Shivaya and sheesha relationship quizzes

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shivaya and sheesha relationship quizzes

up in smoke what remain down is sheesha with a great and soothing ambiance and friendly to your pocket as well, . General Knowlegde Quiz: Being a Boutique Residential School we value and cherish relationships with parents all the more. Shweta Jain, Tejaswini Shivay, Rubal Aggarwal and 36 others like this. Whereupon Ginsberg had started chanting hari om nama shivaya. which was a the personality tests, the Rohrschach, the TAT, the Bellevue Blocks, and knew his Cooke—in Alice in Wonderland the caterpillar is puffing a hookah atop a. Her relationship to him was that of a most earnest disciple, and, though an elderly Espying a man at a distance busily engaged in smoking his hookah^ he left his .. until the evening, when the Swami paid a visit to the temple of \,; ; Shiva. He made frequent tests and found them true to the culture they had adopted, .

I am lucky to have him as roll number 63 as he does almost all the work for us. I am blessed to have friend like Aaditya Abhay Dhawan Aditya is a really sincere and genuine person. In class, you will always find him on the first bench. It surprises me how he has had the patience and commitment to listen to even some of the boring lectures! Well, but then thats Aaditya for you. Wish you all the success and happiness in life dear.

Getting up late in the mornings! My takeaway from SIOM: Favorite Catch phrase of any faculty: Passionate, trustworthy, mature and down to earth, this girl is one of the most fun loving and genuine people on campus. Her TT smashes, red hair streaks along with the fact that she bagged 3 BIG offers will always be remembered. She has made life at SIOM memorable for quite a few people.

She cannot stop talking, even after 6 hrs of Amazon interview, she talked 2 more hrs telling every one about it. She hates to wake up in morning for classand blames every stone of siom for keeping lectures in the morning. Shes a sweetheart, my health trainer and my shopper.

Lovee u so much. Namrata Kumar The most stylish girl of our batch. Aastha is a matured girl who has a great sense of understanding things. Tejbir Singh She is very honestgenerous, a quick learner and thinker Rohit Koul Isko duur se dekho toh lagega kitni arrogant ladki hai but trust me she is a sweetheartfulto dhamaka packet hai ye: A big achievement is waiting for you.

Aastha should get a copyright on her laughter Anuvab Singh Hotttieee, smart, stylish and a dear friend. Words I certainly associate when I think of u. All d gossips, fun, masti, tp, chit chats. Deepti Kher Stylo hai yeh ladki. GI JOE member cum founder. She talks a lot. Always be the way you are. I know she never meant European Union by that: One who openly admits to be a MAN Always have fun and keep on partying!!!

Aur tu pehle KG ki thi ye news maine hi failayi thi hahahaha!!! Ankit Nayar Aasthuu baby! You are simply awesome: Abhishek Dev Miss aastha Very classy and is always up to the mark. At first she might look the gal with attitude. Vineet P Narkhede Aastha, the most coolest and awesomest girl i have ever seen has million shades in her. Very genuine by nature, she loves to have fun. She has this helping nature which is true from heart and at the same time is the most fun person to be with.

I can never forget the killer parties we had. Lucky to have her as my friend whose friendship i will treasure for life. She is hands down the Batman of our Gotham City After my approval: Vry luvly,intelligent,emotional,kiddish,screwd n always ther 2 help u. She luvs breakin her mobile at least once a month n ise duniya me kisi se dar ni lagta keval Bhooton ko chor kar. General knowledge iski bachpan se hi weak hai U failed in all d tests.

Vaise Day 0 pe 3 company phodne vali akeli bandi hai ye. Shared some good time with u in these two years and will miss that all Akshay Kumar Her smartness is two Std deviations more. She has a knack for handling crisis situations especially involving human factors. Thank you for all the wonderful memories we shared as a group during our team outings and the candid discussions we had, it truly helped me be a better person by the day.

All the very best for future endeavors, God bless Vinothkumar P Miss Aastha Bhargav is combo pack of so many things. Baki toh khaani abhi suroo hui hai. Best of luck for your life ahead Lot of knowledge and good friends Most Cherished Hostel Moment: With vipul singh, ankit nayar and shubham gupta If not an MBA then?

shivaya and sheesha relationship quizzes

Mot thought anything else on lighter side may have engaged: P of every group. Team member who works hard and smart; and working with him you will discover your own new upper limits! A simple, sincere, ambitious and honest human being with such patience levels… Oooo my God!

