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They call him Quick because he is as unquick as his father. two years younger and the others call him Sam sonfish, or just plain Fish, for his wit and alertness. Of Fish's arrested state, Quick's phosphorescence, the moaning Cloudstreet . embittered mother-daughter relationship between Rose and. Dolly Pickles comes . Cloudstreet debuts tonight on Ovation at 10 p.m. Eastern. death, Aboriginal society, and man's relationship with the essentially There's a scene in the second hour in which Fish's older brother Quick (Callan McAuliffe.

However, eventually the characters realise that despite their problems in life and their many flaws, life is much more bearable if they live together. In many ways, Winton affirms family life and many characters find in their families the strength to endure.

Initially, Cloudstreet becomes the last resort for two families who are struggling with a string of bad luck. It reflects the fact that many of the family members are struggling to come to terms with their life.

Like how your father ends up not being your father, and all. She drove you that far. Sam echoes Lester; once the family walks out on you and you lose the family, there is nothing much left.

It was in my head, what I believed. Lester believes that family is everything. Most importantly, there was love, and music and dancing. The death becomes a welcome release and she embraces again the family life that means so much to her. Winton suggests that Rose needs to return to Cloudstreet to overcome her anorexia and the fact that she is literally and metaphorically withdrawing.

This overriding sense of community, is to Winton, the most fundamental and deepest meaning that any of the characters can gain from life.

Both Sam and Quick urge Rose to show Dolly some compassion even though she wants to see herself as her own separate, distinct person. Both Quick and rose realise they must return. It enables Quick to overcome his nightmares about the rapist which is resolved after their return.

Winton suggests that there is no one way of finding meaning, but the house shows two families who come together out of necessity. The families realise that their dependency brings values. They are little people, battlers, losers, trying to find meaning and hope in their lives. They are individual, distinctive; not homogenised or conformist. Lester Lamb polices like he farms always a little behind the moment.

He'd quit the force if only his wife would let him. Around town he's known as 'lest we forget' and if he knew, it would break his and take heart. Page Mason is eleven. They call him Quick because he is as unquick as his father. Samson is two years younger and the others call him Sam sonfish, or just plain Fish, for his wit and alertness. He endears teachers to him by giving them lip. The City is The city is scared and angry.

Lester leaves for work. Quick makes a window in the library. Dolly sits at train station. Sam won a bet on the monster striking. Quick is happy to be back. Slipping A new victim. Quick gets depressed and remembers his pictures. Does the Poo Fish catches Quick crying. Fish talks about how something is happening, someone found the gun.

They find the monster. Him The Nedlands monster is a small, disappointing man. Wax Harry Rose goes into labour in the library. The dark girl and old woman fade. Rose enjoys working in the shop. Rose is likened to Oriel. Thinks of selling house to retire. Oriel cries when Quick mentions her Bible. Fish his time is almost come. The black man tells Sam not to break the place. Sam decides not to. Fish shits himself on the ride and Quick cleans him up. They see the naked dancing children as Fish glows with moonlight.

Fish that they will soon become whole. Fish runs to the jetty and falls in. Fish and P-Physical-Fish as narrator for all or part of the chapter. He is a compulsive gambler. He only works so as to fuel his addiction.

He believes very firmly in lady luck, the shifty shadow, the hairy hand of God. He genuinely cares about his family, but this love is diminished by his impulsive nature: He entrusts his life entirely to the shifty shadow, forgoing hard work or determination in order to get by. This unyielding following of the hairy hand of God robs Lester of ambition and any work ethic he might have had otherwise.

Luck does serve him well on the rare occasion, handing him a job at the Mint, but Lester just uses the earnings to gamble some more. His relationships with the women in his life are those of sincere care: In his dark moment, where Lester contemplates suicide, Rose is there to comfort him and bring him back.

He believes, as do many, that he is useless, and he recognizes his weaknesses. This allows him to accept the weaknesses of others. Her second oldest sister from the seven girls that her father fathered married their father.

Because of this, Dolly hates women, especially sisters. Dolly hates Oriel, because in her, Dolly sees herself as a failure. She forgoes typical motherly duties, such as cooking, in favour of drinking. Ted is her favourite child. She has an affinity with the tracks as they provide an escape route, should she be daring enough to take it.

This highlights how she feels trapped and confused in her own life and longs for release. She loves men, for the thrill and their feel. She has little or no remorse for her sexual actions, in fact, she seems proud of them. In the beginning of the novel, she misses her home where she was known and where she had a reputation.

Sex, and her ability at it, makes her feel valuable. Rose finally understands why her mother is like she is and is able to let go of their horrible past because of it. She is one of three children, but the only daughter of Dolly and Sam Pickles.

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Rose loves her father as he is the only person who acts even remotely like a parent should. Her conflicts lie greatly with her mother whose duties she has had to take up. She seeks to protect those around her, evident in her care of her father during his suicidal moment and her infatuation with Fish, the epitome of need and innocence.

Rose has needs too, mainly to be loved and to be independent. This need is shown through both her relationship o Toby Raven and to Quick, as well as her desire to get a new place, all their own, as well as her getting a job. Rose desires to surpass her mother, to go beyond her drunkenness and her inability to be a mother.

