Stanley and stellas relationship poems

The relationship between Stella and Stan

stanley and stellas relationship poems

Stella is a woman who seems to have escaped the "old" world of Belle Reve and found fulfillment in New Orleans. Stanley is "primitive," but she obviously loves. for her; as soon as he shows scant respect for the 'poems a dead boy wrote', . Stanley's physical relationship with Stella is an emblem of the idea that he is a. Stella was physically abused by her husband Stanley. Another factor is denial in the relationship the two had. After reading your entry, I can see how many quotes there are showing how angry and abusive Stanley was.

Hence, Blanche will release her desire by flirting with men. We can say that Stella has sensual desire toward Stanley. Before Blanche came to their home, she had a wonderful life with Stanley. However, Blanche's arrival becomes a strong threat to Stella and Stanley. Stella struggles between her original thought, background and the reality. In the scene four, Blanche persuades Stella to leave Stanley. And we can know that Stella hesitates.

Because it said, " who has listened gravely to Blanche. We can say that she chooses the brutish desire and give up the chances to have a better life. We can even compare the relationship between Stella and Stanley to Steve and Eunice. There are always have fight between these two couples.

ReneeBelville: The Abusive Relationship!

However, they always maintain good relations in a very short time. For example, Stanley beats Stella. Nevertheless, they still make love at that night. Steve and Eunice have similar situation. Yet, there are still have some differences between these two couples. Because the interference of Blanche, Stella shares the opinion from Blanche.

The use of formal, complex lexis such as the polysyllabic noun-phrase "Napoleonic code" and its incongruity in Stanley's simulated naturalistic dialogue also foreground a sense of stupidity, or at least intellectual deficiency, in his discourse and his obliviousness to this. Stella attempts to reassert dominance in the discourse by interrupting Stanley's tirade his speech is cut short "of property-" and using the exclamation "my head is swimming!

In this speech, Stella subtly conforms to the patriarchal expectation of a confused, uninformed woman to satisfy Stanley's ego - she does not have to argue with him rationally. This is ironic as it both diminishes and empowers Stella in the relationship - she is able to control Stanley, by conforming to his desires; this is a key theme throughout their relationship in the play, sexually specifically.

stanley and stellas relationship poems

Stanley and Stella both place prosodic emphasis on certain phrases to express their anger and impatience, which adds to the growing tension and potential sexual subtext in the scene - an effect Williams often achieves via 'Plastic Theatre'. For example, Stanley emphasises the past-participle "swindled" which has connotations of weakness and lack of pride, at odds with Stanley's macho self-image - he does so in order to cast blame externally.

What does this represent symbolically? Is Stella a weak character? Is Stella a victim?

A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE by Tennessee Williams. (Play1947) [Film1951]

What is the difference between the control Blanche has over Stella and Stanley's control? Does Blanche like Stella? Will Stanley and Stella's relationship turn out like Eunice and Steve's?

Are they at the bottom of the pile? Are they destined to fail? What is she like? How does she use language? How is her personality conveyed? What is he like? How is his personality conveyed? Look at production notes, stage directions and dialogue. Levels of eloquence and standards of English.

Quotes from literature Poe p 28 Stanley Gaudy seed bearer. Animal joy in his being… movements Materialistic men, humour, drink food, games, car, radio… Sizes women up… Crude images… p 29 What makes drama realistic?

Characters and audience know this immediately. She is calculating, manipulative, in denial, false, a huge snob, a racist, deeply insecure, neurotic, a liar. Out of time and place 32 Events prior to play impact strongly… Blanche [Stella's older sister] until recently a high school English teacher in Laurel, Mississippi.

She arrives in New Orleans a loquacious, witty, arrogant, fragile, and ultimately crumbling figure.

Quote by Tennessee Williams: “He acts like an animal, has an animal's habits!”

Blanche once was married to and passionately in love with a tortured young man. He killed himself after she discovered his homosexuality, and she has suffered from guilt and regret ever since. Link link 33 The past… Blanche watched parents and relatives, all the old guard, die off, and then had to endure foreclosure on the family estate. Cracking under the strain, or perhaps yielding to urges so long suppressed that they now could no longer be contained, Blanche engages in a series of sexual escapades that trigger an expulsion from her community.

stanley and stellas relationship poems

In the Past is no hope…. She was haunted by her inability to help or understand her young, troubled husband and that she has tortured herself for it ever since. Her drive to lose herself in the "kindness of strangers" might also be understood from this period in that her sense of confidence in her own feminine attraction was shaken by the knowledge of her husband's homosexuality and she is driven to use her sexual charms to attract men over and over.

Yet, beneath all this, there is a desire to find a companion, to find fulfilment in love. Although Blanche dislikes Stanley as a person, she is drawn to him as a type of man who is resoundingly heterosexual and who is strong enough to protect her from an increasingly harsh world.

After Stanley has stripped her of her self-respect in this scene, she becomes desperate, unable to retreat to her fantasies and so this deeper layer of desire is revealed.

In her final act, she silently acknowledges that her own desires have also led to this date.

stanley and stellas relationship poems

They both recognise that somehow they are drawn together and also repelled by forces that are directly between them and that have little to do with Stella. Tensions have been bubbling beneath the surface to such an extent that they erupt immediately when Stella is off stage. As the last scene testifies, Stanley emerges the survivor from the encounter while Blanche is even more emotionally and mentally damaged than before. Stanley and by extension Stella, are not clear victors. Like Blanche, Stanley is also revealed to be capable of deceit.

He does not admit the truth of what happened between him and Blanche to his friends, to Stella, and maybe not even to himself. Stella makes a conscious decision to believe Stanley instead of her sister because to do otherwise would be both emotionally and economically difficult [with a new baby] so she, too, is engaging in a measure of self-deception. Stanley survives because of his cunning and sheer physical presence, not because of any intellectual superiority. Although one does feel pity for Blanche she has to a large extent, with her weaknesses, brought about her own downfall.

Stella has already claimed her territory and ultimately will choose her marriage over her sister. In the end Blanche is living by the code of an era which was smashed a hundred years before this moment of time in the play.

In literature a moth represents the soul. It is possible to see her entire voyage as the journey of her soul. Drawn to the bright lights of the city. She had sexual relations with anyone who would agree to it.

This is the first step in her voyage -"Desire". She said that she was forced into this situation because death was immanent and "The opposite of death is desire" Williams, She escaped death in her use of desire. She was a teacher at a high school, and at one point she had intimacies with a seventeen year old student. Graves", found out about this and she was fired from her job. Her image was totally destroyed and she could no longer stay there.

Graves" sent her on her next stop of the symbolic journey -"Cemeteries". Her final destination was "Elysian Fields". Blanche came to Elysian Fields to forget her horrible past, and to have a fresh start in life.