Loves to sleep and likes his food the same irrespective of where he is eating i. He is always looked upon as sincere first bencher who is the right mix of motivation, sincerity, humbleness and hard work. Hard work always pays: The planning and diligence can make CEOs and Japanese, chinese, mayonnaise any god damn philosophy sweat, You rock bahi: D Dhawan Saab aur Kaun.

Raghunandan Koshti Abhay, different in his own terms, his traits differentiate him from others. Jab bhi bahar khaane k liye bolo he is always ready. A personality like CEO, rightly said. A person with pure heart. Will always miss u dude. Uzair Shaikh Humara apna Research Scholar Nimish Gupta Sometimes we meet some people randomly and they make an impression Abhay Dhawan you are one of those few people in my life whom I look up to I want to be like you and I know its impossible.

And then the commitment that is unparalleled, you will not look at a hot girl staring at you coz of that only. Had an amazing two years and you were always there in my ups and downs. I wish you stay like this as simple as you are throughout. You are a true brother. Ankit Nayar One of the most hardworking guy with originality in thoughts!

All the best for your future: Saurabh Labhe Though we interacted very little Abhishek Dev Abhay a very hardworking guy I would consider you as the wall of our presentation group You helped us all dude I wish you a bright future and the designation of Managing Director will be soon urs Mona Gupta Agre da launda Very Sincere and dedicated to his work. Can sleep at any time of the day but still manages to do deliver his work before time A gem of a person who loves to help others All the very best for your future endeavours and keep in touch!!

My all-time marketing team member who works hard and smart; and working with him you will discover your own new upper limits! A simple, sincere, ambitious and honest human being with such patience levels!! Practicality is a basis of a lot of things in his life you know what all: Loves to sleep and likes his food the same, irrespective of where he eats i.

Parties after the parties If not an MBA then? Artist Favorite Catch phrase of any faculty: Its all about supply chainnn His booming voice is given justice with his oratorical skills. He is very efficient and sincere in what he does. Despite his vast knowledge and wisdom is, he craves to learn more.

No matter how bad the situation is, he never loses his calm and that is testified by his laid back attitude. When it comes to doing something, he definitely does his job well. A very trustworthy, caring and true friend he has the best advice ready for you all the time, whether he is on Cloud 9 or not. Abhishek Dev Dev,one of da most imp persons in my life. Part of my success belongs to him as he influenced me doing MBA He has this special power in him of being a devil ; but Dev has a golden heart.

His patience has no match and he is always there for you standing by your side. I wil miss u a lot Deuuuuuu Arijit Sengupta some call him chachuuu, for some he is imply dev babuuuu, but he is none less than a gem who would be remembered for his ready witunintended humor and quirky style. Really fortunate to have a friend like you He thinks he is a very mature guy I will miss you Aastha Bhargava Dev is an awsum person, presenter and bengali hahaha.

One of the most sensible people in our batch but just before liquor afterwards god bless SIOM. U rock bro and always will. Ankit Nayar Pagol chhele! The only person who I could openly insult, pun not intended.

Love his attitude and his bullishness too! Saunak Ghose Every time we meet, be it anywhere in the campus, it starts with giving weird looks funny onesafter secs we burst out laughing and poking each other.!!

This fellow has a unique way of creating humour even in the most serious situations His name is the extended version of mine P Best buddies one night before the exam, sharing our shameless preparation levels: Next step is Wipro!! Wish u all the best!! Shaik Zahoor Ahmed MR bangali He has amazing presentation skill and also a great person for compering. He is dedicated and has along with his team managed great GLs for us. He is a bengali in true spirits Vineet P Narkhede Dev babu.

The smartest ever bong I have ever come across in my life: P kisi aur ki presentation na sunu but iski presentation I always heed attention to. Gaurav Madan Abhishek Dev People call him only Dev. He is one of the first few guys I became very good friend with during the initial days of SIOM and have been very good friends from those days.

We have shared many memorable moments together and I really enjoy his company. Dev is good at playing Tabla and he is good at singing as well. He enjoys playing Tabla and singing the songs after getting drunk and becoming high.

