Sora and kairi relationship memes

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sora and kairi relationship memes

Who is more likely to take Sora and Kairi's relationship to the next level? As in, girlfriend and bo. Note, however, that memes are fair game on Mondays. . I feel the relationship between Sora and Riku is akin to Naruto and Sasuke. Tons of. Re: Resolution of Sora and Kairi's relationship. Quote Originally Posted by Ruran View .. AM # · Meme. Meme is offline. Nobody.

sora and kairi relationship memes

Sora invites Ventus's heart to stay with him while it heals. Later on, Sora and Riku rest on a beach. When they prepare to go home, Sora suddenly feels sad due to having sensed Ventus's pain from their previous encounter.

sora and kairi relationship memes

Riku tells him that maybe someone in another world is in pain and encourages him to reach out with his heart. Ven's heart makes its way to Sora's Station in the Dive to the Heart, and Ven asks if it can stay with Sora while he sleeps.

sora and kairi relationship memes

Sora, wanting to make Ven better, happily accepts, and Ven's heart merges with him. Between Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts[ edit ] Sometime later, a young girl named Kairi arrives at the Destiny Islands from another world during a nighttime meteor shower. Not long after that night, Sora and Riku explore a small, hidden cave on their islands, in search of a "howling monster". They are disappointed to find only a featureless door in the "Secret Place", and they decide to someday leave the island and have real adventures.

As they leave, they decide to go see "the new girl", and Riku, unbeknownst to Sora, looks back at the door to see the Keyhole of the Destiny Islands. Sora and Riku befriend Kairi, and the three quickly become inseparable as they play together on the islands. During the next several years, they often wonder about what lies beyond their small world, prompted by the mystery of Kairi's forgotten home. Kingdom Hearts[ edit ] Sora, Riku, and Kairi relax on the beach from working on their raft.

Several years later, Sora, Riku, and Kairi start building a raftin the hopes of sailing to other worlds. Sometime during construction, Sora dozes off on the beach, and has an odd, prescient dream, in which a mysterious voice guides him through a dark realm where he fights strange monsters.

Sora is awakened by Kairi, and he resumes helping with the preparations for their voyage. Over the next couple days, he searches the island for building materials and provisions, while taking the time to play-fight with his friends and compete with Riku.

Riku repeatedly teases Sora over his relationship with Kairi, and tells him to share a paopu fruit with her. Sora enters the Secret Place while foraging, and draws himself giving a paopu fruit to Kairi on the wall. He suddenly encounters a shadowy figure who speaks of the world being consumed by darkness and taunts Sora about his ignorance of the outside world before disappearing.

That night, an severe storm hits the small island. Sora comes to check on the raft, and he finds a strange, dark force hovering overhead, and the islands overrun with Shadows. He finds Riku, who simply tells him that the door has been opened to the outside world and that he is not afraid of the darkness beyond it.

Kingdom Hearts

As Sora tries to reach towards Riku, the two begin sinking into darkness. However, before Sora is swallowed by darkness, he receives the Kingdom Keywhich dispels the darkness around him. He uses it to fight his way to the Secret Place, where he finds Kairi in a daze. Before he can get to her, the mysterious door bursts open with a blast of dark wind.

Kairi disappears and Sora is blown outside, where he faces a Darkside on the rapidly disintegrating island. The two are swept away into the darkness. Sora decides to travel the universe with Donald and Goofy in search of their friends. Sora falls through a Corridor of Darkness into Traverse Townwhere he finds more Heartless before meeting Leon and Yuffiewho explain the nature of the Keyblade, the Heartless, and Ansem to him. When they are attacked by Heartless, Sora is forced to part with Leon and Yuffie.

He makes his way to the town's Third District where he meets Donald Duck and Goofy, and the three of them take down a swarm of Heartless and the Guard Armor. After introductions, Donald and Goofy ask Sora to come with them to other worlds, as per King Mickey's request, and Sora agrees, hoping to find Riku and Kairi. After traveling to numerous worlds, they find Riku on a return trip to Traverse Town.

Sora discovers that Riku is also searching for Kairi. Riku shows a surprising affinity for the Keyblade, taking it from Sora right from under his nose, before returning it at will. Sora and Donald argue about whether Riku can travel with them, but Riku disappears.

Satisfied with the knowledge that Riku is fine, Sora resumes his quest to find Kairi, unaware that Riku is slowly being turned against him by Maleficent. As his journey continues, Sora makes many new friends throughout many worlds, and he becomes much closer to Donald and Goofy as well.

He also repeatedly crosses paths with an increasingly hostile Riku, and in Neverland, Riku finally turns on Sora, revealing that he has been given the power of darkness and has found Kairi, before summoning AntiSora and throwing Sora into the hold of Captain Hook 's ship.

Sora releases his heart with the Keyblade of heart to free Kairi's, becoming a Heartless in the process. Sora, undeterred, continues on to Hollow Bastionwhere he encounters Riku once again.

Riku reveals that he is the true master of Sora's Keyblade, taking it for his own. The two make their way into the Entrance Hall of the castle, where they are temporarily separated.

Riku confronts Sora again, accompanied by Donald and Goofy. When Sora refuses to back down, Donald and Goofy step in to defend him from Riku's attacks.

With his heart strengthened by his bonds of friendship, Sora reclaims the Keyblade, and the three defeat Riku, who retreats. Continuing through the hordes of Heartless infesting the castle, they make their way to the Chapelwhere they fight and defeat Maleficent. When they reach the Grand Hallthey find Kairi's supine body. Riku, now possessed by Ansemreveals that Kairi has lost her heart, and that it is inside Sora.

sora and kairi relationship memes

Ansem attempts to extract Kairi's heart from Sora with the Keyblade of heartin order to complete the final Keyhole. Sora fights back and defeats Ansem, but in order to save Kairi, Sora stabs himself in the chest with Ansem's Keyblade, freeing Kairi's heart and turning Sora into a Heartless. Kairi is somehow able to recognize him and restore him to his body. Kairi gives Sora her Lucky Charm, and tells him that she will be with him wherever he goes. Sora promises Kairi he will return to her.

Sora returns to Hollow Bastion and successfully seals the final Keyhole. He is then reunited with Leon, Yuffie, and Aerithwho tell him that Hollow Bastion was their previous home. The newly revived Princesses of Heart tell Sora that Ansem has departed for another world.

Kingdom Hearts: Why the Hell Haven't Sora and Kairi Kissed Yet?!

Sora and company track Ansem to the End of the Worlda Heartless world made of the remnants of all the worlds destroyed by the darkness. Their battle brings them to the endless abyss just outside the Door to Kingdom Hearts, where they finally defeat Ansem and his World of Chaos. In desperation, Ansem tries to open Kingdom Hearts, but as Sora realizes that beyond the door is light, that light bursts out and seemingly destroys Ansem.

Sora, Donald, and Goofy attempt to close the door before the Heartless can come through from the Realm of Darknessand they are helped from the other side of the door by a freed Riku, as well as King Mickey, who holds back the Heartless. As the End of the World breaks apart, Sora finds Kairi and promises to return to her before they are separated once again, with Kairi returning to Destiny Islands.

Sora, Donald, and Goofy end up on a path in a grassy field, thinking about how to find Riku and Mickey, when Pluto appears with a letter from Mickey, and they follow him into the distance with renewed hope. During the night, Sora wakes up and follows the path to a crossroads.

A mysterious man in a hooded black coat appears and tells him, "Along the road ahead lies something you need. However in order to claim it you must lose something that is dear to you".

The man disappears down a path, and Sora, followed by Donald and Goofy, follows the path to Castle Oblivion.

sora and kairi relationship memes

When they suddenly get the feeling that their missing friends are inside the castle, they enter, and the stranger reappears to introduce them to the castle's strange mechanics. Sora and company are led to the mysterious Castle Oblivion, where they get a premonition that they will find their missing friends.

