Scarlett and snake eyes relationship advice

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scarlett and snake eyes relationship advice

Snake-Eyes knew it was his fault—actually, all the signs had been there. He knew Scarlett could see it in his eyes, his expression—she was smiling, sweet and .. He really should have asked Stalker for some advice. What makes Snake-Eyes and Scarlett's relationship so special is that it just evolves naturally as mutual resprect and attraction between friends. Discover ideas about Snake Eyes Gi Joe Snake Eyes & Scarlett Gi Joe Scarlett , Cobra Commander, Gi Joe Cobra, Snake Scarlett and Snake-eyes. Here a couple of survivors: Jack Frost the rebellious bad boy and the sweet.

Although Timber is no pet, he is wild but has the connection to Snake Eyes that should not happen. Timber would follow Snake Eyes anywhere forever loyal but obviously old age does occur and when Snake Eyes and Scarlet were in the their homely cabin, Timber passed.

However, he fathered a litter of wolf pups who still live near the cabin to this day. But of all the relationships that Snake Eyes has whether it's with the animals, Joe or Scarlet. There is one that is part and parcel of the imprint of Snake Eyes and that's his relationship with Storm Shadow.

Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow are intertwined with each as both trained together before and after Trang. Screenrants Duran Riveria tells of the history perfectly: One night, their master was assassinated by the Cobra agent Zartan. Storm-Shadow was implicated in the murder, but Storm-Shadow thought it was Snake-Eyes that committed the heinous act. Both are enemies and friends throughout their history. Storm Shadow himself is now an ally of Snake Eyes which gives our hero more scope.

But the relationship is simaler with Wolverine and Sabretooth. Both are closely connected, have been enemies but in the end they are friends. But it's their history that is appealing to me. Storm Shadow himself was talented but his Asian heritage got in the way of his own rise.

For years, Shadow was jealous of Snake Eyes as he was surpassing Shadow in training and combat. And in Asian culture to lose to a person in the west is dishonorable. However, that storyline was essential to the Snake Eyes lore as it's equally important to focus on his own culture and ethnicity.

And that is what's appealing to me about Snake Eyes. He is a revolutionary of sorts. He is the first hero to don the gun and sword, and be a badass hero. Without him we wouldn't of seen the simaler hero's such as Deadpool, Deathstroke and Blade.

But he is more than a soldier of fortune. Snake Eyes is a reflection of what courage truly means. Before he even joined the army Snake Eyes was struggling. When the original strike force was being put together, the founders, Stalker, and Hawk were trying to find the most elite soldiers around. Stalker convinced his compatriot to find Snake-Eyes. They found him in a cabin in the High Sierras mountains, with just his wolf Timber in his company, living off of disability checks.

He was living a life of strict self-denial and minimalism when they found him. Exert courtesy of Duran Riveria.

When you see a hero who has gone through struggles with disability, severe facial disfigurement and loss of voice. It's commendable that Hamma addressed these issues as a realistic one because many veterans did suffer with disabilities and PTSD.

And so when we see Snake Eyes having the same as real life hero's its something I appluad especially when we see him overcome such trauma.

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But the gym was too crowded for peace, with too many laughing, bantering voices, even if the thought of lifting weights until he ached all over was tempting. The track was always an option, but running sometimes gave him too much time to think. And the gymnasium… the gymnasium was… He'd slid, silently, into a shadow before he'd even realized he was doing it. They weren't the only ones in the large floor space—there was always someone using the punching bags, someone on the mats. But his eye caught on a brush of white-on-white, a sleek flame of red, and suddenly no-one else mattered.

It was just Tommy, spending some time with Scarlett—she was wearing her loose white dobok, with the black collar and belt; Tommy was in his white pants, his white tank top, his outfit looking oddly incomplete without his cowl and mask.

It would have made Snake-Eyes blink, no matter what—the two of them weren't rivals by any means, but they definitely enjoyed getting on each others' nerves. He'd never tried to force it; the fact that they'd actually spend any time at all together should have surprised and pleased him. And it would have, if it hadn't been for the week he'd been having. Damn it, she preferred Tommy's company to so much as looking in his direction?