Two times in the novel, Rose suffers with anorexia. The first time, the anorexia was to upset her mother and spite Dolly: She looks like her mother, not as beautiful though, and purposely making her self look sick would have been a jab at her mother. She is cured when she gets the job at Bairds; able to stand on her own two feet, proud and independent. The second bought of anorexia is brought on by the loss of her first child with Quick.

Her inability to nurture herself and to protect something she loved is cause to deprive herself of food and good health. This time, her reunion with Dolly is what saves her.

Rose, after the terrible incident with Toby Raven, is married to Quick after their encounter at the river. She loves his endearing patience and calmness, something she is lacking in. Fish Lamb Samson is the central figure of Cloudstreet. His name bears two distinct references to the Christian Bible: Fish is the symbol of the early Christian church while Samson is the name of a biblical figure whose strength lay in his hair and was betrayed by a woman, Delilah.

Ultimately he killed himself in order to kill a large number of the Philistine enemy. The two characters can be likened if Oriel is juxtaposed with Delilah: Delilah led to the death of Samson, whereas Oriel brought Fish back from the dead and in doing so deprived him of his greatest desire, a wholeness of mind and spirit. Fish started out as a loved, smart character. Easy to like, charismatic and quick witted.

In an ironic turn of fate, Fish drowns and dies, but desperate not to lose her son, Oriel brings him back, although only half of him returns. The entire novel, minus the epilogue and fist parts, is the retelling of P. It is the sound of the miserable, the dead, the terrible, and even Rose and other characters can hear that ringing and it makes them feel horrible.

Quick feels intensely guilty for not being able to save Fish. Because of this, he thinks that he should not be happy and surrounds himself with images of sadness. When he leaves Cloudstreet, he attempts to find himself through being alone.

He works shooting kangaroos for pelts. He experiences a vision of Fish in an oranges box rowing over the wheat. He is eventually brought back glowing, after another encounter with the Blackfella on the water. He falls in love with Rose after they talk, simply and relaxedly, on the River. He is much like his father, easily ruled by the women in his life; Oriel and then Rose.

He has very little drive or ambition. He becomes a cop, like his father, except he wants to combat the evil which he plastered over his walls. We make good, Lester. She is a fighter, in charge of things and determined. She was let down by God, by the only miracle to ever happen to them, and this destroys her faith in religion, although it is difficult for her not to relapse into believing.

When she was young, her father saved her from a fire by killing his last pig and putting the bladder on her burns. He later remarried a young woman almost her age.

Her beloved brother Bluey was sent to war and killed. The loss of Fish affected her greatly. She lost faith in God and in religion, although she often relapses out of habit. Lester is very much the second in command of the family, always talking orders from Oriel.

He is a true blue bloke, honest and trustworthy, hard work ethics and lots of laughter. He was in the Anzacs at Gallipoli, cavalry. The second time he went to the army, he was in the band. He has a vaudeville act down at the Anzac club for a large part of the novel. He is an understanding character.

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His character is central to the theme of family and relationships: He is seen as the conscience of the book. He appears in the hours of need for the family. His role in the novel is to keep the two families whole and together. He does so by urging Quick to come home, keeping an eye on the family and ultimately by convincing Sam not to sell Cloudstreet.

He carries the forgotten memories, those that no one wants to or that no one can remember. He is the voice of wisdom and of reason. Oriel meets her at the Anzac club and knows immediately that she is a widow and that she is lonely. She invites Beryl to move in with the Lambs and to work for their store, to replace Hat who was getting married and Quick who had left them.

She helps out in the shop and Oriel becomes emotionally attached to her. She loves Lester and tells him in no uncertain words that he is the reason she must leave to a convent. She is deeply Catholic.

Rose Pickles meets Toby Raven while she is working at the switchboard. His character is an expression of the times: He also helped Rose to mature and was a learning experience for her: It can be said that this realization helped Rose to take a critical look at Quick and to regard him as a man instead of as one of the Lambs next door.

One family he works for are the Wentworth family. Their daughter, Lucy, is a very forward girl. She acts on her attraction to Quick, hoping that he will get her out of there, which ultimately he does. He is her first sexual partner and helps Quick grow up as a man. Dolly Pickles is somewhat of a harlot. In the very first chapter ignoring the prologuewe see her having sexual relations with a Yankee Catalina pilot, and very early on we hear about the raunchy sexual exploits of her and her husband.

Throughout the novel, two of her most pronounced extramarital affairs are with G. Clay and a once-off with Lester Lamb. This affair with G. Clay adds to the shame of Mrs.

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Clay as she is humiliated by both the families living at No. Oriel Lamb attempts to run G. When Oriel finally runs him out of business, he skips town leaving behind a wife and kids. Oriel feels awful about this and deems to send care packages to the woman.

Her behaviour can be likened to that of Australian white settlers: They attempted to patch things up with money and privileges, thinking it would fix it, but nothing could fix what they had done. He wished for his son to become a jockey, another link to the horse races. He was a water diviner. He died in a drunken state. He bet on the horse Eurythmic and won big. With the winnings, Joel bought a large house in which to retire in and funded his pub, named after the champion horse.

He later gets a girl pregnant and leaves. He becomes a jockey and dies while trying to get his weight down in a sauna. His death stresses Dolly and acts as somewhat of a common ground for her and Rose: Hattie, one of the two twins Elaine is a champion at marbles.