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One trait that Leo and Stargirl both share is their confidence in their unique individuality of loving people by accepting the other person's actions or personality. The Sun is in Leo between about 23rd July and 22nd August.. The lion is the King of the Beasts, and Leo is King of the Zodiac. His royal presence demands. One of the most common topics in literature and movies is romantic relationships. In Jerry Spinelli's 'Stargirl,' the relationship is between Leo.

Stargirl also discovers the truth about Perry, who has been very mysterious about his family and personal life. She learns his mother has a new baby, whom Perry has been trying to support by working several jobs and by resorting to "stealing" to avoid burdening her with feeding him.

In the end, Stargirl becomes worried that no one will show up for her solstice party, but is reassured by Archie, her former teacher, and friend from Arizona, who arrives to attend her celebration and comforts her with his wisdom. On the morning of the Winter Solstice, Stargirl is overwhelmed and surprised when a huge crowd of her friends and acquaintances, and several other people she's unfamiliar with, flock to Calendar Hill, including her friend Betty Lou who hasn't left her house in nine years.

The magic moment of sunrise is magnified by a special tent her parents have built, allowing the sunlight to stream in through a hole in the tent, forming a single beam that cuts through the crowd of people and pierces the back wall. Everyone is profoundly affected by the start of this new day and returns home to the start of a cold winter.

In the end, Stargirl asks Archie what she should do about missing Leo, and about Perry.

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He tells her to remember who she is and do what her heart tells her. Characters[ edit ] Susan Julia "Stargirl" Caraway is a unique teenager that has no boundaries when it comes to clothing or acts of kindness. She would go to the ends of the earth to achieve happiness, not for herself, but others. She has many quirky acts that she not-so-subtly pulls off throughout the book, like dropping pennies on the sidewalk, starting a gardening business, meditating, befriending little girls, and going on milk runs with her father, a milkman.

Her best friend is Dootsie, a spunky six-year-old that also has no boundaries Her love interest is Perry Delloplane, though he sends her mixed messages, going so far as to invite her to join his harem. However, throughout the book she struggles with her feelings, trying to understand how she's feeling and whether her heart belongs to Leo or Perry. Leo Borlock is Stargirl's former love interest from Mica, Arizona. During the time of this novel, she is writing the world's longest letter to Leo, documenting her days and adventures with her new friends and difficulties in her new town.

Leo broke Stargirl's heart, but she still loves him, only finalizing her choice between Leo and Perry when she shares a kiss with Perry at her solstice, but says later she didn't think they were right for each other.

He is mentioned many times in the book. Dootsie Pringle is a spunky six-year-old that is quick to befriend Stargirl after discovering her meditating on a table. Dootsie is outgoing and chats to anyone that comes her way. She is attention seekingoften running away, or pretending to be invisible, thinking it will attract attention, seeing as everyone pretends they can't see her.

She also befriends Betty Lou Fern, an older agoraphobic neighbor of hers, mostly because of Betty Lou gifts Dootsie with yummy homemade treats and donuts. Perry Delloplane is a juvenile boy about Stargirl's age.

He is seen to be a delinquent, telling people he went to boot camp for a year, when he was actually staying with his aunt. His mother is pregnant, and when his little sister is born, he shows a surprisingly caring, gentle side, and is extremely protective.

He has an affection for Dootsie, but more as a sister. He likes to joke around with her, and she as well is quite smitten with him, even joining his harem. The Honeybees are Perry's harem, a club of open admirers who all fancy him.

He feels no shame in kissing them in public, often in front of other harem members, who don't mind, and going on dates with them, but never seriously.

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Betty Lou Fern is the agoraphobic middle-aged neighbor of Stargirl and Dootsie. During the show a "jury" of students is invited to ask questions of the guest star. An advising teacher cuts the show short, and it is never aired, but the damage is done. She is shunned by the entire student body, except for her friend Dori Dilson, Leo, and, to some extent, Kevin.

Leo praises Stargirl for her kindness, bravery, and nonconformity, and the two begin a tentative romance. They spend more and more time together, and Leo experiences her unusual lifestyle and starts helping her with various projects, such as leaving cards for people they don't know and dropping change on the sidewalk for others to find.

For a while he is deliriously happy with their relationship, but as reality sets in, he realizes that the entire school is shunning both of them. In response, Leo convinces Stargirl to act more "normal. These actions fail to produce results. Realizing that she has achieved nothing by trying to fit in and has betrayed her true self, Stargirl reverts to her former personality.

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Leo watches as Stargirl arrives at the dance on a bike covered in sunflowers. Though initially ignored by the other attendees, something about Stargirl attracts attention and temporary acceptance. She convinces the bandleader to play the "Bunny Hop," and the other students come to join her in the dance until the only people not in line are Hillari Kimble and her boyfriend Wayne Parr.

When the dance ends, Hillari confronts Stargirl, tells her that she always ruins everything, and slaps her. Stargirl returns Hillari's attack with a kind kiss on the cheek. No one in the town sees Stargirl again after that night, and Leo learns that she and her family have moved away. Fifteen years later, Leo notes that his former high school has become permanently changed, and wonders what has happened to Stargirl. At the end, he reveals that he has received a porcupine necktie in the mail one day before his most recent birthday—presumably from Stargirl.

The story continues with the sequel, Love, Stargirlwhich is written in Stargirl's perspective about her new life after Mica Area High School.