Radio and coach jones relationship trust

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radio and coach jones relationship trust

Radio is a American semi-biographical sports drama film directed by Mike Tollin, and Upon meeting Radio on the streets another day, Coach Jones asks Radio to visit and help at training. Coach Jones returns Radio to his home, where . coach for TL Hanna High School in Anderson, South Carolina. One afternoon at practice, fellow Anderson's favorite son. I retired in , but my relationship with Radio is as strong today as it has In God We Trust. Coach Harold Jones. FILE - Dallas head coach Jason Garrett congratulates Dez Bryant (88) after a Dallas Jerry Jones was asked Friday during his weekly radio interview about I have a lot of pride in where [Bryant] is relative to our relationship as it Trust me , if it were in our best interests, his and ours and the team's, then.

During an emotional moment in the film, coach Harold Jones Ed Harris told his daughter, Mary Helen, about a mentally handicapped young boy who was kept locked in an open area under a house. He said that he would see the boy when he was delivering newspapers many years earlier.

In the "making of the film" on the Radio DVD, screenwriter Mike Rich explained that he and coach Jones had a conversation about the boy. Director Michael Tollin also stated on the DVD that it was in fact true, and that it took coach Jones years to open up about what he had witnessed. So, what made coach Harold Jones invite Radio into his life and into the lives of those at T.

radio and coach jones relationship trust

When coach Jones was growing up in Anderson, S. Jones defended the boy from anyone who picked on him. Also, while working at his grandfather's theater, it was Jones who would sneak in a retarded man and give him a box of popcorn.

Did Radio really get left behind for a road game, having to stand and watch as the bus pulled away? It was in when coach Jones was only an assistant he did not make head coach of varsity until the s. However, it wasn't the principal who forbid him from going. It was coach Fraser, the head coach then, who decided that the bus was too crowded for Radio to make the journey to Northwestern High. The team lost the game After that day, Radio was taken to every game, and the T.

Hanna Yellow Jackets went all the way to the state final that year. Although the depiction of the day that Radio's mother died is accurate, in real life she did not pass away until August of Upset with grief, Radio smashed two holes in a wall of his house. Police came to restrain him.

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One afternoon at practice, fellow assistant coach Dennis Patterson and I noticed a young man mimicking everything we did. He was an eighteen year old who could not read, write, or speak. Coach Patterson and I befriended the young man with the promise of snacks and sodas. This boy's love of music and his transistor radio earned him the nickname "Radio," and the rest is history.

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Radio, otherwise known as James Robert Kennedy, began helping out with the team at practice and at both home and away games. Slowly, but surely, he was accepted by the rest of the staff at Hanna and the community as a whole. In the early 70's he started coming to the school and helping the coaches in the gym. Coach Patterson took another job in a nearby town, and I went on to become head track coach, head football coach and athletic director.

Radio (Disability Rights)

Radio continued to help with all of the athletic teams and was allowed to roam the halls, delivering notes to teachers and even sitting in on some classes.

Radio was always with me on the sidelines and became loved by the entire town. Coach Jones resists, and he later reveals to his daughter that this resistance was partially due to a childhood incident in which Jones did not do anything to help a mentally disabled boy who was locked under a house.

While distributing Christmas presents to nearly everyone in the town, Radio is questioned by a police officer as to where he got the presents. The officer, seeing that Radio is unable to communicate properly and unaware of his mentally disabled state, places him under arrest on charges of possession of stolen property and takes him down to the police station.

In fact, the presents had been given to Radio by the townspeople. After the officer roughly locks up Radio in a jail cell, he looks for his information. The other officers, taking pity on Radio after seeing him cry, take him into the staff-room to watch a basketball game together. Coach Jones soon arrives, releasing Radio. The offending officer is punished by having to spend the day with Radio to deliver the rest of the presents.

Radio eventually takes classes in the high school, and it is apparent that he never completed a formal education.

radio and coach jones relationship trust

After struggling, Radio eventually learns to read. Though well-liked by most of the students at school, Radio is still ridiculed by Frank's son Johnny and his friends. On one occasion, Johnny tricks Radio into entering the girls locker room.