Park yong ha and so ji sub relationship advice

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park yong ha and so ji sub relationship advice

on Pinterest. | See more ideas about So ji sub, Korean actors and Blog entry. Young so ji sub So Ji Sub, Peacocks, Korean, Korean Language, Duke. So Ji Sub Half Korean, Korean Star, Korean Men, South Corea, Park .. So JiSub Choi Jin Hyuk, Joo Hyuk, Moon Geun Young, Handsome Korean Actors. Police announce Park Yong-ha committed suicide. . Park Yong Ha's fellow actor, So Ji Sub was the first celebrity to arrive at the She had a public celebrity & celebrity relationship with Park Yong Ha, but separated quite a while ago. . as he gave the latter advice about pursuing singer activities in Japan.

park yong ha and so ji sub relationship advice

Park Yong Ha, who possesses an unaffected bright image, and So Ji Sub, who possesses a somewhat sad atmosphere. They know very well that they have very different styles. Maybe it's because of that, but there are more people who don't know they're friends than people who do.

Their images are that different. Park Yong Ha has a lot of friends and can talk to anyone without restraint, while So Ji Sub doesn't initiate conversations with anyone who isn't as close to him as his manager or coordinator.

park yong ha and so ji sub relationship advice

The two of them first met in the fall of It was there that he first met the model So Ji Sub, and after greeting each other casually, they discovered that they were the same age. Park Yong Ha described their first meeting thus: I hadn't been able to make a lot of friends my age while working, you see.

So when I learned that Jisub was my age, I felt like he was my friend. My first impression of Jisub was, how do I put it Maybe it's because he's the type who doesn't talk much and is silent, but something about him caused me to feel curious about him. I felt that he was a guy who forced people to feel curious about him.

If I'm a little more honest about it, I approached him because I was wondering what kind of person he was. The two of them exchanged phone numbers, and saying "Let's meet up sometimes", they parted ways.

Of course, it was Park Yong Ha who was the first to suggest that they meet again. After he opens up to you, he tries hard to give you only really great things. He's not particularly careful or friendly, but his heart is tender and warm. Last year, Park Yong Ha had a girlfriend, but the two of them were in danger of breaking up.

His girlfriend and So Ji Sub were acquainted with each other.

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So Ji Sub, knowing that the two of them were in danger of breaking up, bought a delicious meal for that woman, and attempted to help the two of them fix things by arranging for Park Yong Ha to arrive at the restaurant. But one day, I received his phone call, and he said 'Your girlfriend's waiting for you, come quickly. I could see his 'trying his hardest' self. It was impossible not to feel touched.

To year-old men, women are of a special interest. When I asked whether So Ji Sub had a girlfriend, he replied with a laugh, "If I did, would two guys be meeting each other like this? So Ji Sub said, "A gentle and well-behaved woman would suit Yong-ha well", but Park Yong Ha said that he likes women who are open-minded and positive, rather than gentle.

park yong ha and so ji sub relationship advice

Then Healer is a good place to start. There are lots of other good action dramas that you could watch such as City Hunter or Signal, but I think that Healer is one of the best kdramas ever, so I would immediately say Healer if I was suggesting a kdrama to someone who likes action shows.

Something to make you laugh and squirm with delight when cute things happen? Then look no further, my friend. Oh My Venus is the perfect drama and one of my favorites of all time.

A workaholic lawyer played by the gorgeous Shin Min Ah, who wears a very convincing fat suit for half the show! She enlists the help of a personal trainer played by So Ji Subwho usually only trains celebrities, when she digs up some dirt on him and blackmails him into training her.

Realistic Drama Reply a.

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Answer Me Not a fan of scenarios that are completely unbelievable like there are in a lot of dramas? So it delves into the past and we get to guess who our leading lady will end up falling for. It still made me nostalgic for that time period and I was really appreciative of all the history of this country that I was able to learn about through watching these shows.

So Ji-sub participates in a wake of Park Yong-ha's father... He is true 'Man of Loyalty'

And not only that, but the writing in this show is just so good. The characters are so beautifully written, perfectly acted, and feel like real people that you truly grow to love.

[繁中/Eng][HD]2001蘇志燮朴容夏酒後真言 So Jisub Park Yongha Dinner Time

Most musical kdramas are either about a kpop band, so we get to hear them sing a lot, or about a music school, like Heartstrings, where we get to hear a bunch of musicians practice and perform a lot.

But if you like a show with a superb soundtrack and super catchy songs, you should watch Heartstrings. But everything changes when these two meet and have to work together on a project. Can they learn to get past their differences and work together? Can traditional music and Western music be blended together to create a beautiful song?

But you will get this for an alien: Which is what I like! Do Min Joon Kim Soo Hyun is an alien who was accidentally left on earth years ago and has been anxiously waiting to be able to go home ever since. He knows his time of departure is soon, but when he meets his new neighbor, Cheon Song Yi Jeon Ji Hyunan actress who looks exactly like a young girl from his past, he feels an immediate connection with her — feeling like he must protect her and watch over her.

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Especially when she becomes the suspect of a murder investigation and the real murderer wants her dead… Genre: Medical Drama Emergency Couple I love me a good medical drama! And I actually almost thought I should put the new drama, Doctors a. Doctor Crush as my pick because I love it sooooooooo much! Look for my review on it in a few weeks!

(Photo) Park Yong Ha's Wake Service Attend By Fellow Artist ~ The Story Begins

But I have a feeling it will soon become my recommendation for a medical drama. But, that being said, Emergency Couple is a great one to watch if you enjoy watching the ins and outs of a hospital and seeing the relationships between doctors that work together. They cut him off financially and he is forced to quit med school and work as a pharmaceutical rep, a job which he hates. Fast forward a few years later, and they both end up as interns on the same team in an ER at a hospital!

Will they be able to get past their differences and work together as doctors?