After getting high, only God can help. Dev has amazing presentation skill which make him a very good speaker and no one can deny it. He is a friend who stands by you all the time and ready to help you during the time of need. I wish you many success in the future and be in touch buddy. Tara Prasad Sethi Dev is one of the most creative people in our batch. He has solid public speaking skills which we, GI Joe, leveraged a number of times. A good friend, Dev is very sincere and caring. He has this uncanny ability to mock at others by way of apery in front of the person concerned.

Will remember our outings Dev. All the very best for your future, God bless He is one of the most sensible person that I have known Or may be its because of our insensibilities that has made him so In that case credit goes to us: He is an awesome person and great singer and a great Tabalchi. Now whenever I think of him its mostly related to the fun we had over the last two years 2 times goa, Bhandardhara, hookah, cook off, Touch woods, Sula, backwaters But one thing I that I have come to know about him is that do not let his calm demeanour fool you He is a child at heart and is very enthusiastic in doing new and adventurous things Room has left an indelible mark on my life.

Never ever loose touch Bro I have awesome memories with this guy right from sutta daru our random outings. I still remember 1 RS khamba dono ne khatam kiya and even den v wer chilled out and walked to the campus safely I wish u great success and glory throughout ur life Knowing you has been fun man. Worked on innumerable teams together and I couldnt have asked for any better teammate.

Be as joyful as you are ever man! A very sharp and creative guy, Devvuuu has a witty sense of humour which makes everyone around him laugh. I will never forget his singing and tabla sessions during afterparties we had in He knows how to enjoy life and have fun. What will I miss the most: If not an MBA then?

P Favorite Catch phrase of any faculty: No one would have ever used the Library as much as he did. Studious, energetic, enthusiastic and hardworking person Only during exam time: He is one of the most down to earth person, simple, helpful and straight-forward.

At times he goes overboard on fun quotient. He followed his passion to do operations He had quit an IIM too: There are three regulars in his life playing badminton, bringing sweets never eats though ; and downloading every single movie. He is the one who bagged the highest bid of 8 lakh in the badminton tournament.

Vinothkumar P Shedne tum itna jo muskraa rahe ho kya gum hai jo chupa rahe ho. But he is very hard working guy and a genuine one Badminton the game which brought us together This guy is very simplecalm and genuine Wish u all the best dude. Jay Vinaykant Patel Submission, assignment, project activities brought us together He is desperate to add his inputs, do something different from others, he will never like ready made ppt, report Thanks for being my friend Nikhil Suryabhan Nagdeote Shende bahut mehanti ladka hai, agar sharaab naam ki bimaari na hoti toh shende saare b-school competition jeet jaata: He is the person who always motivates himself to go to the next step.

Quitting is the word missing in his dictionary: Sugyan Panda He is someone who can always be found in library: P and the best way to confuse him is by telling him things which he said when he was drunk because he never remembers them: P Dedication toh iss bande ki dekhni chahiye.

Sandhya Godavarthy NIT ka bandaa: Watching you moving in and out of library made me more motivated. Life at SIOM wouldnt be that much easy without you and ya, you will be missed with one more reason and you know what is that: Rishi Vyas Our GD partner Abhishek Dev Shende popularly known has always been quite I admire you for the hardwork you put in I am completely awe for it May god bless u and u scale heights threefold Aninda Das Isko Pila do.

Glad to have met you Raghunandan Koshti Arrrrrrre Yaaaar!!!!!! I call him 8 lakh Not because he was auctioned for that amount at the badminton tournament but because he has a gem of a heart. Many people did not get the privilage to spend time with him but I did and when you really come to know about him you will fall in love with the person.

He is a warrior. He in true sense has taught me to never lose hope and give your best every time even if its not rewarding that much. We came close during our stay library and during the badminton tournament Hope you remember hitting me with the glass bro Anuj, You and I are like a tripod We always stuck together And honestly do not lose touch coz you might tend to Anwesh Yashraj You will always find him in the library.

The most hard working guy in SIOM He is fun when drunk cuz he doesnt remembers much the next day Good to know you bro. Stay in touch and best of luck for the future Ankush Lakhade Abhishek shendey: Vaise 8 lakh ka hain apna bhai. Library is his another room poor guy!!! Most Cherished Hostel Moment: Who is the basic variable!!!! Just his presence is sufficient to make you laugh. He has amazing skills while questioning people and eventually ends up confusing everyone.

