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Drake sings to Cece about his success, their relationship and how, for a minute, he wishes he wasn't Drake, Mavado & Stacious - Come Into My Room Songstress Alaine and producer Don Corleon have parted ways after While rumours have circulated that the two's relationship was more than just music - neither party confirmed. “Gully God” Mavado with Never Believe You maintains his stance in the 08 08 10 Stacious-Good Life-Live Up Records. Mavado - When You Feel Lonely (Tek Off Your Panty) lyrics. A Stacious / Sexiness, ladies / I wanna make love (I want you) / Di gyal say her first. If you are a moderator please see our troubleshooting guide. relationship goals by korexx.

Chronixx is yet to respond. However dancehall artiste Garrizon took to his Facebook to state that Chronixx is free to speak on social issues. He also says the artiste does not literally want to start conflict but to remind others of their history. Am sure the artiste goes to Rome on a regular to sing the same song and is not placed under scrutiny If this writer knew her history and respected it she would think different and be able to digest the song with more objectivity," he said.

The most popular version of the Puppy Tail song to date is from dancehall artiste Demarco, but another artiste, Ganggoolie, has come forward, claiming that Demarco pirated his work. Pure politics Making specific reference to Demarco, Ganggoolie said, "Mi nah put my mouth a grung an talk.

Mi a di first man come out wid da song deh, but a pure politics inna di business, and when a man av a bigger name dan you and more money fi throw around.

Fi dem material will always be more popular. He had this advice for the more established artistes: Black Ryno and Popcaan make peace!

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By Webmin on October 23, 2: Black Ryno had released a song called Mi Lef, produced by Supa Blunt, in which he explained his experience in the camp and the reason for his exit. However, Popcaan, who was still a member of the Gaza camp at the time, decided to also release songs such as Dem Sell Wi Out But everything good else I wouldn't have turned out at his album launch recently and performed," Black Ryno said.

This, despite a written request from the family of the late reggae king in August last year, that he "cease and desist" proporting to be a Marley and using the name, or prove through DNA testing that he is who he claims to be. So me just a go through with my music career," Marley told the Jamaica Observer. He, however, said he had received some word indicating he should redo the DNA test at a lab prescribed by the family. Me do my test at Carigen at UWI and give them the result.

Don't it up to them, one of the other Marley children, to do their test to match with mine? Something not right, why they don't want to do it? What them 'fraid of? That man send me to school and he has no doubt that I am Robert's son," said Marley. While he waits on word, Fabian Marley said he is in not arguing with the family, noting that "nothing can be done before the time, and the right time is now". He continues his move to get his musical career off the ground and is working on material for his first album, Nature's Valentine, for which a December release is projected.

We do what they ask us to do and provide them with my DNA result. It up to them if they want to provide somebody, another Marley, to match with mine. So right now, I just putting out my tunes and going ahead and promoting my music.

Them can't stop me," he said.


Iyara and Alkaline U. S visa Nod By Webmin on October 22, 4: S immigration service, it would appear that the pressure is slowly being lifted off the shoulders of Jamaica's dancehall artistes. Several of the islands most popular and marketable artistes are currently without visas for unclear reasons as artistes like Aidonia, Bounty Killer. Mavado and Beenie are the only two artistes from a long list to have made it into the good books of the U. The killer was armed and dangerous and wasted no time in annihilating his long-time rival Beenie Man.

The Doctor was outclassed and left the stage right after his whipping. Kartel in court today By Webmin on December 19, 2: Williams was reportedly beaten and stabbed in Havendale, St Andrew, on August 16, but the police have not located his body. Stacious tops females at Follow Di Arrow, LISA HYPE BOTTLED

Our news centre understands that a bail application could be made today in the case. Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer, and five other men are charged jointly for Williams' killing. John, otherwise called Mad Suss. The police have told the court that they have video and audio recordings linking Vybz Kartel, and the other men to the killing.

