Sword art online kazuto and asuna meet

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sword art online kazuto and asuna meet

As Asuna and a small group of Sword Art Online survivors were not logged .. After returning to Floria, Kirito and Silica promised to meet again in the real world. What episode did Kirito and Asuna meet in the real world, I saw a picture of them kissing in the hospital. I want to know what episode is that. So far they did not, mainly because of their age (Kirito is not even 18 yet at the current point). Also Asuna's mother does not approve of Kazuto, as you can see in.

This worries his friends and allies as Kirito is someone who would let guilt ruin his life if not comforted. Kirito temporarily loses his will to live when Asuna's character was killed by Heathcliff. He also tries to hide his abilities, not wanting unneeded attention. Kirito is a person with incredibly strong resolve who will do anything and everything in his power to accomplish something that is important to him without any hesitation.

When Asuna was being held in ALfheim, Kirito was bound and determined to set her free and, when Yui confirmed that she detected Asuna being at the top of the World Treehe immediately tried to fly up to the tree, which had already been found to be an impossible task, and tried to fight his way to the top by himself twice despite being annihilated the first time.

This shows Kirito is now attempting to make up for his past mistake of ignoring her, showing a sense of maturity. Kirito, later in the series, is shown to be a calm and mature player who can be teasing as well. Kirito described the appearance of his avatar at the beginning of the game and the beta-testing phase as having the appearance of a ridiculously handsome protagonist from some fantasy animation, looking noticeably older than he actually was.

After this change, Kirito's SAO avatar had slightly long but neat black hair and black eyes. His delicate face showed no trace of masculinity, allowing people to easily mistake him for a girl. Kirito as a member of KoB. He had a silver plate worn on the left side of his coat, and a pair of black fingerless gloves.

He wore a strap that went over his right shoulder and under it to wrap around his left side.

sword art online kazuto and asuna meet

After being defeated by Heathcliff in a public duel and being forced to join his guild, Kirito donned the red and white uniform of the Knights of the Blood. Kirito as a freshman student at the Sword Mastery Academy. Kirito as an elite swordsman-in-training.

sword art online kazuto and asuna meet

During the battle, Kirito noticed Asuna's speed, remarking that he could not keep up with her blade. As the Boss's fourth HP gauge reached the red zone, Diavel ordered everybody to keep their distance, advanced ahead of the group, and approached the boss alone, which confused Kirito, as the original plan was for the raid group to surround it. Kirito told Diavel to stop and pull back, but he was too late, and the latter received a deadly combo from the boss' katana skills.

As Diavel's health speedily dropped to 0, Kirito tried to give him a healing potion, but Diavel rejected it. In his last moment, Kirito learned that Diavel was after the Last Attack and was also a Beta Tester, and that he knew Kirito had been in the beta as well. He asked Kirito to defeat the boss for everyone before he shattered into many polygons. Kirito landing the last attack on Illfang the Kobold Lord.

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They continued with their tactics until Kirito made a mistake and got hit, slamming into Asuna. Agil saved them from receiving the final blow and told them to recover while the rest held the boss off. Kirito accepting the hatred of the players, to protect the beta testers. Everyone celebrated their victory until Kibaou and his group reminded everyone that Diavel died, stating that Kirito let him die by withholding information that he knew the boss's attack pattern, and accused him of being a beta tester, not knowing that Diavel was a beta tester also.

As everyone suspected each other of being beta testers, Kirito remembered Diavel's last words and gulped. Agil and Asuna tried to speak, but Kirito laughed and told the clearing group that they were better than those "newbies" beta testers who did not know how to level up, and boasted that he was not like the other testers because he reached higher floors than them and knew the boss's attack pattern because he fought monsters using katana skills on higher floors, and stated that he knew more than any information broker.

Kazuto then asked Asuna about her rehabilitation, and she replied that she no longer needed a cane, but was advised not to run. As he held her hand, Asuna informed Kazuto that the park was visible from the cafeteria, and, in response, he let go of her hand and apologized.

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She teased him that it would cost him lunch, though Asuna had a basket of food that she served him in SAO. Kazuto then reminisced how on that snowy day, Nobuyuki was arrested in the parking lot and was then interrogated, trying to frame Kayaba Akihiko for the experiments, but once one of the employees agreed to testify, he confessed.

The players who had not escaped from SAO were freed and did not remember anything that happened during their experimentation and fortunately did not suffer any neurological problems, thus they could return back to society. Asuna then asked what happened to the commander of the Knights of the BloodHeathcliff Kayaba Akihiko. Kazuto told her that he had died, and the authorities suspected that he had committed suicide.

Kazuto then explained that when SAO collapsed, Akihiko performed a high-output scan on himself, which was to copy his consciousness onto the Internet, which had a one in a thousand chance of succeeding.

Kazuto thought about Akihiko because of meeting him in ALO and also thinking about the seed program the latter had given him. An irritated Rika and a mad Keiko.

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As Kazuto became lost in thought about Akihiko, Asuna reminded him of the meeting with the others, teasing him on his habitual inattentiveness, before affectionately leaning against him. When Rika complained about Kazuto and Asuna being so intimate at school, Keiko told Rika that it was her fault for agreeing to let Kazuto and Asuna enjoy themselves for one month without taking any action herself, something Rika regretted.

Shortly afterward, Rika asked Keiko if she was going to the meeting later, to which she replied affirmatively. In the afternoon, Kazuto and Asuna were walking on the street holding hands, while Kirigaya Suguha was following them quietly.

Kazuto then turned around to ask her if she had met Andrew Gilbert Mills Agil. She answered that she had hunted with him twice in ALO, so Kazuto warned her that he was equally tall in real life. When they arrived at the Dicey Cafeeveryone was already there. Kazuto asked for confirmation whether they were late, and Rika teased him that the stars always arrive last because they told them to come at a time a bit later than everyone else gathered.