He is a great ideator, trustworthy and humble and he will give his life for his friends — sometimes not knowing what the problem is. Abhishek Singh Abhishek sing.

Singh is the man. It was because of this great economist like manmohan singh thatTapri could survive before getting into utter financial crisis. Aisa singh kehta hai There have been times when we were the only people who understood how cruel a site life was!!!


N u always sing so well pun intended when u are drunk!!! Vinothkumar P Hurray Singh Babu This guy shows his presence being very loud whether it is class room or play ground. He is fun loving and enjoys his life irrespective of situations All the best for your coming years dude Working with you in Tapri and E-cell has always been very interesting and challenging. He is the synonym for hard-work. Chotu as many call him has a wonderful ability of beautifying any language by his own vocabulary Only If you know what I mean.

You fun to be with mate, all the best: P These r names I give u often cos u the episode I associate it with. Fun guy to hang out with and a good friend U can talk to him anytime and on any topic. A hard working guy when it comes to work. Wish u a bright future ahead bro Akshay Kumar A core Manufacturing ka banda!!!!

He is great fun to talk to Anurag Jain Abeyyy Singh!! He has his own quirks but I love him cuz he is always genuine! I agree with that but I have a point Singh I want to know how can u have interest in everything?? Subrata Mandal Karma is a bitch singggggghhhhhhhhh P bas aise hi hota hain tumhare saath P I guess just a few lines would not justify our friendship and our journey over d past 2 years.

Yaar tu bahut hi pyaara launda hain My partner in crime and bhai apna latest Being Cheap wala plan execute karna hain Saala Bihari frm Jhumri Talaiya and pata nehi kaha kaha se Our friendship took an exponential leap and dere was no turning back frm dere I am soooooo glad that you were finally able to crack a Group Discussion: But you are the best dude Even as I am writing this I cannot help but smile and am overwhelmed with emotions just by thinking of the past one year of friendship or broship that we have shared.

I can any time go to your room and open your drawer and take whatever stuff I need If you know wat i mean: Anwesh Yashraj Abhi my room mate is one of d most sincere guys in d campus M Naik in d making dis is because of ur sincerity Aninda Das Singh ji!!!! I am sure library will miss you, It has been fun working with you in E-Cell and having you on-board as a co-founder of Apni Tapri cafeteria. All the very Best: Harmeet Singh Arora Abhishek has a very unique style!

He works hard and parties a lot too. The best things about him is that he s genuine and straightforward. All the very best for your future endeavors. Anupriya Sanjiv Tyagi Fortunate to have two awesome room-mates. Probably the most misunderstood person in the campus but truth to be said has a genuine heart and wishes well for all. A small advice, please change the timings of your sleep, and half the problems are gone: Had so many deep conversations just about everything, love to debate with you.

Had great time with you and Aninda, cheers to ! Vijjapu Venkata Rohit My brother in exploration and adventures in and away from college. His interests range from Electronics to Journalism. Very genuine guy, he has an amazing sense of humor which along with his animated expressions make his whole personality a fun and lovable person comes in fun mini size though: He is a very sensible guy with whom i can have any conversation about anything and about anyone.

Be the same Singhhhh Allada Sri Harsha Chottuu what i call him. Gr8 person but a bit lost Fun to be with and takes stuff sportingly Had some gr8 tym with u awaiting to have some more.

Varun Awasthi Singh saab!! One of most bindast guy in campus. All the best mate: Converge Finance, What will I miss the most: Get together If not an MBA then? Everyone in college has to give way to him when it comes to academics, especially finance. The passion with which he works on an assignment and confidence with which he gives his presentations leaves everyone staring in awe.

He sets a benchmark that many attempt to match. Beyond the seriousness of academics, there is a completely mischievous and naughty side to him that you will get to know as you interact more. Ajmal is your go-to man if you need advice on cars and aircrafts. He is also a dedicated video game player. Ajmal Mohamed Meeran T A man of words that is what he is.

He values his time and of others. I sincerely wish you are never my boss: Kyunki meri lag jaayegi Nitin Kathait This guy has got real guts and is super sincere He is the only man who can be alive when everyone else is real dead in class Wish you all the very best and stay in touch.!!

