Relationship of benjamin harrison and william

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relationship of benjamin harrison and william

Benjamin Harrison, the twenty-third President of the United States, was born in North Bend, Hamilton County, Ohio, on August 20, Harrison was the son of John Scott Harrison, a farmer, and Elizabeth Irwin Harrison and grandson of the ninth president, William Henry Harrison (elected ). A great-grandson of the Benjamin Harrison who signed the Declaration of Independence, and a grandson of the William Henry Harrison who.

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Senatearguing for the rights of homesteaders and Native Americans against the expanding railroad industry and campaigning for generous pensions for Civil War veterans, among other issues. A highly principled and devoutly religious man, Harrison broke with the Republican Party to oppose the Chinese Exclusion Act of which aimed to close the United States to Chinese immigrants due to its violation of rights given to the Chinese under an earlier treaty; the act passed without his support.

Harrison lost his Senate seat after a Democratic victory in the Indiana state legislature inonly to gain the Republican nomination for president the following year. On the other hand, Harrison lent his support to the Sherman Silver Purchase Act, which required the government to purchase 4.

What relation was Benjamin Harrison to William Henry Harrison?

Ohio Senator John Sherman sponsored both acts. Blaine displayed a growing American influence in world affairs.

relationship of benjamin harrison and william

He became a skilled orator and known as "'one of the state's leading lawyers. Grant appointed Harrison to represent the federal government in a civil suit filed by Lambdin P. Milliganwhose controversial wartime conviction for treason in led to the landmark U.

relationship of benjamin harrison and william

Supreme Court case known as Ex parte Milligan. Circuit Court for Indiana at Indianapolis, where it evolved into Milligan v. He initially confined his political activities to speaking on behalf of other Republican candidates, a task for which he received high praises from his colleagues.

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Former governor Oliver Morton favored his opponent, Thomas M. Browneand Harrison lost his bid for statewide office. He was ultimately defeated in a plurality by James D. Williamslosing by 5, votes out of a totalcast, [52] but Harrison was able to build on his new prominence in state politics. When the Great Railroad Strike of reached Indianapolis, he gathered a citizen militia to make a show of support for owners and management, [24] [53] and helped to mediate an agreement between the workers and management and to prevent the strike from widening.

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Garfield won the nomination. United States Senator[ edit ] Walter Q.

relationship of benjamin harrison and william

GreshamHarrison's rival within the Indiana Republican Party After Harrison led Indiana's Republican delegation at the Republican National Convention, he was considered the state's presumptive candidate for the U. He gave speeches in favor of Garfield in Indiana and New York, further raising his profile in the party. He was renominated at the party convention in Minneapolisbut growing populist discontent and several major strikes late in his term—especially the violent steel strike at Homestead, Pennsylvania, in July —largely accounted for his defeat by his old rival, Grover Cleveland, by an electoral vote of to Neither candidate campaigned much, owing in part to Mrs.

relationship of benjamin harrison and william

Cartoon reflecting the belief that U. President Benjamin Harrison and his commissioner of pensions handed out government surplus funds to Civil War pensioners too liberally. He emerged briefly to serve as leading counsel for Venezuela in the arbitration of its boundary dispute with Great Britain — Harrison was also in much demand as a public speaker, and his series of lectures delivered at Stanford University was published in as Views of an Ex-President.

relationship of benjamin harrison and william

He died of pneumonia that year at his house in Indianapolis. He was the last Civil War general to serve as president. Benjamin Harrison The table provides a list of cabinet members in the administration of Pres.