Shailene and theo relationship help

Shailene Woodley Boyfriend Who Is Shailene Dating Now?

shailene and theo relationship help

"Divergent" co-stars Theo James and Shailene Woodley have stirred dating rumors, even generating “Their relationship was a slow build, which is how I feel. Shailene Woodley Theo James Dating Movies Divergent Although this relationship has never been confirmed, Ellen Page and Shailene. Shailene Woodley and Theo James never stop grabbing the headlines after the After being single for five years, Woodley is now in a relationship with rugby player Ben Volavola. James has a passion for helping refugees.

Theo James Shailene Woodley: The two had been romantically linked before but now they are in happy romantic relationships and are both busy with their respective projects.

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The two just made their romance official on Instagram. Woodley shared a snap of them on Instagram stories recently.

Woodley posted multiple photos of them on social media, including one photo of them posing against a Valentino sign and a snap of Volavola napping after the show.

If Woodley is flaunting her romance on social media, James is a different story. He is not fond of selfies and social media.

shailene and theo relationship help

His fans can't expect him to see with his Irish actress girlfriend Ruth Kearney because he wants to keep it private. He maintains a low-key relationship with Kearney, whom he started dating since She plays the role of Jane, a single mother of a kindergartner and a good friend of Celeste Nicole Kidman and Madeline Reese Witherspoon.

Theo James and Shailene Woodley Source: Pinterest It does not just stop to this, according to some sources this on-screen couple was seen very close to each other, they were holding hands, enjoying the desert and even kissing passionately. There's more to the fire, James and Woodley seem touching each other quite closely in photographs as well.

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But, that could be just PR for the movies, couldn't it? So what does the fiance has to say about it? Is the co-star the reason for their wedding to get postponed?

shailene and theo relationship help

Are the rumors of their break up true? Could very well be, but we won't know for sure until we hear anything from the involved parties. Why Has the Wedding Postponed?

Theo James Shailene Woodley: Their Lives After 'Divergent'

Ruth Kearney says; Ruth Kearney has made it clear that the wedding has not postponed due to Woodley or any other issue but they do not want to rush into the relationship and end up like others.

Ruth Kearney and Theo James Source: So, it seems like scheduling and busy lives are the reasons. Let's hope that is the case. Also, Woodley is too sweet and practical for a girl to be a home wrecker!

It seems like fans and the media wanted Theo James and Woodley to get together so bad, they invented stories to break up James' engagement.

shailene and theo relationship help

Now, that's just sad! Post all the love triangle drama, all three stars have sort out their problems.