He has the courage to stand against the wrong and believes in letting the people know about the right thing I am very sure that this wonderful guy will go places n reach heights: All the best, stay in touch!! Shaik Zahoor Ahmed A knowledge combo of finance, economics, operations, supply chain and what not.

His description stops here because the booklet which you are holding is too small to write about him. But must say, he is a dedicated and bounded to policy guy.

A real hard worker. Thanks for all the memories. Wish you all success in life!!! Level headed and logical, a guy after my own heart! But next day I was shocked when I saw him sitting in same class n same bench. Once he commits to anything he gets it done anyway. Remember troubling him a lot during our group presentations. Will miss u Ajju I still my first meeting with you when you introduced yourself as Ajmal. I liked your dedication Nimish Gupta From an Ex-wiproite to the next.

Even though people take you as a serious guy, I saw the lighter side of yours. Will remember our tea time discussions overlooking the warehouse ; Hope to work with you in future. Aaditya Pasarkar Do we anytime doubt Raghuram Rajan??? Thats same with him Cannot doubt this guy in his extra ordinary finance skills. Like my elder brother He will always be happy to help you anytime anywhere. Be as it is Ajmal. You seriously rock man One can find this combo in him. Firm believer in god and prays sincerely daily.

Will miss t talk we had on finance topics and discussion. He is our leaderrr: P We all love you to the core! Ajju there is no limit to your success I will miss you a lot Ajju!

Aastha Bhargava Dude you are one person I always feel was int the wrong plce with all the love you have for Finance you belong with Mr. Dedicated and hardworking I despise you coz I can never be like you. Keep up the good work and every achievement will look smaller in front of what you will achieve next. He is also really cool in his lighter side. He is very jovial and fun loving and is specially known for his timing or situation counters and jokes.

A very caring and helpful person who can always be relied upon. One of the most ethical persons whom i have ever met too Vivian Vignesh S Ajmal is one of a kind; a very rare individual we often come across in life. His dedication towards finance is really amazing. He would easily be the well-read guy about finance and economics in the campus and I learnt a lot from him on those subjects. He is known for his witty jokes which will make you go crazy. I am really going the miss the healthy discussion we used have ajmal.

I know you will do well anywhere you go still, All the very best!!! Nandhagopal R Not even a single minute will be considered as a wasted one if you start conversing with him. Taking up responsibilities, battling out with the challenges, and the burning desire for learning are certain checkboxes in his resume Stopping here as the list will go on: P wishing you the best of things for your future!!!!!!

Yogesh Vijay Kasar Ajmal. Ajmal is one person who stands by his opinions and can justify it logically I am astounded by the depth of your knowledge and the efforts that you take in continuously updating and refining it: I still remember the enthusiasm with which you explained to me why you sit on the floor while drinking water I am very sure that you are going to make it wonderfully in life hopefully in the Finance domain too All the vest best and may God bless you: Wish you all the very best for your future endeavors.

Stay in touch buddy!!!! Harmeet Singh Arora Man of Honour Life is Fun, not to be Serious.! Chaliyeee saaab Email Id: Extremely easygoing, he gels well with anyone and everyone. He is extremely sporty plays all sports as well as sporting, as quoted by his friends ; This Kashmiri with the cute smile is extremely fun-loving too.

He has learnt Operations Management really well and practices benchmarking in all day to day activities too He compares restaurants on the basis of price of rotis. He is a perfect planning manager when it comes to finalizing trips. With such lovely qualities, Bindroo is someone who will be missed terribly by his closest friends.

Hes our entertainer, our shopping Buddy, timepass buddy. He may b the youngest but most matured among all of us.

He the Fun Guywho has story for every situation. He easily gels up with anyone and everyone. He calls me narmata, even after 2 years of correction he didnt improve. You have given many memories which will make us smile latter. Life at SIOM without you would not have been so much fun D he is the 3rd sakhi of our gang: P our lil baby!

Namm n I can talk about anything under the heavens with him! He is the most genuine, emotional,trustworthy and the truest friend anyone can have! With his funny looks and cute lil smile, he can change my mood in a flash! He is my punching bag here haha and he complies without complaining: P We became friends instantly and our arguments only strengthened our equation!

A support system that never failed and an equation m gonna treasure for life! I love you for everything Bindroo Aastha Bhargava Cool Dude. Ab toh celebrity ho gaya hai. The face of our own SIOM movie with hollywood looks and bollywoood smartness he is gonna make big.

Nitin Kathait Waaa Bindroo Srrry bindroo for disclosing it I really enjoyed his company Wish u all the best for your wonderful future Muh se baatein kam aur banjoo jyada nikalta hai Bike ki kick maarke brake upar karna vaale mahapurush ko mera shat shat pranaam. I had enjoyed quite memorable moments with this guy. He is a party animal and enjoys life to the fullest Tejbir Singh Bindroo Benchoo bada hi benchoo hai benchoo This guy is very cool and wants to conquer everything around him but doosre uske bare main kya sochenge iski tension bahut leta hai benchoo,!!

P and masti with friends, He is multi talented Kashmiri dost and a good friend. Thoroughly enjoy your company and the fun moments v have had together. Deepti Kher Not The designated driver for tipsy evenings, but definitely your entertainer for the evening!

It is always a treat to watch him speak and express: Aao ek aise anokhe aadmi se milwaate hai jo ki apne aap mein bahut haste hai and dusron ko bhi bahut hasaate hai Anuvab Singh Super energetic and always having a good time!!

This guy has it figured Jude Abreo Bindroo, i wish i could have the smile of yours! It was really a fun! D The most entertaining and fun loving guy in campus! He makes you laugh in every possible situation and keeps you happy always if you are lucky to accompany him!

shivaya and sheesha relationship quizzes

It was great fun having spend so much so beautiful memories with you! Would cherish it for life! Abhishek Dev Bindroo tu actually daaru peeke bhot funny ho jaata hai, Have had a lot of fun whenever we partied. Cheers to all those good times and the ones that lay ahead. Intelligent and hardworking, you know how to carry your self and always dress well. Keep up the good work and this world is yours. Ankit Nayar Style Icon A great planner as all experienced my bday treat and a sportscomm buddy.

Lets carry on the same fun in our next phase of life too. Bhushan Sardesai Kingdom of style He is more beautiful inside Venkat Deep Karipalli Bindroo!!!

Smart, cool guy with a smile on his face… The only time I saw him pissed off is when Mr. Lots of memories and experiences Most Cherished Hostel Moment: Entrepreneur Favorite Catch phrase of any faculty: Highly balanced, even with drinks in both hands. He genuinely cares for people around him and will go to any extent to help them.

He appears to be calm and shy in the beginning but once he opens, no force can stop him. He has had excursions to Nasik road station at 3am in search of his lost phone. He is someone who will never compromise on his sleep, even during exam times. Akshay Kumar Khiladi bahiya. He is quite resourceful guy who can pull lot of street smart stuff.

A Ground Logistics expert, he is the cornerstone of successfully transferring delegates to every event I shall surely miss his carefree Happy-go-lucky attitude towards life All the best bro!!! Prayash Baruah My neighbour. One can always see him holding a phone and talking. Talks with me in broken Tamil, really funny. You want a help even at midnight, knock his door, he will be there to help you out. Wish you the best dude!!! Bahut ladke sirf Akshay ki vajah se ghar par festivals celebrate kar paye hai, kyo ki sirf Akshay Kumar ki badaulat hi unko train tickets milti thi Jude Abreo Akshay with your tantrums you are no less than a beauty queen although u look nothing like one thank god, but an amazing person with a good heart.

Always there to help and a good friend. Dude keep it up UP14 zindabaad!! There are numerous other important mantras. They are attributed to the sage Vasugupta of the 9th century C. Sambhavopaya to 1—22Saktopaya to 2—10 and Anavopaya to 3—45 are the main sub-divisions, three means of achieving God consciousness, of which the main technique of Saktopaya is a mantra. But "mantra" in this context does not mean incantation or muttering of some sacred formula. The word "mantra" is used here in its etymological signification.

The divine Supreme I-consciousness is the dynamo of all the mantras. Deha or body has been compared to wood, "mantra" has been compared to arani—a piece of wood used for kindling fire by friction; prana has been compared to fire. Sikha or flame has been compared to atma Self ; ambara or sky has been compared to Shiva. When prana is kindled by means of mantra used as arani, fire in the form of udana arises in susumna, and then just as flame arises out of kindled fire and gets dissolved in the sky, so also atma Self like a flame having burnt down the fuel of the body, gets absorbed in Shiva.

