Sho and kyoko relationship poems

Ren Tsuruga – Words That Flow Like Water

sho and kyoko relationship poems

Kyoko is turning 18 this year and Lory is tired of waiting for her and Ren to get together. So he's going Twelve aspects on the love between Kyoko and Shou and Kyoko and Ren. Kyoko x Shou. Our Secret Marriage by Littlebug21 reviews. The President is IN it to Win IT for our Ren & Kyoko so they can face their ( Famous last words!) drunken Ren challenge X marriage challenge all rolled into one. They have a special relationship, an unbreakable bond that others usually mistake for a romantic relationship. Sho knows about Kyoko's taste in food as well as.

What could go wrong? Let the fun begin! What's going to happen now?

My co-star is scary by Neheigh Fluffydoodle reviews Ren recieves a call from Kyoko late at night, she is scared and crying without a second thought Ren jumps into his car and races to her rescue, But what awaits him at LME?

Rated M for some bad langauge and violent threats Will continue if people like it: She's sure that Takaki-san will help her immensely in climbing the ladder of success, and he's been nothing but kind to her. But Ren doesn't see it that way. He does get the job done though, so perhaps Kuon should be forgiven for being so "improper".

sho and kyoko relationship poems

T - English - Chapters: Chances are Chiori will unknowingly push her to her destiny. Will she find her way to the sunlight?

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Kyoko was asked to reprise her role as the angel from 'Prisoner' for Fuwa Sho's newest PV, and Ren is casted to act as the angel's love interest. Meanwhile, Kyoko's in an emotional chaos related to her feeling towards her senpai and still angry at Sho.

sho and kyoko relationship poems

Will the shoot for this PV be done smoothly for the three? First fanfic, so please be nice. But does she want to jump off the cliff anymore?

The Many Faces of Kyoko Mogami (Skip Beat!). – Words That Flow Like Water

Just a random plot i thought up. If the chara s are OOC i apologize in advance. D Read and Review pls!

sho and kyoko relationship poems

Slightly introspective oneshot, fluff, RenKyoko: Ever since he saw her smile, he vowed to make her smile every day. A leaked rumor forced them to hide. But when trapped in an apartment with just the two of them, tricky predicaments and high-strung emotions begin to unravel until the secrets they so desperately wanted to keep are laid out for all eyes to see.

Now that their lives have officially begun, Kyoko and Ren can slowly begin to experience the wondrous thrill of marriage together.

But what kind of marriage would it be without the occasional speed-bumps along the way? Ren drives his wife and daughter home from the hospital. Unfortunately…Ren got really mad, and that smile…well Kyoko could tell. Because you know, this partly what the whole manga is about. She joined showbiz for the purpose of exacting revenge on Sho Fuwa, but yet as she discovers the joys of acting, she realises that she wants to act for herself and not just to get revenge.

Although she and Sho Fuwa have their moments, there is no love triangle here. In ordinary mangas, mangas that make me roll my eyes and possess a tonne of pointless dramatic moments, this would generally happen.

And sure in Skip Beat! Unless the series is really popular!

They way Nakamura develops their relationship is why I still have faith in shojo manga. Ren has so many expressions, with a large amount of them because of Kyoko. Like this one below for example: Source of Image Above and Below: Rather, both aspects of the manga intertwine harmoniously together, developing into a wonderful manga that I will love forever, and can never resist reading over and over.

I would definitely love to see a hundred, two hundred, even three hundred more chapters of this story.