Special ed teacher characteristics and their relationship

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special ed teacher characteristics and their relationship

Special education teachers must have characteristics including compassion, patience, a desire for lifelong learning, and the ability to be. More than most other professions, the task of teaching special education requires people who possess a particular set of qualities. Do you have what it takes to. difference between general and special education teachers in their the conclusion that they are influenced by: personal traits, cognitive abilities, values.

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Request Information While children in general need plenty of love and attention from their parents and teachers, children with special needs are most benefited by people whose personality traits enhance the learning process. Both passion and concern for children with special needs are necessary to be a good special education teacher. In addition, a few commendable personality traits of special education teachers have been listed below.

special ed teacher characteristics and their relationship

If you are considering teaching special needs kids prepare yourself for a challenging, life-changing yet rewarding career. Love and Acceptance In order to relate to any child, you must be able to love and accept them as they are. This is especially important for special needs children.

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Regardless of their capabilities or behavior each child is unique and worthy of your notice. Some special needs kids may demand excessive attention or completely disregard common etiquette, but it is important to respect and treat them as unique individuals with unique needs. By attempting to understand and encourage your students learning will be enhanced on all levels.

special ed teacher characteristics and their relationship

Organizational skills and Intuition As is the case in any kind of education, students need structure to succeed. But with special needs students, structure is all the more important.

The special education teacher must provide the class with a physical and academic structure favorable to learning. Whether the child is dyslexic, physically or mentally handicapped or has some auditory learning disabilities or other injuries, students may be incapable of expressing their feelings or communicating their needs.

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Creativity and Enthusiasm The ability to think out of the box and combine both creativity and enthusiasm are signs of the makings of a fine special education teacher. The ability to put difficult concepts in plain and interesting words or display a complexity in simple form is often the most effective trait a special education teacher can possess. Teachers work in conjunction with program directors, other educators and parents to determine appropriate individual education plans for each student, which may include full or partial integration into mainstream classrooms.

Instruction is tailored to the capabilities of students, and typically includes an emphasis on life skills as well.

special ed teacher characteristics and their relationship

Many special ed teachers prepare daily or weekly progress reports for parents of special education students to ensure all metrics are being reached.

Most programs employ the use of aids and paraprofessionals to assist special education teachers.

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Education Requirements Special education teachers are typically required to hold, at a minimum, a bachelor's degree in special education; a master's degree is often preferred. State certification is also a requirement in public schools, as well as some private institutions.

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In addition, special ed teachers are encouraged or even mandated to participate in continuing education programs and seminars designed to continually provide new information on best practices in the field. Some special ed teachers opt to specialize their teaching focus, working exclusively with students with autism or Down syndrome. This approach may require additional specialized training.

special ed teacher characteristics and their relationship

Industry Special education teachers work primarily in elementary, middle and high schools, though some early development programs may also offer employment opportunities for preschoolers.