Susie and otto collins magic relationship words

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susie and otto collins magic relationship words

Magic Relationship Words reviews by real consumers and expert editors. See the good and bad of Otto Collins, Susie Collins's advice. Before you use this phrase and jump in with your suggestion, you might stop yourself and use this phrase from our “Magic Relationship Words”. a Great Relationship. 1. © Susie and Otto Collins – All Rights Reserved .. courses and programs including “Magic Relationship Words”, “Should You.

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By defining ourselves in this way and being more vulnerable with our spouse by expressing our own feelings instead of making our spouse wrong, we can elicit more compassion and understanding and less contention than if we were to go into attack mode by blaming and accusing the other person. After talking about why phrases and words such as these are helpful, the authors then go on to provide detailed examples or case studies showing how such phrases and words are used in practice.

It acknowledges your belief in their goodwill even if there was a misunderstanding.

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Your spouse may be less likely to react defensively if you say, "It may not have been your intention to be hurtful when you joked about my embarrassing moment in front of our friends but the way you said it really did hurt my feelings," versus when you say, "Why do you have to be such a jerk and make fun of me in front of my friends? I'm going to love you anyway I can see how you might feel that way. Why is this important to you? There has been a great deal of research in the past number of years that have shown us that real change in relationships comes when spouses and partners soften their hearts, and become more accessible, vulnerable and emotionally responsive to each other.

Such words and phrases as talked about in this book can help invite and promote this type of softening, if used with real intent and openness to change. In other words, while the phrases and words themselves are positive and helpful, the real "magic" of these words lies in the open-heartedness, accessibility and willingness of the communicators to be there for each other, as they communicate in more vulnerable and genuine ways, using words and phrases such as these.

susie and otto collins magic relationship words

Sometimes it can be hard to know what to say. You may be in a position where you really want to start a better way of communicating or to say something that will help draw you closer, and yet not know how to start.

That's where a book like this can help. If you doubt the truth of this, just go to any bar, restaurant or social event and you'll see people NOT paying attention to the people or event that's in front of them.

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They are tweeting, texting. Facebooking or viewing something else instead of being present to what's happening around them especially to the people they're with. We especially dislike it when we pay good money to go to a movie or a concert and the person beside us or close to us is making noise texting or operating their smart phone in some way. In the USA Today article, Scott Campbell, assistant professor of communication studies at University of Michigan who studies social implications of using mobile devices, is quoted as saying But I also see new ways the traditional social fabric is getting somewhat torn apart.

And how our "social fabric"--the way we have traditionally communicated--is getting "torn apart. Maybe not but what we know is that without old-fashioned face-to-face authentic and meaningful communication, a relationship suffers. We are in no way suggesting that you toss all your electronic devices in the garbage and become a Luddite.

We are suggesting that you become aware of how you're communicating with your loved ones.

susie and otto collins magic relationship words

Make sure that there's the time and space for the two of you to sit down and talk and share in the old fashioned way-- which is face to face. Since we always want you to have more love, passion and connection than ever Here are a few ways for you to start talking more and creating deeper love and connection in Set some relationship goals.

Think about what you'd like more of in in your relationship. No matter what type of relationship--take some time together and talk about what you want and some ways that you could practice that would bring you closer to having it. For instance, one of our relationship goals for is having more fun together. One of the ways we could practice is to keep a list of what "having fun" means to each of us and then do one or more of those things every week--which might mean going to a movie we both like.

Increase the amount of time you spend in bed--both sleeping and making love.

susie and otto collins magic relationship words

Statistics show that most of us don't get enough sleep--and relationships can certainly suffer if you don't. If you aren't sleeping very well, begin some type of meditation or relaxation program.

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There are plenty of resources out there that can help. If you are with an intimate partner, we suggest that you spend more time making love--from a connected space. If you don't feel connected, make it a practice to feel close and connected before love making. Talk about how the two of you can increase intimate feelings in your relationship from a place of fun and curiosity rather than blame and accusations.

susie and otto collins magic relationship words

Forget about what happened last year. If you feel like you need resolution about something that was said or that happened, talk to the other person.

If you don't get the resolution that you want, don't carry that resentment into the new year. Forgive yourself or the other person. Does that mean you allow yourself to be used or abused in any way. All we are saying is that unresolved grievances may hurt you more than the other person--or more than you realize--because you relive what happened over and over. If you want more peace infind a way to get some resolution about what happened to you in the past.

susie and otto collins magic relationship words

Make your relationships a bigger priority by spending more physical time together. Most of us lead very busy lives and we tend to put most everything ahead of maintaining and growing our relationships, especially intimate ones. We've said this many, many times but the idea bears repeating--People can very easily get "lost" from one another if they don't keep coming back to revitalizing their relationship.

Committing to doing one simple thing like having a meal together once a day--or even one day a week--and talking together can make a big difference in a relationship. Take this opportunity to call that special person for a "date" and then go and enjoy yourself.