Sylar and elle relationship

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sylar and elle relationship

Sylar, Peter, and Elle must put aside their differences and embrace a common 30 different, un-related stories centering around Sylar and Elle's relationship. Sylar acquires the power to visit parallel universes. Claire goes back in time to kill Sylar just before his power manifested, but discovers that Gabriel Gray isn't. Elle eventually tires, and Sylar copies Elle's ability, astounding her. They rebuild their relationship, and are eventually sent on a mission.

He's literally just a character who wanted to be special and he gets kind of f--ked up and becomes a serial killer. That's all it is.

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The fact that Sylar survived being shot by Matt and by Mr. Bennet and that he walked away from a serious fall at Homecoming led to speculation that he possessed some kind of superhuman endurance. However, Aron Coleite and Joe Pokaski stated in an interview that much of Sylar's apparent invulnerability is a product of his telekinesis.

Sylar's resistance to bullets was specifically shown to be a specialized use of telekinesis. Parasite Sylar seems able to levitate himself somehow. He seemingly did this to elude capture One Giant Leap and to approach Dale Smither without her hearing any sound of footsteps Unexpected. He also escapes Virginia Beach police by propelling himself into a tree Road Kill. Jason Badower stated that the script for Road Kill specifically states that Sylar uses telekinesis to escape the crashing Northeast Brewing Company truck.

Whether or not the other instances are also a specialized use of his telekinesis is unclear. Sylar introduces himself to the trucker as "Drew O'Grady", apparently taking the alias from two headlines in a newspaper he had seen shortly before meeting the trucker.

The headlines read, "President drew fire for welfare comments" and "O'Grady Farm to be purchased back This is in keeping with the way he acquired the "Sylar" alias, taking the name from a watch as he meets Brian Davis Six Months Ago. In an interviewAron Coleite and Joe Pokaski explain that, although unusual vocal effects were used for both Sylar Distractions and Peter Petrelli Unexpectedboth were for "coolness factor", and were not an indication that either was using persuasion.

They later reiterated the point in reference to Sylar's voice in. One Giant Leap In an interviewZachary Quinto said he purposely chooses to take on the characteristics of Sylar's victims.

There were choices I made in scenes to bring echoes of those characters to what I was doing.

Gabriel Gray

This is likely a reference to the fact that she helped manipulate him into killing more people after he'd acquired his first power and was trying to stop Villains. Some have wondered why all of Sylar's acquired abilities except telekinesis were lost after he was infected with the Shanti virus.

Writers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite said in a question and answer session that the telekinetic power remained because it is related to the guilt Sylar felt for killing Brian Davis. This implies that Sylar was born during the mid s. In Into AsylumSylar suddenly appears in the back seat of Danko's car. They reach Pinehearst just in time to see Peter Petrelli thrown from a seventh story window. Claire takes him away from the building, but Elle refuses to leave after learning from Peter that they can take her powers away.

In the episode " Villains ", Elle's life a year earlier is explored, revealing that she had been partnered with Noah Bennet at one point.

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The two are assigned to watch Sylar still Gabriel Gray in order to discover how he transfers abilities. Elle saves Gabriel after he attempts to kill himself out of guilt for killing his first victim.

sylar and elle relationship

She is told to befriend him, and Gabriel develops an attraction to her that suppresses his hunger. Using a list of people with abilities Gabriel had compiled, Noah arranges to introduce Gabriel to one of them to see his power in action.

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However, Elle does not agree with the plan, revealing she has developed feelings for Gabriel. She reluctantly goes along with it when Noah threatens to fire her. They then introduce Gabriel to Trevor, an evolved human with a kinetic projection ability. Her repeated references to Trevor being "special" anger Gabriel, and he orders her to leave while he kills Trevor. Elle is left with guilt as she caused an event that helped to create "Sylar".

In the following episode, " It's Coming ", set in the present, Arthur Petrellihead of Pinehearst, arranges for Sylar to speak with Elle. His aim is to have Sylar use his latent empathic abilities to take powers, rather than doing so through killing. Elle is chained to the floor in a metal room, still in pain from her ability. She repeatedly attacks him, furious at Sylar for her father's murder, eventually begging him to kill her so that her pain will go away.

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He forgives her for turning him into a monster and convinces her to forgive herself for her crimes, wanting to take away her pain without killing her. At that moment, Elle's pain disappears and she regains control of her ability. Likewise, Sylar is able to absorb her power.

The two appear to rekindle their old feelings for each other as Elle teaches Sylar how to use her ability. In " The Eclipse Part I ", she and Sylar are sent to retrieve Claire who is revealed to be the catalyst, the unknown part of the formula that would allow someone to produce abilities.

On assignment, Elle challenges Sylar and he shows her that he can still be a killer, and not just a "daddy's boy" by killing a rental car assistant. Eventually, they find Claire and Noah, and a fight ensues, however, Elle and Sylar find themselves powerless; the result of the eclipse. Elle aims a gun at Noah but Claire jumps in and takes the bullet. Noah knocks Elle out and dislocates Sylar's arm, while he escapes with injured Claire. After awakening, Sylar explains to a shocked Elle that losing his abilities is a bit of a relief.

She tells him that they can't just take what they want anymore, then Sylar retorts and grabs Elle, kissing her passionately. Outside, Noah aims a rifle at them. Elle is shot in the thigh in the ensuing struggle.

Both Elle and Sylar flee while Noah follows Elle's blood trail to a grocery store. There, Elle and Sylar plan to ambush Noah in the rear of the store. Sylar pushes Elle into a cargo elevator, in an attempt to hide her from Noah.

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Elle watches as Noah slits Sylar's throat with a box cutter. When the eclipse ends, their abilities are returned and Sylar is revived.

Suddenly, Hiro teleports in and takes both Sylar and Elle to Costa Verde beach, leaving them there before disappearing.

sylar and elle relationship

Sylar and Elle kiss, and he explains that he and Elle are "damaged goods" and that they will "never change". Sylar then begins to slice Elle's skull open. In the following episode " Our Father ", Sylar, covered in Elle's blood, is shown pouring lighter fluid on Elle's body.

He painfully says, "Goodbye Elle," then sets her ablaze with the electric ability he inherited from her.

sylar and elle relationship

Redemption[ edit ] In the episode " Tabula Rasa ", Elle is seen in flashbacks as Sylar witnesses his real memories reflecting in the Hall of Mirrors. Literature[ edit ] Elle helps to hunt down Echo DeMille.

sylar and elle relationship

Elle also appears in the Heroes webcomics. Elle's first webcomic appearance is in " Elle's First Assignment, Part 1 ", which reveals her first assignment for the Company. The incident is broken up by Noah Bennet, who informs Elle that he doesn't "want [Elle] hanging around [his] daughter any more".

She is stopped by the Haitian and Mr Bennet, who find out about the tape as well. She is also referred in " Faces, Part 1 " to have helped Thompson Jr. In " Sum Quod Sum ", it is revealed that she has lost control of her ability since leaving the Company, so she has gone to London to find help from Claude. After she tracks him down, he confronts her but then runs away. It begins raining, and Elle decides to take advantage of it.

She releases an electrical charge, which travels through the water on the ground and into Claude, but she, too, is knocked unconscious in the process. Claude and his friends, Abigail and Lee, carry her to his place and he begins to show Elle the source of her problem. Things get ugly when Elle accidentally shocks Abigail, which leads them to fight each other; Abigail's force field redirects Elle's lightning towards Lee, so Elle stops and then is asked to leave the place.