The three travel from floor to floor, exploring memory-based facsimiles of worlds they have visited in the past, and learning lessons about memory from their residents. They eventually discover that their memories are disappearing as they continue, along with the contents of Jiminy's Journal.

Crazy Things You Didn’t Know About Kairi From Kingdom Hearts

The two fight multiple times in the castle's halls, with increasing ferocity. Vexenhoping to undermine Marluxia's plans, warns Sora not to blindly trust his memory, after luring him into a memory-based Twilight Town ; however, before Vexen can tell Sora about the memories from "the other side of [his] heart" and the existence of Roxas, he is eliminated by Axel.

Riku appears before Sora again, as he leaves the eleventh floor. Riku angrily fights Sora, calling his charm fake, and runs off after being defeated. Sora runs off in a fury and enters the next memory-world, Destiny Islands, alone. When Larxene attacks, Donald and Goofy arrive to support Sora, who manages to eliminate her.

Upon entering the thirteenth floor, the three promise to stick together, even if they lose the rest of their memories. Sora challenges Axel, after saying that Marluxia will be next.

Marluxia escapes during the battle, as does Axel upon his defeat. Although Sora wins, Marluxia reveals that he was fighting a decoy. So does anyone else see a problem with the lack of affection so far? A 15 year old boy journeyed to different words in the vastness of space and battled dangerous creatures at his own risk; all with the goal of saving the ones he loves. Be glad I just settled for that example in this article. Unfortunately, all our hero received was a quick hug and holding of the hands.

On to the quick trip in KH: By the end of the game, he has no idea who Kairi is and has to go into a machine-like pod for an entire year to get his correct memories back. Sadly, as Sora was losing memories of Kairi and everything elseKairi was losing all memories relating to Sora. This adds a bit of longing and wanting the two to be together in the end.

They still mention one another and have daydreams…but that is all. The same concept as the first game applies here with Sora trying to see and protect his friends again.

She is greeted by Hayner and his crew. While she casually engages with them, Organisation XIII member Vexen secretly stalks her and praises her ability to easily be friends with people she just met and even compares himself to her, saying he would have taken "5 years to get their trust. God Bless The Ring. For any 2K babies reading this entry, this 3D fighting game pits two fighters against each other and mostly allows you to fight in a classic mano a mano.

Though a few Final Fantasy 7 characters were featured in the game notably Cloud and Sephirothwe'd definitely ask Square to consider putting Kairi in a future sequel because she's definitely the most versatile fighter of the whole Kingdom Hearts universe. Kairi seems to inflict a fair amount of damage with her knuckles in the Kingdom Hearts II manga.

On one occasion, she manages to punch a Dusk Nobody to which the creature seems to agonize a bit. While attempting to recapture her with Nobodies, Kairi lands a punch in his face. Demyx responds by throwing the white flag and dismisses the Nobodies. But when we link all of these events together, we can't help but think that destiny is a key theme of Kairi. First off, Kairi's meeting with Aqua enabled her the use of using the Keyblade.

Then she lands on the "Destiny" Islands to meet with Riku who is also able to use a Keyblade. On top of it, her Keyblade's name is Destiny's Embrace.

Traditionally, a Keyblade's name and form seem to represent the main characteristic of its wielder. Therefore, destiny seems to be a big part of Kairi.

So what happens when your favorite Princess forgets a simple information from the biggest memory holder of Kingdom Hearts? If you recall Axel's motto "Got It Memorized", he mostly uses his signature line after saying a valuable information. When he opens himself to Kairi about best friend Roxas, she joyfully asks for his name, but Axel reminds her that he told her his name at the beginning of the conversation.

The reader then sees Axel talking to himself in order to hold his mental composure.

Kingdom hearts 3: Sora and Kairi Cute moments

Despite that, she gained an enormous fan cult and is considered the second most popular female of the series, right before veteran character Kairi.