Rouge and gambit relationship

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rouge and gambit relationship

The X-Men comics finally see Gambit propose to Rogue, with the two between their relationship, and the one between Kitty and Colossus. Rogue & Gambit is a five-issue comic book limited series published by Marvel Comics between January and May Created by writer Kelly Thompson and artist Pere Perez, it starred the popular X-Men characters Rogue and Gambit who reignite their relationship. As maybe did Rogue and Gambit's relationship, though it successfully pulled in fans of the nineties X-Men cartoon that so established their.

rouge and gambit relationship

Unfortunately, like most comic book romances they eventually went their separate ways and for a while. The series did what I thought Marvel would never do, put them back together. This mini-series is fantastic. Thompson clearly wanted to tell this story and her love for the characters and their relationship is apparent on every panel. You can tell that she wants them to work out their problems and get back together as much as longtime readers do and that is why it is such a special comic.

rouge and gambit relationship

The plot is pretty typical X-Men fare, but it accomplishes exactly what it needs to. Mutants are going missing during a couples counseling retreat on an island called Paradiso. Kitty Pryde sends Rogue and Gambit to go investigate and they are forced to not only deal with the missing mutant couples but their relationship.

They reluctantly decide to take full advantage of the retreat, sharing a room and even attending couples counseling.

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To my surprise they actually take the counseling sessions seriously, honestly discussing their trauma and how it created serious trust issues between them. These sessions end up having a positive effect on their relationship.

As superheroes, they go through a lot of trauma and having someone there to talk to is important. Nonetheless, there are a few that get past the normal twelve issue mark and stay together for the long run. Since their first introduction almost thirty years ago, Rogue and Gambit have always been together. So many of the major events in their lives as X-Men are connected by a single thread: However, they still show how developed their relationship is. Just like how their similar childhoods help them connect, their shared experiences as X-Men prove that their relationship is deeper than a fling.

rouge and gambit relationship

Just remember that the foundation for romance is, undoubtedly, friendship. Their relationship is rocky in the miniseries. The First Flirtation Rogue and Gambit had briefly met and interacted before X-Men 3, and the Rogue and Gambit miniseries retroactively depicted their first meeting. This moment, from the final issue of Chris Claremont's run with Jim Lee, set the stage for decades to come.

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Both Rogue and Gambit had been manipulated into siding with Magneto against their fellow X-Men on Earth, but their true personalities broke through when they displayed an obvious attraction to each other.

Take 1 Lee and co-writer John Byrne didn't waste any time following up on that scene. Despite that, Rogue agreed to go out on a date with Gambit. Unfortunately for him, several X-Men decided to tag along.

rouge and gambit relationship

And that was before Omega Red attacked them! This date was a bust from the start. Take 2 Almost two years passed before Rogue and Gambit got a real chance for another night out together.

rouge and gambit relationship

In X-Men 24, they were more emotionally open with each other and Rogue almost told Gambit her real name. That was a big deal at the time because no one knew her as "Anna-Marie. One Last Kiss at the End of the World Right before the Age of Apocalypse began, the X-Men felt a profound sense of dread as the world they knew rapidly collapsed around them.

Before they were wiped from existence, Rogue grabbed Gambit for a kiss and they held each other as they faced oblivion.

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The Offer Guess what? The world didn't end.