But… well… Scarlett had spent all week in the company of the other men on the team—he knew that, he'd seen it, glimpsed her talking to them, laughing with them.

When she flicked her hair over her shoulder, their eyes followed the way her fingertips brushed against the line of her jaw, and caught on the sway of her hips when she was walking away. They flirted with her, cheerfully, because it made her grin, and making Scarlett smile was a reward of itself. This week, she'd actually spent the time grinning and laughing and giving back as good as she was getting, for once.

He'd seen that, too. And maybe it'd bothered him a little, but… only a little bit. Scarlett knew she was a beautiful woman. The little games, the laughter and the words with just the faintest inviting edge… no-one ever meant anything by it. He was jealous of the smiles and the delight and the pleasure that they'd put in Scarlett's eyes this past week—yes.

But actually threatened by his teammates?

Scarlett/Snake-Eyes/Ripcord love triangle?

What would have been the point? Except now, of all people, Storm Shadow was flirting with her. Even that ordinarily wouldn't have bothered him much.

A little, but not much. Thomas Arashikage could turn charm on and off the way some people did their cellphones. Except this time, Scarlett was actually flirting back at Tommy. That wasn't just playing, that was flirting—glancing over her shoulder at him with that sexy little smile as he walked around her, studying her stance.

Tommy's hand shot out, suddenly, shoving her shoulder—it was the way they'd been taught—but she didn't budge. Instead, she stuck her tongue out at him. Tommy chuckled, and waggled a finger at her.

Snake-Eyes felt his teeth clench. He'd offered for years to teach her the sword, if she'd wanted.

scarlett and snake eyes relationship advice

She'd always claimed that really, all she ever needed was a knife and her crossbow, and maybe an M if the going got rough. Snake-Eyes knew—or at least he suspected—that she was doing it at least partially to pay him back—he wasn't entirely sure if that made it less aggravating, or more.

But there she was, standing in a focused, stable chuudan-no-kamae stance, Tommy's white-hilted katana glittering and graceful in her hands. She looked… good, sword in hand. Snake-Eyes had just one moment of admiration at her grace, her poise, at seeing just how centered she was.

There was a brief spike of pride—she hadn't even wobbled when Tommy had struck her in chuudan, and it wasn't an easy position to maintain, at first. Then Tommy's arms wrapped intimately around her from behind, his hands curling around her wrists as he raised her arms, sword and all, over her head.

scarlett and snake eyes relationship advice

And used his knee to nudge her legs just that few inches from chuudan into the proper joudan-no-kamae. Tommy and Scarlett were almost exactly the same height—he was close enough to rest his lips just behind her ear, saying… something. Snake-Eyes almost bit through his tongue at the sudden, startling burst of rage when his girlfriend, rather than knocking Tommy on his rear, made a noise that was half a chuckle, half an unintelligible word. Joudan suits you," he heard Tommy murmur, when he stepped away, walking around her, studying her.

Had he held her just a little too long before he'd taken his arms out from around her? Scarlett gave him a curious look, cocking her head. But it leaves the throat, the body, and the wrists open, so we say that those who use it have to have a very strong spirit, a very hot spirit. To, you know, scare the opponent, unbalance their sword with fear.

But it took, Snake-Eyes thought, a certain kind of person to be able to spout ninja doctrine without sounding odd and hokey.

Much less hit on a woman with it. To his disgust and dismay, Storm Shadow sounded like, looked like, what he was: As long as he'd known the man, women had found his cutting edges, softened by that paper-thin veneer of civility and charm, fascinating. He didn't sound hokey. Apparently Scarlett didn't think so, either: Are you scared, then?

He'd wanted to kill Thomas Arashikage quite a few times in the intervening years since they'd first parted ways. It was the first time he'd actually contemplated how he would do it, and how he could make it just exquisitely painful. No man on the G. Joe team, he knew, would ever even try to take Scarlett from him.

