Ryan and marissa relationship

ryan and marissa relationship

Every Marissa Cooper Relationships On 'The O.C.' Ranked From Ryan Atwood To, Well, Everyone Else. ByKaitlin Reilly. June 29 Details: Ryan Atwood is Marissa's second boyfriend on The O.C. Although extremely on-and-off-again throughout the show's course - their relationship. Nor are they Ryan and Marissa, a volatile teenage love story for the ages relationships on The O.C., and these 13 reasons Taylor was Ryan's.

While we can all admit that watching Mischa Barton making out with Olivia Wilde was pretty damn hottheir relationship was just another phase in the Marissa Cooper saga, and ended as soon as she realized she still had all the feels for Ryan. Plus — spoiler alert — she died, which doesn't really do much for the " bury your gays " trope.

The only other gay character was Luke's dadCarson; his coming out pulled their family apart, then he moved to Portland and that was the end of that. Wait, did Seth Cohen normalize nerd culture?

If you were an indie kid with a pulse in the early '00s, chances are you were either madly in love with Seth Cohen or you wanted a little bit of his cheeky je ne sais quoi. Yet, did you ever really think about how uncommon it was then to be totally enamored by a dude who spent his days playing with a toy horse called Captain Oats and drawing comic book characters? Think about it, in comic books were not cool, they were something read by "weirdos" who wore thick rimmed glasses and were into fantasy epics like Game of Thrones.

ryan and marissa relationship

But did Cohen help to change that? Let's start with the obvious: Adam Brody is a very attractive human, which helps the nerd cause considerably — especially in a Fox show aimed at teenagers.

ryan and marissa relationship

But Seth wore band T-Shirts, spent his time alone or with his parentslistened to alternative music, and never really tried to fit into the jock culture most students in The O. And he still got the girl — hell, she even dressed up as Wonder Woman for him, gave him a Spider-Man kissand helped him develop his own graphic novel.

That, friends, is what they call in the nerd-biz, a level up. Summer Roberts isn't your regular Valley Girl Speaking of cool characters that help to reshuffle stereotypes in the ol' collective consciousness, Rachel Bilson's Summer Roberts did quite a bit towards championing the idea that popular, attractive, rich, white girls aren't just like, totally vapid, or whatever.

Things you only notice in The O.C. as an adult

In the space of four seasons, Summer went from being all " Chino, EW " to becoming one of the show's smartest, more dynamic characters. The show-runners included one clever reference to Summer's surface identity, and it probably went totally over your head — like it did ours — until re-watching The O.

You see, she does ostensibly embody some of these traits; she's from California, is very fashion conscious, and in the first seasonat least mingles with folks who talk like they're Clueless extras. Yet, similar to how Seth brought comic book cool to the mainstream, Summer's character develops to demonstrate immense depth, illustrating that liking reality TV doesn't necessarily mean you're a "bimbo" — you can be a Valley Girl and still get into Brown University.

Like that time he talked to Seth about the Cohen clan being " sexual beings ," or the time he told Kirsten not to " salt [Seth's] game. However, when you delve back into The O. Like that time he acknowledged the way The O.

An analysis of Marissa Cooper

I should be off. Gotta find the next kid to jeapordize the community. Maybe a black kid. Or an Asian kid. You're parents don't believe in celebrating the genocide of the American Indian?

Especially considering those eyebrows are so ahead of their time! All the celebrity cameos! As that saying goes, hindsight is a wonderful thing.

When it comes to re-watching The O. And there are so many of them! Skip forward to the next season and we're introduced to Cam Gigandet 's Volchock and Nikki Reed 's Sadie, who also worked together in Twilight a few years later. And so, so many more. Moments Ok, so telling any fan of The O.

"Signal Fire"- Ryan & Marissa

All perfectly lovely things, hmm? Trey thinks so, too — so much so that he gets it into his head that Marissa wants to switch Atwood brothers. This is, in my humble OC-loving opinion, where stuff starts to get complicated. I really feel for Marissa in every single one of these situations, because throughout all of them she was genuinely, honestly just trying to be a good friend.

I really do believe that.

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You know how we all have that one friend who only dates boys who need a bit of looking after and would adopt a shy dog with three legs instead of a Cockapoo? We can all see that. Is she too nice? Why did things get to the stage where Oliver had isolated her from everyone she was close to? Girls seem to automatically hate her a bit early season 3 Taylor Townsend or feel jealous of and intimidated by her Jess, face-down-in-the-pool girl.

This jealousy gets explored as season 2 continues: Marissa seems to have a strange relationship with food. Why did Marissa struggle with anorexia? Did it ever really go away? Is she healthy now? It would have been interesting to explore her relationship with food in a deeper way but we never really got much more than this, which I think is a massive shame. Confidence Would you describe Marissa as confident?

On one hand, she can definitely switch it on when she needs to — she arranges that fashion show in season 1, remember?

ryan and marissa relationship

But who am I to say? I feel like Marissa has a lack of self-confidence — she never seems to feel as if she can make it on her own. But she never quite seems to realise that. Although I will defend their relationship until I am on my deathbed, I do agree that Ryan and Marissa had an intense, angst-ridden few years together and that it might not have been sustainable on a long-term basis unless stuff changed.

Maybe some of it was directed at his mother, not Marissa. Ryan likes to save people but he likes that to be the end of the situation: