Snake and meryl relationship trust

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snake and meryl relationship trust

Although Snake is very much a be-er as a quiet, introverted There are two people who impact Snake more than anyone in the story – Naomi and Meryl. their relationship almost derails her relationship with Snake and caused her she believes Snake to be a good person and feels enough of a trust that. It would have added flaw and depth to Snake's character. the lack of a relationship with meryl is better for snake's character, i think. Meryl lays in bed at night next to the man she calls her partner, but is everything as it seems? eyes to her bed buddy, who was none other than David, aka Solid Snake, her partner. They were dubbed "partners" from the very moment the relationship began, Partners meant trust, and trust meant loyalty.

It's only when I'm cheating death on the battlefield, the only time I feel truly alive. With Liquid and Solidus. After the events of the first Metal Gear Solid, he attempted to settle down and live a normal life with Meryl, but eventually gave up and returned to the battlefield. Goes from being a jaded, cynical jerk who could care less about anything but completing the mission to live another day to a jaded cynical jerk who does what he does because it's the right thing to do and no one else will do it.

Not quite as much as Big Boss, perhaps, but the cutscenes in the Metal Gear Solid remake showed him pulling some ridiculous maneuvers. In Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the PatriotsSnake is still very strong despite his biological age because his sneaking suit augments his strength. While Snake flirts with Mei Leng, and has a short relationship with Meryl, he ultimately sacrifices his romantic attachments for the sake of ridding the world of Metal Gears.

His clone degeneration doesn't help in MGS4, as he figures he won't be around much longer. Arguably one, as he was raised within the military. Snake exhibits this trait to several beautiful women, especially to Meryl, whom he notes has a cute butt, and to Mei Ling, too. Clones Are People, Too: He's his own person, and is explicitly described as Big Boss' son. The Sons of Big Boss are all plagued with flawed DNA, a safety measure to prevent their genetic material from being copied by America's rivals.

Well known for his unorthodox tactics, like using grenades on a tank. Furthermore, he has no qualms against killing dogs to protect himself. To some extent, in MGS4. Age hasn't slowed him down much, but it still weighs on his mind.

snake and meryl relationship trust

Guns of the PatriotsSnake's physical body is shown to be this. But instead of being seen as a mark of being a badass, it's instead shown as actually being very horrible and extremely tragic to see the total extent of just how much he has gone through.

Hinted at in Codec conversations with Raiden in the second Solid game. Damn You, Muscle Memory! He explains that the PMCs are all using "cookie cutter imitations" that they read about, and when they attempt to use it on him, he reflexively responds with the original techniques he learned directly from Big Boss. Dark Is Not Evil: Liquid referred to himself and Snake as "the brother of light" and "the brother of dark" — while who is who in unspecified, Snake is a grizzled, bitter looking man usually wearing dark clothing contrasting his brother's light-skinned bare chest.

Big Mama specifically refers to him as a "shadow, which no light can shine on. He has his moments, such as during his confrontation with Vulcan Raven, where he quips that Raven must have "excelled at the Muktuk Eating contest" in the Eskimo-Indian Olympics.

A lot of his dialogue in the comic adaptation is given this kind of spin - it has the effect of adding more humour to what is otherwise a very serious adaptation, in exchange for making him a little bit more of a Jerk Ass.

Part of his Metal Gear Solid character arc. He crawls out of a microwave hallway with his fingertips! It's the only reason Old Snake is still alive from start to finish. It's implied by Big Boss in the fourth game's ending that this is what enabled to Snake not to end up like him despite all the betrayals and manipulations he endured. Of the most basic Archetype in Hollywood: Rather than being a hardcore larger than life hero, Snake ends up becoming a traumatized mess of a man in response to the hell he's put through throughout his adventures.

And, while several women do show some interest in him, the closest he comes to being in any sort of long-term relationship is with Otacon. Considering what's happening to him by Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriotshe comes pretty close to the trope by his appearance and reading Playboys to increase his psyche gauge not to mention giving implied regret of retiring too soon when he hears that Mei Ling apparently got a promotion after catching an eye with an admiral that was implied to be of this tropeeven if he is technically middle-aged.

After the REX vs. RAY showdown on Shadow Moses, he ends up dislocating his shoulder, rendering him unable to aim his gun properly as Liquid makes his getaway on Outer Haven.

It was subverted, though, as he ultimately couldn't go through with it, plus it turned out killing himself proved to be completely unnecessary anyway. Snake mentions after revealing his identity to Raiden that before Shadow Moses, he took to heavily drinking while living in isolation at Alaska.

Psycho Mantis, during his dying speech, proclaims that Solid Snake is this to Liquid Snake, stating that he was as bad as Liquid after declaring that he saw true evil, which was Snake, before correcting himself and states that he's actually worse than Liquid. By the end of the game, people will be far more likely to conclude that the opposite is true.

While he was only doing that to surpass his father, he still had a somewhat noble goal. He also wanted Big Boss's corpse so that he could repair the flaw in his soldier's genetic modifications before it killed them.

Solid was there, unknowingly, under the orders and control of the Patriots to stop Liquid and resecure their domination and control of the world. He also, sort of, willingly went along with the mission because he missed being in battle.

As Liquid said, he enjoyed all the killing. In this way, Liquid really was the good guy and Solid was the bad guy. Snake really hates it when people call him "Old Snake". In fact, just hearing the moniker takes a quarter of his psyche out. The Solid Eye System. Snake began as an amalgam of eighties action heroes, most notably Snake Plissken of Escape from New York. Hideo Kojima is a self-proclaimed fan of that film. As a consequence, Snake's adventures have a distinct 80's Hollywood flavor to them, especially the music.

The MGS1 soundtrack, while darker and more modern, still has a lingering synth element to it. Face Death with Dignity: His attitude towards his eventual demise in MGS4.

One of the greatest examples in all of fiction. His actions throughout the series effectively keep The Patriots in a position of power, meaning that every game ends with the Greater-Scope Villain winning. Then Snake and his adoptive family destroy them forever in Metal Gear Solid 4.

Snake is lured into an explosive-rigged oil tanker in Sons of Liberty. Luckily Otacon is standing by with a boat. Rather than wait for the Patriots to take another shot at them, the duo go into hiding and are presumed dead.

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Due to accelerated aging, Snake feels this way for the entirety of Metal Gear Solid 4: For example, when he crouches and walks for too long, his back suffers, which didn't used to happen in previous installments. Oh, and "Old Snake"'s hair is grey and he has a grandpa-'stache. Even as an old man, he has a truly fantastic ass, something that's emphasised by certain camera angles and outfit choices throughout MGS2 and MGS4.

Mentioned a few times in his appearances. The first time was in Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake when encountering Big Boss at Zanzibar Land, where he states that he took the mission to get rid of the nightmares relating to Outer Heaven that he experienced since his mission to Outer Heaven.

In Metal Gear Solid 2: Finally, in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriotsnot only does Snake have a nightmare regarding his entry into Shadow Moses, the player even plays the nightmare in Act 4. Both experience horrible events, both are subjected to betrayal and treason, and both are made to suffer. But while Big Boss embraces his hatred and vengeance, Snake defies it. Big Boss kills to get his vengeance, while Snake kills for the greater good. In the first Metal Gear Solid, he outright tells Naomi that even if he and Fox were technically on opposite sides during the Zanzibar Land incident, he still viewed him as his friend.

His reaction to discovering just what Outer Haven's microwave hallway will do to someone is: Sounds like the perfect job for me. He is shown to know some history pretty well, and was stated to have an IQ of and fluent in at least six languages including English and French.

He's also good at infiltration and combat. He also catches just about every obscure political or cultural reference anyone makes in his presence, often when the player doesn't. He always knew how, but he refused to use it because of Big Boss betraying everyone after the events of the first Metal Gear.

That said, with everyone using CQC to some extent as of 4, his more authentic variation of such becomes his own personal Godzilla. Lampshaded by Big Boss himself in their final meeting, who commends him for this. Good Is Not Nice: When Snake asks you a question, it's best to answer truthfully. Otacon of all people was on the receiving end of this during their first encounter; when Otacon parrots the party line about REX strictly being a missile-defense system, Snake unexpectedly snaps and throttles him in a rage.

He is shown to be willing to save the world from itself, although that doesn't stop him from sometimes acting like a jerk towards his friends, and at one point manipulate a person into getting himself captured in a really complex method of Trojan Prisoner. Otacon reassures the victim that it was kindly meant. Snake has a low opinion of virtually every 21st-century soldier he encounters. He regards the flashy, inexperienced Genome Soldiers as all hat and no cattle; the next-generation VR soldiers as clowns; the twitchy rookie Meryl as a total liability.

In the English dub, especially in MGS4. However, one could argue that his voice isn't like that just for the sake of it: Apparently, the drastic upgrade in Snake's growling from Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty to Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots was David Hayter 's idea; he thought that Snake's voice would completely fall apart as he prematurely aged. Peace Walker is as harsh as Old Snake's but doesn't sound as sickly.

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He hits on girls half his age! He hits on his support staff! He broods over whether to ask Otacon's permission to date his baby sister! The man has a healthy libido, let's leave it at that.

snake and meryl relationship trust

He's less of a ladies' man than his behavior would suggest, as his war experiences have severely harmed his ability to open up to other people. Hal Emmerich "Otacon" points her resemblance to Meryl in a radio conversation with Snake, which is emphasized further in the Japanese version by the fact that they shared the same voice actress.

Meryl herself appears in Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance an expanded version of MGS2 as a supporting character in a '"Snake Tales" mission titled "Confidential Legacy", in which she takes Olga's place as the boss of the Tanker stage. Her new polygonal model was also used in Substance's "Missions"' mode, as well as in "Casting Theater" mode.

This radio drama adaptation of Metal Gear Solid contained non- canonical storylines set after the Shadow Moses incident featuring the characters from the game, where Meryl is an independent covert-op agent working for UN Peacekeeping Force and is wearing the same type of sneaking suit Snake wore in the original game, which was depicted by character designer Yoji Shinkawa in the CDs' booklet.

Integraland later in Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes without the bandana. Brawl and her costume is available to download in LittleBigPlanet.

Solid Snake

Reception[ edit ] "Forget that old bird from those Tomb Raider games; these are serious ladies that you wouldn't want to try the old, 'Get your coat love, you've pulled! GameSpot 's Shane Satterfield named Meryl as his favourite character for being "a hottie, plain and simple" and "a cute redheaded soldier with a tough-girl attitude and a husky voice.

Regular story told in third person, flashbacks told in first person Meryl POV. Try not to get confused! Her girlish features that danced across the shadows betrayed the strong front she usually put forth. The night was always different. Her thoughts and feelings betrayed her front often, and it was becoming harder and harder for it to only be the night when her defenses were lowered, considering they were together a good portion of the day, as well.

Allowing herself a moment of happiness, she drew upward slowly and rested her upper body weight on her elbows. Leaning back on them, she lazily shifted her eyes to her bed buddy, who was none other than David, aka Solid Snake, her partner.

She liked Dave better, it sounded more casual, and he allowed it. She wouldn't ever admit it, but when it rolled off of her tongue without hesitation, she felt special. The others Hal, Jack, Rose, Mei-Ling, Campbell always hesitated before speaking his name in such a casual manner, hell, they hesitated before even speaking his actual name. They were all afraid in some sort of way, afraid of the silent barrier that he had always surrounded himself with.

Meryl could empathize with their fear, she had felt the same way long ago, but she had broken down the barrier with such ease, something nobody else had ever been able to do. Smiling to herself, she continued to rest on her elbows carefully, trying not to cause too much movement. The Snake in Dave was a trained soldier, and because of this, he never seemed to be capable of deep sleep; his body seemed to be ever aware of even the slightest movement.

A larger smile replaced her faint one as she remembered their first few nights together, she was quite a mover, and both had to learn to adjust to each other's body patterns in order to get a good night's rest. David had referred to it as a mission of patience and adaption in order to survive the night, Meryl had nearly toppled over. When she had explained that it was simply part of being in a relationship, she had held her sides to stop the stitches of laughter from overpowering her.

He had huffed a bit and then called her "green" and stalked away, as he normally did when he knew she was right. The memory was nice, as were most of them. They were dubbed "partners" from the very moment the relationship began, a personal preference of Dave's. Meryl couldn't see anything wrong with the words 'boyfriend' and 'girlfriend', but Dave wouldn't have it.

He had told her that it seemed so impersonal, a step above friendship, but only slightly. Partners meant trust, and trust meant loyalty. Partners seemed permanent, while boyfriend and girlfriend seemed temporary. She had been so satisfied by the fact that he saw them as something permanent that she had jumped into his arms, which ultimately lead to their first kiss.

Meryl hadn't slept very well, and the aching in her arms was due to having put her weight all on her elbows for such a long period of time. Cursing herself, she rose into a sitting position and shifted her eyes to his body, which lay comfortably across the bed, his chest rising and falling.

She was convinced that she was the only person in the world who had ever seen him so relaxed, so at ease. She knew she was crazy to see innocence in a man who had killed so many people, but she couldn't help herself. When she looked into his eyes, she could see something that others couldn't. The cold, the gray, that's what most saw, but she knew different.

There was a child, deep down inside, a child that never had the chance to be born. David was so busy growing up in war, conflict, and betrayal, that he had never known the innocence of playing tag, oh no. He had only ever known the barrel of a gun. That was why Meryl took it upon herself to show him innocence, even if it was was only the few short months they seemed to spend together before he was off chasing Metal Gear again.

She tried to show him what he had missed growing up, only so much more adapted, more adult. Whether it be the small wink she'd give him flirtatiously before hurriedly locking the bathroom door and jumping in the shower, or the tears of happiness that made their way to her eyes every time they made love, it was innocence of the finest.

Considering he always came back to her for more, provoking her purposefully so that she would do the things he loved most, she could only assume that he loved these small, but important actions.

She was more than happy to oblige with his demands. The first time they had made love had been the most memorable. The event itself was significant enough, but the talk afterwards was something that she could never forget. Laying back against her pillow lightly and closing her eyes, she could almost feel her body floating to that time I could see his shadow in the darkness, he was propped up in deep thought.

I felt drained, he had taken all of my energy and had replaced it with pleasure, which began to turn into a deep exhaustion. It was silent for a long while until he seemed to snap from his thoughts, his hoarse voice rousing me out of my dreams. I was still half asleep, and we were both nude in my, no, our bed.