Repetition of a "mantram" i. The mantram is to be used frequently throughout the day, at opportune moments. Yet some mantras are claimed to enhance intellect, prosperity, wealth or fame.

There are many mantras in Jainism ; most of them are in Sanskrit or Prakritbut in the last few centuries, some have been composed in Hindi or Gujrati languages. Mantras, couplets, are either chanted or sung, either aloud or by merely moving lips or in silence by thought. But the greatest is said to be the Namokar or Navkar Mantra. This fivefold salutation mantra destroys all sins and of all auspicious mantras, it is the foremost auspicious one. Universal Compassion Pratikraman also contains the following prayer: Micchami Dukkadam In Jainismforgiveness is one of the main virtues to be cultivated.

I would like to confess my sinful acts committed while walking.

shivaya and sheesha relationship quizzes

I honour your permission. I desire to absolve myself of the sinful acts by confessing them. I seek forgiveness from all those living beings which I may have tortured while walking, coming and going, treading on a living organism, seeds, green grass, dew drops, ant hills, moss, live water, live earth, spider web and others. I seek forgiveness from all these living beings, be they one sensed, two sensed, three sensed, four sensed or five sensed, which I may have kicked, covered with dust, rubbed with earth, collided with other, turned upside down, tormented, frightened, shifted from one place to another or killed and deprived them of their lives.

By confessing may I be absolved of all these sins. Buddhism According to Jack Kornfield"The use of mantra or the repetition of certain phrases in Pali is a highly common form of meditation in the Theravada tradition. Other used mantras are directed toward developing loving kindness. Mantra meditation is especially popular among the lay people. Like other basic concentration exercises, it can be used simply to the mind, or it can be the basis for an insight practice where the mantra becomes the focus of observation of how life unfolds, or an aid in surrendering and letting go.

Along with the ten mantras, the Great Compassion Mantrathe Shurangama Mantra of the ShurangamaHeart Sutra and various forms of nianfo are also chanted. The Shurangama Mantra may be the longest mantra. There are Thai Buddhist amulet katha: Mantra is restricted to esoteric Buddhist practice whereas dharani is found in both esoteric and exoteric ritual.

Dharanis for instance are found in the Heart Sutra. The term " shingon " lit. The word dharani derives from a Sanskrit root dh. Ryuichi Abe suggests that it is generally understood as a mnemonic device which encapsulates the meaning of a section or chapter of a sutra. Dharanis are also considered to protect the one who chants them from malign influences and calamities. The term mantra is traditionally said to be derived from two roots: Thus a mantra can be considered to be a linguistic device for deepening one's thought or in the Buddhist context for developing the enlightened mind.

They have also been used as magic spells for purposes such as attaining wealth and long life and eliminating enemies. The distinction between dharani and mantra is hard to make. We can say that all mantras are dharanis but that not all dharanis are mantras. Mantras do tend to be shorter.

Both tend to contain some unintelligible phonic fragments such as Om, or Hu. If one understood the workings of mantra, then any sounds could be a representative of ultimate reality. He is generally credited with the invention of the kana, but there is apparently some doubt about this story amongst scholars. Buddhism then became essentially an indigenous religion in a way that Confucianism had not. And it was through language and mantra that this connection was made. In this, he covers some of the same ground as modern day Structuralists and others scholars of language, although he comes to very different conclusions.

For esoteric Buddhism "a" has a special function because it is associated with Shunyata or the idea that no thing exists in its own right, but is contingent upon causes and conditions. See Dependent origination In Sanskrit "a" is a prefix which changes the meaning of a word into its opposite, so "vidya" is understanding, and "avidya" is ignorance the same arrangement is also found in many Greek words, like e.

The letter a is both visualised in the Siddham script and pronounced in rituals and meditation practices. In the Mahavairocana Sutra which is central to Shingon Buddhism it says: Thanks to the original vows of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvasa miraculous force resides in the mantras, so that by pronouncing them one acquires merit without limits".


The word Shingon means mantra. There are thirteen mantras used in Shingon-Buddhism, each dedicated to a major deity. The mantra for each deity name in Japanese, its equivalent name in Sanskrit, a transliteration of mantra, and the Japanese version in Shingon tradition are as follows: