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Enjoy as you take a journey into Po and Tigress's life. TiPo for life! Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 20 - Words. This community library is dedicated to stories of our favorite dynamic duo, Po and Tigress.. Stories can be one-shot, friendship, or romantic It doesn't matter!. Po and Tigress have been close friends for years, but feelings have surfaced inside them both, for each other. Can Po confess his love to.

I know there are quite a few authors already doing this. Now i am doing one too. Reason being i tend to come up with some ideas with no plot, so they don't really deserve to have their own story panel.

So this will be where my random non-plot ideas will end up. Mainly Tigress and Po! Please review, like and favorite if you like the story! I don't own KFP! But they have different memories with that loved one. Po, Shifu, and the last of the Five have different thoughts about how Tigress filled their lives with joy and golden memories before her death.

How did they feel for their departed comrade?

The worst thing is that there is a question that keeps repeating over and over again in the tiger's mind. But sadly, she will never know the answer. Po has reached a turning point where he must decide not only his own fate, but that of China, Kung-Fu, and a certain Tiger.

Oogway's past and many other mysteries are revealed.

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No, she was far from okay. It was one thing Viper thought Po was cute. With some reluctance Tigress turned her stare to Po who flinched as their eyes met. Fidgeting nervously and giving her a nervous smile the Panda looked aside, biting his lower lip and trying to go back to the balancing exercise.

Yes, Po was cute. Tigress was brave enough to admit it.

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It wasn't just the physical aspect, or the fact he made a very comfy pillow, or how warm his fur and embrace felt. Flustered Tigress shook her head.

What was wrong with her? Looking aside she saw as Viper eyes focus on the same Master her own eyes were focused moments ago. Why did it bother her so much? Why she felt a sudden rage and emptiness at the mention of love?

tigress and po relationship fanfiction sites

Of Po and Viper in love? They were Masters, friends, family. Nothing else could be born out of this. Viper dared to look at Tigress face.

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She observed the many emotions crossing those lowered eyes and then how the female tiger's face went completely emotionless. With a hint of sadness and longing lingering in her eyes. The snake smiled to herself, no one can say anything about her watching skills.

If there was anything that made her proud of herself aside from her dancing skills were her observing skills. It always helped her when her friends and those she considered family needed help and don't know how to ask for it. Tigress, of course, was the hardest of them all. She was pretty good at hiding her feelings, never reveling what she was truly experiencing or thinking. Viper couldn't blame her; of course, her friend had had a hard life since she was a cub.

But, Viper never gave up. And now with the Dragon Warrior joining forces with them reading Tigress had become easier and quite frankly it was amusing. Never before had Viper seen her friend and emotional mess as she was around Po. Even if Tigress didn't notice it or was still in denial.

Both females looked flustered as they realized how loud they had been. Viper smiled sweetly as she tried to answer back. Viper cringed as she noticed Tigress glare on her.

Shouldn't we train and remind silent? Loosen up, besides, I was just trying to have a conversation. This can be pretty tedious after a while. He can be pretty adorable when he wants to and his body is like a comfy pillow and let's not forget how warm and safe you feel in his embrace. Viper smirked playfully, "well, you weren't the only one who he hugged back in Gongmen City, Tigress. The snake merely shook her head knowing Tigress stubborn nature was something pretty hard to fight off.

He lightly shook her, not wanting to wake her up right away, she slowly opened her eyes to see her love smiling down at her. She managed to pull out a smile, even though she was still sleepy. Is the coast clear? Everyone's asleep," Po whispered with a smile.

Tigress smiled a bit wider and began to get up with ease. She stretched as she got up, she didn't want to wake up the others for this. Po smiled and nodded, they were going on a late-night date, for they wanted to keep their relationship a secret from the others, especially Shifu.

They began to make their way out of Tigress' room and into their secret dating area. Later, outside the Jade Palace Po and Tigress have snuck out of the barracks and were now heading to their destination. Po and Tigress looked up at the beautiful night sky with the stars and moon. Po hugged Tigress as they walked, she returned the hug and said while smiling: But it's not as beautiful as you Tigress.

Tigress giggled again at Po's face expression. They were just happy together, they went up a small hill and removed some brush as they walked.

tigress and po relationship fanfiction sites

Po rubbed the back of his neck and said, "Yeah, it's going to be intense. Shifu's really got me moving in training. That was intense training. Then Po said, "I even got some shopping to do tomorrow, