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Obama's connection with an accused political fixer is raising some questions. It didn't take long for the Republican Party to pounce after Antoin “Tony” Rezko, a prominent longtime fundraiser for Sen. Barack Obama, was. A spate of blog postings and newspaper articles are linking Barack Obama to a Obama's Relationship With Rezko Goes Back 17 Years.

The GOP news release suggests Obama changed his story about not needing help to buy the home or the vacant lot next door. It comes from an interview Obama had with the Chicago Tribune, published on Nov. If Obama had no interest in the vacant lot next to the home other than the sliver he purchased from Rezko a year laterhe would have no reason to tell Rezko he needed help buying it. The answer is not a contradiction of his first statement.

We rule this GOP claim False, too. In his interview with the Chicago Sun-Times, Obama detailed a relationship that dated back to when Obama was finishing law school at Harvard and Rezko approached him about coming to work for his development company.

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But the two became friends when Obama made his first run for Illinois state Senate. Rezko was a key supporter and fundraiser for Obama. When Obama ran for U. Senate inRezko served on his finance committee and was a significant fundraiser. Rezko even hosted a fundraising event in his home. In the March interview with the Chicago Sun-Times, Obama said he still considered Rezko a friend, though he had not spoken to him since his indictment.

The Obamas’ Chicago Home

That was October Obama said that if elected president, he would not pardon Rezko for his corruption convictions or reduce his prison time. Auchi denied he had done anything wrong. Saddam Hussein had ordered the construction of a pipeline from Iraq to Saudi Arabia. Battaglia and Auchi secured the contract for a Franco-Italian consortium. In a statement to New York lawyers Battaglia alleged he knew how.

But what Rezko had was a stake in a big land development project that he was only too happy to give Auchi a piece: Obama hiring the daughter of a Rezko associate to work in his office after Rezko had helped raise tens of thousands of dollars for his campaign is no big deal.

Obama's Rezko connection

In the course of a 17 year relationship with Rezko, it is impossible to quantify the amount in contributions funnelled to Obama by Rezko using his ill gotten gains. Nor can it be ascertained at this time if the favors done by Obama for Rezko — large and small — involve him in illegal activities.

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It certainly has him enmeshed with some extremely shady characters in Rezko and Auchi. At this point, unless there is a deliberate, concerted effort by the large media outlets to allow this story to die once Rezko is convicted, I find it probable that other revelations are yet to come that will show Obama to be just another machine politician, skirting the edge of ethics and the law — perhaps even going over the line and engaging in criminal activities. Obama is not the Agent of Change. He is a calculating politician who plays the game the same way politicians have been playing it for hundreds of years — receiving money in exchange for favors from government for his friends and cronies.

And if Mike Royko were alive, one has to believe that despite agreeing with his politics, Royko would have been relentless in taking Obama down, hammering away in his own inimitable style at the influence selling, the sweetheart deals, the pay for favors, and all the rest of this sleazy mess.

But we have an army of bloggers who can push this story into the mainstream and force the media to expend the resources necessary to get to the bottom of the Rezko-Obama enterprise.