form after the Intention's death, Jack finally realized his mistake and finally understood that Lacie would never want the worlds she knew to be destroyed. Jack thanked Oz and Alice for showing him the error of his ways.

When Oz told Jack once again how he hated him, yet at the same time believed Jack could have chosen a different path, Jack at first was about to agree with Oz. However, Jack said it isn't possible since he was too mesmerized by the image of Lacie dancing in blood.


Xai Vessalius Oz has a very strained relationship with his father. Alice B-rabbit said she was happy, that her sister was the same as always and that it was a long time since they'd spoken to each other like this, because Alice the Intention hadn't answered to her calls recently. The Intention cries and apologizes and says that even the things she hold dear seem to lose their importance to her. In addition to this she promises to use Oz's power to erase her own memories, but when she uses Alice's body to reach him, Alice's soul flies past her and enters Oz.

To help both her sister and Oz she takes Oz's power and destroys the Intention's memory, though in reality she destroyed her own as well, because the two were connected to each other. Sharon Rainsworth Sharon helping Alice with romance. Despite the fact that they didn't start off very well, - during their first encounter, Alice used Sharon as a hostage - Sharon appears to have forgiven and forgotten about that, and they share a relatively friendly relationship.

Sharon and Alice's relationship has not been greatly executed throughout the series, however the two seem to get along well. Sharon thinks of Alice as a little sister. Although Alice seemed reluctant to let Sharon treat her this way, she seems to be fine with it now. She often gives Alice romance advice for her and Oz. Alice and Sharon both care about each other, as shown when Sharon got depressed about how Break didn't tell her about Sablier, Alice tried to cheer her up by biting her cheeks.

Overall, the two seem to be good friends. Xerxes Break Alice frequently shows her dislike toward Break calling him a 'Clown' in the anime and a 'Clowny Bastard' in the manga.

Break is quite interested in Alice's past, due to the fact that she lived one hundred years ago. However, other than that, he only teases her whenever he talks to her. Alice hissing Break in anime Break does not trust Alice at all and is ready to kill her if necessary, although he does defend her when Gilbert Nightray asks to kill her, saying, "Not yet," but this also shows that he is considering killing her in the future.

Break tells Alice to look after Oz, which means by now he has grown to respect her. Lacie Lacie is an anagram of Alice. It is confirmed that Alice is the daughter of Lacie and Levi.

Lacie and Alice share many similar traits such as their dark hair. While Lacie has red eyes, Alice has a red color scheme. Also, while Lacie appears to be romantically interested in Jack, Alice seems to be romantically interested in Oz, who is also a Vessalius but is in fact her stuff rabbit given human form by taking over Jack's body. After Oz destroyed the Intention with his powers, Cheshire arrived at the scene. The Intention, who regain her mind and sanity, noticed Cheshire right away.

Cheshire was overjoyed by this and reverse back to his original form. The Intention thanks Cheshire for always protecting her and staying by her side even when she was losing herself.

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The Intention told Cheshire she loved him and together, both of them was absorbed in the Rule of Cycles. She, unlike Alice, developed a strong bond with him. Jack showed her many things that she had never seen before, particularly becau The Intention-inside-Alice waiting for Jack's coming in anime se of her inability to leave the Abyss. Her love for him disillusions her entirely, and in one scene, she is shown waiting for Jack at a tea party, but he never shows up.

It looked like she was very happy doing those things with him. She even called his name a lot of times and did whatever Jack told her even if it was creating a chain using her dear stuffed rabbit Oz. Upon seeing Jack for the first time, and learning that he was just manipulating her, she still felt relieved and forgave Jack for what he did to her and the others.

Alice The Intention of the Abyss and Alice are twin sisters, both born within the Abyss and forced to age at the same rate.

The Intention was chosen over Alice to be the vessel of the Core of the Abyss, and so she remained in the Abyss while Alice was ejected from the Abyss. The Intention copied Oz the B-Rabbit by going through Alice to have access to Earth, and so she often met with the Intention at a junction in between Earth and the Abyss, where Alice would usually willingly switch places with her sister.

While it was believed that the Intention hated Alice, it is in fact quite the opposite, as she mourned Alice greatly following Alice's death, crying and screaming over Alice's subconscious self when she appeared at the junction where they often met.

The Intention even told Break her wish to destroy her and save Alice. The Intention was going to have Oz destroy her memories so that Jack couldn't get to her again, as she would be unable to refuse his wishes, but when she tried this she hesitated after seeing Jack instead, Alice's soul went ahead of her sister and fused with Oz's body, allowing Alice to exist on Earth by sharing a body with Oz's soul.