Pete duel and ben murphy relationship

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pete duel and ben murphy relationship

I remember Ben Murphy in another series called Gemini Man which was My understanding was that Ben Murphy and Pete Duel got on very. "The only previous connection Roger Davis ever had with Universal was when .. Ben Murphy, Pete Duel's co-star, went ahead and worked. Home Ben Murphy: Pete Gave His Life to Save Him from His Death Trip! an active life, and a fine personal relationship, he, like all of us, had a certain amount .

A name can mean many things to different people, depending on their relationship and interaction with the person in question.

pete duel and ben murphy relationship

Along with Pete Duel as Hannibal Heyes, they were a mighty fine pair of outlaws. I wish I knew, but whatever it was, he has held a special place in my heart, and life, for 42 years. Yes, that IS a long time. All I can remember was that there was something about that man that made me stop and notice him Murphy told the story at one of our fan gatherings. According to Ben, he learned the hard way that an actor should be more careful of what he says to a show exec when asked at a party what he was doing in his spare time.

Ben Murphy - What's In A Name? by moonshadow

Ben's response was, "Looking for work. He only got to be in 7 episodes, but I enjoyed every one of them!

pete duel and ben murphy relationship

Being young, I couldn't figure out what had happened; if it was in the papers or tabloids, I didn't read about it back then. I remember I was very sad that I could no longer watch the man with the beautiful eyes and smile The year was a wonderful year for me for another reason besides the fact that Ben was viewable in NOTG.

He also showed up with some top name stars in a movie called, "Yours, Mine and Ours.

Ben Murphy - What's In A Name? by moonshadow

However, not too long after that, while doing some household chores, I heard HIS VOICE on the television set and almost killed myself getting into the other room to see the screen. I remember standing in front of the monitor watching the commercial promoting HIM. HE was dressed in western clothing, riding a horse, talking to another dark-haired man and then came the announcement that changed my life forever.

Ben was going to co-star in a TV series! A brand new western show called, "Alias Smith and Jones. Heck, I didn't care what they called him as long as he was going to be riding through my living room each and every week! By the time the pilot finally aired on January 5,I don't think there was a single person in a ten-mile radius that didn't know about it As silly as it sounds, I remember putting an announcement in our school newspaper reminding everyone.

Once upon a time I knew where that clipping was On a personal note, once the series began to air I became "Kid. I mean, Heyes and the Kid had to have someone to keep them in line, right? And West and Arte did work for the Governor. And so, along with a few others, we role-played and acted out our adventures; to this day the nickname has stuck.

Everyone who is involved with me knows who Ben Murphy and Kid Curry are. It's just the way things are.

pete duel and ben murphy relationship

I've discovered since the fan get-togethers and computer chats that I am not alone in the nicknames and role-playing, so it's nice to feel I was normal!!! And so, "Alias Smith and Jones" continued to take us along on the trail, allowing us to share the adventures as each week, Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry strove to stay out of the law's hands and worked towards that elusive amnesty.

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The show managed to survive for three seasons, despite the tragic, and untimely, death of Pete Duel and being stuck in time slots against major audience winners like "The Flip Wilson Show" and "All In The Family. An early interview with Ben. Particularly noteworthy are his comments on why he was glad to be cast opposite Pete.

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An early interview that includes several interesting quotes from Ben. The writer was the entertainment reporter for the Syracuse Herald Journal. Ben Murphy"Screen Stars, May This is the earliest long interview that I have on Ben. He doesn't say much about fan letters, but he does tell a great deal about his background--perhaps more than in any other interview. For comparison, here's a photo of Paul Newman from the same magazine.

Outlaws On the Lookout for In-Laws! Two of the Heyes photos were reverse images which I flipped. Includes quotes from Ben. Thanks to Ana for this. The copy's photo was too dark so I replaced it with the same photo that I cropped from a glossy print. Here's a scan of the complete glossy photo.

Just the Pete and Ben sections here. The same write-ups appeared in the October issue of this magazine.