Scott guy and ewen macdonald relationship

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Macdonald's guilty pleas to spilling milk on another farm, burning down a coming to a decision about whether Ewen Macdonald killed Scott Guy. judge must ultimately determine whether the "probative value in relation to. A witness has told a jury that the relationship between Scott Guy and Ewen Macdonald is on trial at the High Court in Wellington charged with. Once, a Feilding schoolboy named Ewen Macdonald gave a girl in his despite his acquittal for the murder of his brother-in-law, Scott Guy. he was beginning to mend the tattered working relationship with his brother-in-law.

Background[ edit ] The police alleged that Macdonald had held a grudge against Scott after the latter returned from outback Australia in and said he wanted to inherit the farm. There was an ongoing rivalry between the two. Because of the tension, Scott's father Bryan Guy called a number of family meetings to clear the air.

Murder of Scott Guy

Scott was given responsibility for raising the calves and growing the crops for the cows. Macdonald was given responsibility for the dairy side of the business. Nikki Guy, Scott's other sister, said the pair had a "fantastic time". The prosecutor claimed "this might as well have been his death warrant". He told police that on one mission in Octoberthey torched an old home on Scott's section.

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At the time no one but Boe and Macdonald knew who was responsible. The murder[ edit ] Scott Guy was shot dead at the end of his driveway after he stopped to open a farm gate early in the morning of 8 July He died from shotgun wounds to his neck, face and arm. His body was discovered by truck driver David Berry at about 7. Mr Berry called the police at 7. When Johnstone arrived, he took a quick look at the body and phoned Macdonald at 7.

Vanderkolk said when Guy got out, Macdonald shot him in the throat and then in the face. Police believe the killing occurred at about 4. Defence counsel Greg King said four nearby residents testified they were woken by 'bangs' at about 5am and since Macdonald was seen on the farm at about 5am he could not have been the killer. Macdonald allegedly then rode his bicycle back to the farm which was 1.

Vanderkolk said Macdonald tried to make it look like a robbery by killing three Labrador puppies which were kept in a shed near the house.

Macdonald knew Scott Guy was shot - Guy's sister.

Police excavated some of the property where Macdonald lived looking for the dive boots, the dead puppies and the shotgun cartridges but found nothing. Yet, undoubtedly, some people remain convinced he killed Scott Guy and just got lucky in court.

scott guy and ewen macdonald relationship

Not once have I ever thought he was guilty, or there was evidence to convict him. You can do all that stuff and not be a murderer. Insisting no stone had been left unturned by police, Schwalger stated they were not pursuing anyone else, nor were there other avenues of investigation. And in the weeks and months that followed, there was a sense that this indeed was the end of the matter: Kylee Guy enlisted several private investigators to follow leads, effluent ponds at the Guy family farm where Macdonald worked were drained without finding any evidence, and eventually money for the investigators ran out.

As years slip by, and memories fade, it seems increasingly unlikely anyone will ever be convicted for the murder. Ewen Macdonald, who was accused of murdering his brother-in-law. I can understand why Ewen Macdonald was front and centre of the suspects — I think that was entirely reasonable.

scott guy and ewen macdonald relationship

But I question the decision to charge him based on the evidence police had. McKinnel was the investigator largely responsible for freeing Teina Pora, who spent 21 years in prison after being wrongfully convicted of killing Susan Burdett. The fact that never happened was shocking to me, given the weight of the evidence. There seems to be a real cynicism around the criminal justice process and what acquittals might actually mean.

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Despite a request, police did not provide anyone for an interview or answer these questions. However, they provided a written statement from Detective Superintendent Tim Anderson, national manager of criminal investigations. He says police are trained to avoid tunnel vision and there are regular reviews during investigations to ensure this. All evidence is weighed before prosecuting anyone, and at that point it is up to the judge or jury to determine the outcome. Gallavin says there was an element of soap opera to the case and trial that hooked people.

It was one of those cases where everybody was photogenic — except the defence lawyers — and it was just made for TV, full of soundbites, high drama, High Court for a month. And how it ever went through peer review before it went to trial is just unbelievable. Both farmers, gunned down early in the morning at their gates, police investigations that went nowhere for months until a crucial witness spoke up, and then a sudden arrest.

However, at both trials, huge doubt was cast on the police investigations and theories, and the accused walked free. And for many, the parallels continue, with police appearing reluctant to consider they might have charged the wrong people. In the Jack Nicholas case, police claimed year-old Murray Foreman had killed Nicholas in retribution for being refused access across his farm while hunting a week before.