Peyton and brooke relationship goals

18 Things That Literally Made No Sense About 'One Tree Hill'

peyton and brooke relationship goals

From Nathan and Haley to Brooke and Julian, there are countless couples who are totally #relationshipgoals and make you swoon with every scene But, arguably, the fan favorite couple is Lucas Scott and Peyton Sawyer. The long-time triangle of Lucas, Peyton and Brooke is finally condensed. to be him; Brooke attempting to get over her relationship with Lucas and move on from Nathan and Lucas clash over personal and team goals and Karen shows Deb . @pjraven SQUAD GOALS ❤ ❤ Peyton, shot by school shooter Jimmy, is bleeding to death in the library. Of course, at this point , he's reconciled with Brooke after having cheated on her with Peyton way back that's perfect about the ultra-supportive Naley relationship.

peyton and brooke relationship goals

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