Sansa and petyr relationship marketing

Aug 1, We know that Littlefinger loves Sansa, considering he told Jon Snow up another prophecy that was once said in relation to Sansa's future: "I. It's clear after Sansa turns the tables on Littlefinger that she has had . Sam suggests a marriage between Rhaegar and Lyanna, and Bran. Jun 28, There's no doubt that Littlefinger and Sansa Stark's relationship status on Game of Thrones would be "It's Complicated" capital "I" and capital.

Littlefinger's bewildering speech to Sansa in "The Queen's Justice" might even serve as some foreshadowing. In your mind," he advises, with only the vaguest of bullshit. HBO Hmm let's think back to some of the wonderful "surprises" Baelish himself has inflicted upon Sansa in the past. All in all, I'd say a kiss over that same Moon Door before a prompt kick in the balls would be a fitting end to their narrative together. Another commenter only added fuel to fire, with a theory that would explain the dissonance between Sansa's public disputes with Jon and their very amicable interactions in private: That's why I think Sansa has been speaking out against Jon in public, to make Petyr think there's a rift between herself and Jon.

All I'm saying is that, if i were Petyr, I'd start considering the possibility that the student has surpassed the teacher.

On top of all that, you might've caught the small look of concern that crossed Littlefinger's face when the new Maester of Winterfell mentioned that the late Maester Luwin kept extensive records on every single raven scroll the castle has ever received. The North remembers, you slimy bastard Image: It was from her sister Lysa Arryn and stated her suspicions that the Lannisters killed her husband and Ned's father figureJon Arryn.

The same letter that it was later revealed Littlefinger had manipulated Lysa into sending, in order to sow chaos into Westerosi politics. If you'll remember, this was the same letter that set in motion the demise of the entire Stark family. Ned immediately went to the South, only to be betrayed and played by Baelish, and get his head chopped off. Conveniently, even if Sansa isn't the one to actually do the dirty deed, previews for the next episode show Arya — you know, the world class assassin who can adopt any identity — on her way to Winterfell.

And I sense she'll have a few strong words for Littlefinger. World-class assassin enroute to your location, Littlefinger Image: Consider this bit of prophecy another redditor pointed to from the books. It's equally likely that Sansa could have approached Bran.

This Is Why Sansa Stark Should Marry Littlefinger

However, this makes less sense, if you consider that Bran has been absent from the events for a long time. The only reason Sansa would've approached Bran instead of the other way around is if Sansa is looking for confirmation "checking the video footage". Which is of course also possible, though it seems a bit cheap narratively speaking for characters to start running to Bran for confirmation about their suspicions. It gets too close to a deus ex machina.

Arya joins the plot only after settling some grudges with Sansa. Bran and Sansa both have been eye witness to LF's past shady dealings in different ways.

This Is Why Sansa Stark Should Marry Littlefinger

Any conversation between them would very quickly cement the actual truth. This is similar to how Sam and Bran figure out Jon's legitimate birth together.

sansa and petyr relationship marketing

Sam suggests a marriage between Rhaegar and Lyanna, and Bran "checks the video footage". Bran hasn't seen everything that happens everywhyere, but he has access to it. He only needs to know where to look Sam and Sansa can give him that direction.

Sansa confronts Littlefinger about Ramsay

However, I think that Arya wasn't part of the scheme initially. The first conflict out on the wooden walkway seems genuine. Arya was bringing up things that she has carried from her childhood, and actively calls Sansa out on undermining Jon, even if only subconsiously. But then we get to the scene with the faces and the dagger. A quick rundown of the scene.

Sansa finds the faces. Arya explains why she uses them, also revealing a scary and dark side to her character. Sansa is visibly upset and scared by this information. Arya wants to play the game of faces and tries to focus on Sansa undermining Jon. But Sansa doesn't respond she's too busy talking about the faces and Arya doesn't get a straight answer.

Arya picks up the dagger and mentions becoming Lady of Winterfell by cutting Sansa's face off.

Arya then gives Sansa the dagger and walks off. The big question here is whether Arya was already part of the scheme. If she has been part of the scheme, then the only way that this scene makes sense is that it is staged, intended for Littlefinger who is probably spying to think that there is real animosity between the sisters.

But if they are expecting Littlefinger to spy on them, why would Arya give the dagger to Sansa? They're trying to give Littlefinger ammunition to accuse Arya of treason; and Arya giving Sansa the dagger is basically Arya saying "I'm not your enemy".

This doesn't make sense. If she had not been part of the scheme, this scene makes more sense. Arya gets to reveal something extraordinary shapeshifting that she hasn't been able to talk to anyone about in Westeros. Sansa learns about the changes to Arya's character. Arya hints at cutting Sansa's face off with the intention of becoming Lady of Winterfell not just petty revengeas a way to probe Sansa.

If Sansa had taken the bait, that indicates that Sansa believes that the position of power comes before family thus somewhat proving that she is willing to undermine Jon. But Sansa does not take the bait. She looks hurt and distraught. Sansa responds to her sister telling her something hurtful, not someone taking her power.

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To understand the distinction between these options, imagine how Cersei would've responded to the same threat. Her response would've focused on her power being taken away from her, she would call it treason. Her focus power, not family reveals her priorities. Arya takes this as sufficient proof that Sansa is not intent on betraying family for a seat of power. Note that before Arya tried probing Sansa, she tried it more directly, trying to make Sansa play the game of faces: Back in Braavos, before I got my first face, there was I game I used to play.

The game of faces.

I ask you a question about yourself and you try to make a lie sound like the truth. If you fool me, you win. If I catch a lie, you lose. How do you feel about Jon being king?

sansa and petyr relationship marketing

Is there someone else you feel should rule the North instead of him? But Sansa was much too distracted by the faces, and also did not understand the point of the game, so she did not partake in it. Arya then changed gears and decided to use a more indirect approach unsettling Sansa in order to find out what's important to her. Arya then gives Sansa the dagger. It's a way of saying "you passed the test", Arya is no longer suspicious of Sansa.

And this has another consequence likely unforeseen by Arya: Arya giving Sansa the dagger is likely the turning point here, which puts an end to both sisters' suspicions about eachother.