Russia and kurdistan relationship

The great Russian oil game in Iraqi Kurdistan | Reuters

russia and kurdistan relationship

Russian warplanes provided air cover for the YPG while the Kurdish forces protected Russia's Deep-Rooted Relations with the Kurds. LONDON (Reuters) - Last October, at the height of a political crisis in Iraq's Kurdistan region, a letter arrived at the Iraqi oil ministry in Baghdad. MOSCOW, October /TASS/. Russia values relations with both Baghdad and Iraqi Kurdistan, and stands for finding a peaceful political.

russia and kurdistan relationship

This action by Turkey now threatens the entire status quo of Kurdish demographics in the region, which could bring in Kurdish fighters not only from Syria, but from Turkey, Iraq and Iran as well. The Turkish-Iranian consensus against Kurds in Iraq might have set a precedent for the Kurds to adopt more hostile views on Iran.

The dailyReport Must-reads from across Asia - directly to your inbox The latest Turkish assault on the Kurdish pocket in Afrin can be seen as a well-calculated step taken by global warcraft entities to drag the conflict on, and possibly lead toward a more dangerous direct conflict among nations.

As the Russian Ministry of Defense has pointed outthe US chose to take a provocative step by arming the Kurdish population so as to sow the seeds of separation in the region.

russia and kurdistan relationship

The relations between Kurdish militia outfits and Moscow and with Washington is a complex matter. Inwith the close backing of the Soviet Union, Kurds in Iran established a short-lived Republic of Mahabad during their conflict with Tehran.

Although the republic lasted less than a year, the Kurds continued to dream of self-determination. Since then, Moscow has maintained relations with the Kurds in the region.

russia and kurdistan relationship

The Kurdish insurgency in Turkey during the Soviet era received arms from the USSR via back channels, and the current president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in believed that Russia was continuing that practice.

Such accusations subsided when Erdogan survived a failed military coup with the help of Russian intelligence, but if Russia fails to give clearance to Turkey for anti-Kurdish operations in Syria, such accusations will again come in to light. A Kurdish fighter shoots down a Turkish helicopter using a Russian weapon.

russia and kurdistan relationship

The PKK also received cordial support from Hafez al-Assad, with its chief living in Damascus during the s and s. Not every transaction that they do is political. Baghdad, which does not recognize the deal for the pipelines, has found itself in a difficult situation.

Russia faces complex choices on how to play the Kurdish card

The company could end up owning large Texan refineries, currently belonging to Venezuelan state oil firm PDVSA, because the plants are collateral against the debt. Sechin said earlier this year in a rare interview with Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung he was confident that both Venezuela and Kurdistan would repay their debts in full and denied the deals were political.

  • The great Russian oil game in Iraqi Kurdistan
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Asked if he saw himself as a politician, the year-old responded: It often feels like I have already lived several different lives. Putin, who had known Sechin since the early s in St Petersburg, took him to Moscow when he rose to power. Sechin helped him nationalize much of the Russian oil industry and was appointed Rosneft CEO in Inthey started independent oil exports via Turkey.

Russia and Kurdistan seek to strengthen ties in diplomatic meeti

Russia was the only major world power that did not oppose the referendum, saying it understood Kurdish aspirations for independence. State Secretary Rex Tillerson unsuccessfully tried to negotiate a delay to the independence vote, Sechin was busy negotiating the pipelines deal.

russia and kurdistan relationship

In the days following the referendum, Kurdish officials including natural resources minister Ashti Hawrami were flown to Moscow to meet Rosneft executives and Russian foreign ministry officials, according to two of the sources.