The investigating officer said the police also have eye witness statements connecting the men to the murder. In the meantime, Kartel is also to appear in court today in relation to an alleged plot to undermine the Police's investigation into Clive Williams ' murder case. Kartel and fellow Portmore -empire artiste Vanessa Saddler alias Gaza Slim are charged jointly with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Vybz Kartel questioned on conspiracy charges By Webmin on December 16, 7: Kartel is facing a charge of attempting to pervert the course of justice. The police have contacted us in relation to the questioning of Adidja Palmer in relation to perverting the course of justice. We will be following the usual procedures and we will be cooperating with the police to the fullest extent of our abilities," Mr. Gaza Slim, whose given name is Venessa Sadler, was charged last week after she reportedly made a false report to the police.

She reportedly told the police on October 29, that she had just been robbed by Clive Williams in Havendale, St. However, the cops say this was a move to disrupt their investigation into Mr. Detectives say they intercepted a text message, instructing her to give the false report.

The popular singjay is one of the headliners slated to perform on MTV 's coverage of the New Year's celebrations on December This is regarded as one of the largest New Year's celebrations worldwide, with over two million viewers on average to view the Billboard screen in Manhattan for all the performances during the celebration preluding the traditional dropping of the ball at midnight.

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Gyptian expressed his gratitude for the honour; relaying the notion that a Reggae artiste's ability to make it upon this kind of international stage shows how far Jamaica and the genre have come.

Gaza Slim, whose real name is Vanessa Sadler, was charged on Thursday with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. Gaza Slim, a member of Vybz Kartel 's Portmore Empire, is accused of making a false report to the police. She surrendered to the police a week ago after being named a person of interest. The artiste found herself in trouble with the law when she went to the Constant Spring Police on October 29 and reported that she had just been robbed by Clive Williamsthe man Vybz Kartel is accused of killing.

The cops say they seized a cell phone containing a message instructing Gaza Slim to make the false report. Reggae Grammy nominees announced By Webmin on December 3, 6: Stephen Marley got the nomination for his album Revelation Part One: The Grammy Awards ceremony will be aired live from L. Kartel, whose given name is Adidjah Palmer, and three members of his Empire Music network are charged for the murder of Clive Williams otherwise called Lizard.

In court on Friday morning, government prosecutors declared that they are now in possession of video material of the alleged incident.

The material is to be submitted to the defence team before December The case is to be mentioned on December Kartel and the other accused were charged more than a month ago following investigations into Mr. It is alleged that in August, he was taken to a house in Havendale where he was beaten and stabbed to death. The cops say they seized a cellular telephone which was used to record the killing. Vybz Kartel was offered bail on Thursday, in relation to the murder charge for St.

Catherine businessman, Barrington ' Bossy ' Burton. In the meantime, there are more problems facing the controversial artiste. Investigators are reportedly contemplating other charges to be placed against Kartel following allegations that he attempted to pervert the course of justice.

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He is expected to be charged with dancehall artiste Gaza Slim. Khago - Keeping it real By Webmin on October 26, 9: With his hard hitting social commentaries and songs that tell it like it is, the cultural deejay is ready to mark his name amongst the best of the best. As much as he is now embraced as a cultural artiste, it has not always been this way for him. Well, to be honest, he never really took music that seriously.

For Khago, it's all about appealing to the masses. He says doing conscious music is the best thing. Music is a global thing. I sing music for the white collar and the barefoot man; it must be balanced. I'm doing music to uplift Jamaica and the world itself," he pointed out.

In he placed third in the Jamaica Cultural Development Commissions' annual Popular Song Contest with his entry "only if you know" with which he also won best video. He re-entered the contest in with a song entitled 'Been There'; the song is a very mellow lovers rock which expresses his emotions of gratitude and abundant love for a significant other who has stayed by his side through difficulties and while facing severe adversity.

The song received very favorable rotation on radio stations in Jamaica and the video has also been received a lot of attention.

He has consistently been one of the crowd favorites at all the JCDC road shows and is greatly admired by the young people especially the ladies for all his performances he has delivered during the school tours organized by the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission. He has since then been focusing on taking his career to the next step as a professional recording artist bent on delivering uplifting and entertaining music to the world.

Khago is presently enjoying a big buzz on the scene with the red hot single Nah Sell Out.