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Oh, of course, they laughed, they joked, they teased, they looked, they flirted. Sometimes she even responded. But no-one ever assumed she was available. It wasn't anything he'd done—simply an unspoken honor between brothers-in-arms, he'd found.

scarlett and snake eyes relationship advice

A… rule, of sorts. Snake-Eyes was grateful for it—grateful for the respect that his teammates accorded him, and Scarlett, and their relationship. Snake-Eyes had a brief, bright moment of horrified understanding that Storm-Shadow had stood beside him through two overseas campaigns—had given him his second home, his second family, acceptance, when he'd been lost in the world. They'd fought, against each other and back to back, for years; they'd saved each others' lives and tried to take each others' lives.

scarlett and snake eyes relationship advice

There was no-one who understood him quite like Thomas Arashikage. But Tommy had never had much appreciation for rules—spoken or otherwise.

But after a few more stances, Scarlett handed the white-hilted sword back to his sword-brother. They talked in low voices—her face intense, focused, as she nodded—Tommy's serious as he formed the first of the traditional finger-movements. She mirrored him—they bowed to each other with smooth form, better grace. Snake-Eyes heaved a sigh of… relief?

scarlett and snake eyes relationship advice

He was being silly. It was the week he'd been having. Tommy was a good teacher, if an unconventional one. He could definitely talk himself into this being acceptable, given some time. If Scarlett wanted to learn the sword-arts from Thomas Arashikage, well, he could trust that Storm Shadow would… would… Snake-Eyes paused.

Scarlett said something, low and soft. Then Scarlett stepped closer and reached out—ran the back of one finger along Tommy's high, elegant cheekbones, her eyes wide and curious.

And Snake-Eyes saw his sword-brother's handsome smile widen with something like victory when his own hand rose up, almost touched the smooth line of her bare arm— That's it. Snake-Eyes wasn't sure when he'd moved, but he found himself standing beside Scarlett—grabbing her, not gently, and spinning her around to face him. He saw her eyes widen with surprise at the manhandling, and her lips were soft and plush and startled, parted. Damn it—damn it, he missed her. But it didn't take more than a heartbeat for his tough, bright warrior to compose herself, and her voice was cool and so damnably professional when she replied, her eyebrows upwards, "Yes?

Snake-Eyes ground his teeth. It was a word. But it was more than he'd gotten in… hours. Even though he thought, maybe, that he wanted to shake her. Otherwise, I'm sorry, please stop, I wanted to wait for you to calm down, but watching you flirting with my sword-brother is killing me. But he didn't say that. She just gave him a level look out of those elegant green eyes, and turned away. Oh, no you don't. Despite the best intentions of the writers over the years to maintain the mystery surrounding this patriotic commando, we've managed to scrape together some enticing facts about Snake Eyes.

There have been numerous continuities for the character, but the facts that will be presented here will be referencing mostly the Marvel comic book that provided much of the original material for the character and the IDW series that took over years later.

He's also a black belt in twelve various martial art forms, which include: He's an expert in firearms and explosives, and he makes it a point not to be fully dependent on one particular weapon. He's also an expert at mountaineering, underwater demolitions, jungle, desert, and arctic survivalism. His survivalist skills are unmatched, but he's not just an adept militarist. He's also a medicinal practitioner of alternative, herbalistic medicine.

Understanding that he, Jinx, and Storm-Shadow are all that is left of the Arashikage ninja clan, Snake-Eyes sets himself on a path to find apprentices to carry on the clan's traditions. Tragically, his first pupil, Ophelia, was killed by Fire-Fly on her final mission before graduating into The Arashikage Clan.

It sent Snake-Eyes into a deep depression, causing him to miss his own wedding and consequently ending his engagement and relationship with Scarlett. Later, the martial arts movie obsessive Tiger-Claw would become an apprentice to the stealthy commando. Timber is still a free wolf that Snake Eyes has been able to develop a friendship with over time. Timber constantly visited his cabin in the High Sierras, and would usually guard the area whenever Snake-Eyes was away on a mission.

Local townsfolk in the area started to refer to Snake Eyes as "Werewolf" since they were always together. When the Joe team was finally shut down after years of operation, Timber who'd lived to an old age passed away.