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Tellevision Hotties"Shakti Arora and Radhika Madan". K likes. Love is a powerful weapon in any relationship. It can help you fight those who want to bring it down. It will strengthen not only your foundation but also your trust for each other. Shakti Arora, Radhika Madan, Star Actress, Bollywood Couples, Surya Actor, . Radhika Madan, Indian Girls, Indian Beauty, Tv Actors, Dramas, Relationship. Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi is an Indian soap opera which premiered on 24 June and aired every Monday to Friday at pm on Colors TV. The storyline is inspired by Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë. The show is produced by Ekta Kapoor of Balaji Telefilms and stars Shakti Arora and Radhika Madan in lead roles. It is also dubbed in Tamil as Urave Uyire (Relationship Is Live) and airs.

It has changed my dreams and aspirations. I have got everything from this show. I am very thankful to everyone. Did the news of the show going off air make you teary-eyed? I did not cry per se but yeah, whenever I thought about it, my eyes would well up. When I signed up for it, I vowed that I would do anything to make it a hit - Mai apni jaan dal dunga. When you value something, uski shiddat karte ho, it means a lot.

I am obviously emotional now. The other tracks were not so happening as per their opinion. RV and Ishaani have got back but it is a little too late. I did not believe it, at first. Of course, people were calling me and asking about it, but I told them that I got no call from the channel or production house.

Here's why Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi's Shakti Arora and Radhika Madan WON'T team up again soon!

After I got the news, I was extremely disheartened. I feel hollow from inside. The show was our baby — Shakti and mine, we took care of it.

Which are your favourite scenes from the show? There are a few scenes I love. I had to depict how heartbroken I was. It was hugely appreciated by audiences, critics, top directors and people from the production house.

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The scene, where I got shot for the first time was also quite special. The show was at its peak then and all of us were extremely enthusiastic about everything. It was an emotional scene and both of us cried our hearts out. My suicide scene where I stood on the railing of a bridge - feet above a creek was quite a horrifying experience. I was wearing no cable or harness on an extremely windy day. I had zero confidence in myself but my director was confident that I did pull it off.

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It came off very well and the TRPs soared. Well, there were many who said I could not act for nuts. And that I was just good-looking. I remember after the gunshot scene, I was supposed to cry. I wept and there was pin drop silence on the sets. No one said anything. Ideas about love keep on changing whenever you meet a new person in your life. They sparkle whenever they come together. The emotions and tears come naturally. I ran away from the shoot one day.

I was a pampered spoilt child who knew she would get away with anything. I used to sleep daily for hours. Here, I was shooting non-stop for 24 hours, 48 hours and what not. Then, people told me that I could not run away. I used to go home and cry wondering what I was doing with my life. All that frustration vanished when I saw my first scene on TV.

I felt it was totally worth it when I held my first award. The show has made me a stronger person. I know good acting is important. When people tell me that they have shed tears with me, I felt it is a worthwhile journey. Tell us about your relationship with Radhika Madan, you co-star… Shakti: That same day, Chirag runs the car over Shenela and her brother vows to take revenge for the condition of his sister.

Later, Shenela wakes up and tells to brother that she was trying to killed by her lover. Meanwhile Chirag tried to rape Ishaani but failed to do so but he put some marks on Ishaani's body. Chirag also tells Ishaani that Ranveer was not the murderer of her father. He also tells that it was Ranveer who brought you closer to me and you loves me.

As he lies in a coma, Ishaani expresses her love for him finally. When he wakes up, he has lost all trust in Ishaani. Ishaani wins back Ranveer's love. Chirag and Ranveer fight in a secluded place and Ishaani, having followed the pair, arrives to find a chirag body.

Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi: Will Ishani and Chirag get to meet RV?

Believing Ranveer had murdered him, she takes the blame and goes to jail, sentenced to be executed. Ritika is living with the Vaghela family as Ranveer's acting wife for the sake of Ritika's unborn child while Ishaani starts living in Shikhar's mansion as employee but he loves her. Soon, everyone comes to know that Ishaani is alive. Ranveer tells Shikhar that Ishaani is his wife but she tells Shikhar that she left Ranveer.

She is still in love with Ranveer but thinks that he is the father of Ritika's child so, to stop him from coming back to her, she decides to marry Shikhar.

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In the mean time Ranveer tries his best to make Shikhar realize that Ishaani is not the right girl for him. She's using him just for his money like a gold digger would. On the other hand Ishaani tells Shikhar the exact for her marriage. Ishaani tells Shikhar that she's not marrying him because she loves her, but she's marrying him so that she can move on from her past.

Shikhar also understands her. She also found out that Rithika was pregnant with chirag's child. When Shikhar appears to rescue Ishaani, She imagines him as Ranveer. When Ranveer was about marry rithika, Ishaani intervenes.