Rhett and link relationship wordpress

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rhett and link relationship wordpress

Mar 2, Rhett and Link are respectable men worth watching and looking up to, and of faithfulness and what that should look like in any relationship. Oct 1, Hi, I’ve just started learning zolyblog.info I would like to know what is link relationship, the used for and how to use it. The topic ‘What is Link Relationship (XFN)’ is closed to new replies. Jun 14, Hasbro and funny boys Rhett & Link announced a multi-year relationship dedicated to bringing Hasbro hilarious games to Rhett & Link's Good.

Clicking on the Screen Options tab shows a list of the columns with a check-box next to each column. Check the box for each module you want displayed, or uncheck the box to not display that module.

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Click the Screen Options tab again to close the Screen Options. In addition, those same four modules can be moved by hovering the mouse cursor over the module title bar, when the mouse cursor changes to 4-arrows, hold the left-mouse button down, drag the module to where you want to place it, then release the mouse button this is called drag-and-drop. Name The name of the link is what is actually displayed on your site.

Web Address This is where the link points. Sometimes called a URL, this is the destination, or the site, you want to go to when you click the link.

rhett and link relationship wordpress

By default, the value of http: Description You may optionally enter a description of your link here. How the description is displayed on your site depends on which theme you use.

Q&A: YouTube Stars Rhett & Link on Their New Comedy Series ‘Buddy System’

Categories Categories are displayed in a module box that allows selection of one or more Link Categories in which to associate a link. New Categories can also be added by clicking Add New Category link and simply typing that Category in the box and clicking the Add button. Target This modules houses radio buttons that allow you to decide how the link's destination is displayed when someone clicks the link.

rhett and link relationship wordpress

Specifying anything but none will cause validation problems on your page. In this specific case, however, these validation problems will not cause problems for your viewers' web browsers.

The destination will open in the current web browser window instead of the current web page frame. Don't bother with this option if you don't use frames, or if you don't know what frames are. This will open the destination in the current window or the current frame if your site uses frames.

XFN tags are an effort to add meaning to the connections links on the world wide web, and are gaining in popularity. When you add a new link you may specify in this section of the Screen the relationship you share in real life with the author of the page to which you're linking.

XFN relationships are optional for WordPress links.

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You can leave everything in this section blank and all your links will still work. Rhett thinks its nice but you haven't been that romantic in ten year is what it comes down to. Rhett now tells his Valentine's story, back when his wife Jessie was eighteen and we hadn't even started dating actually.

So there was a Valentine's Day banquet in Fuquay-Varina. Nothing unusual about that. Now, Rhett's like not really wanting to date anyone, he had just broken up with someone prior to all this. He was like gonna take a year off of from dating.

But then he met Jessie so soon after. He really liked her, really wanted to date her. But she's eighteen and I'm twenty-one. I cannot get a date with a girl that's in high school.

Of course, Link was giving him advice to just go for love and ask her on a date. Actually, Link said the complete opposite but that's not important.

So again, there's the Valentine's Day banquet and it was one of those things where it was sponsored by our church where parents went and Rhett's parents went.

So this atmosphere was like just families hanging out it'd be just the kind of thing to just kind of hang out with her, get to know her but it wouldn't be a date. Anyway, so Rhett ends up calling her house the day before the Valentine's Day banquet at like Jessie's mom soon answered the phone and Rhett's like "Hey, this is Rhett. Can I speak to Jessie? It turns out she was a little mad with Rhett, she thought he was going to ask a week before the banquet and not twenty-four hours in advance.

And also when they did go to the banquet, Rhett was doing this thing, acting like he wasn't dating her. He wouldn't open doors for her, and acting like he didn't like her, and being "too cool" and such. He was a jerk, he describes himself. She had a horrible experience. Jessie, Rhett's wife, as of Fast forward one year, next Valentine's Day. Now they're dating, she's in college, Rhett feels like it's okay for them to date, they're in a good relationship. Rhett's mother-in-law Jessie's mother set this up, Rhett and Jessie went back to the same facility where they had the Valentine's Day banquet, got his mom and mother-in-law to make the exact same menu they had at the banquet.

He got them to prepare it and serve it to us and they sat in the same place and they were the only people there except for their mothers. And they danced, even to a little Lionel Ritchie. They essentially recreated it but with Rhett in better spirits. And it was possibly the best thing he's ever done for Valentine's Day. Link says that's good. You don't have to worry, you can probably ride that memory for a few years.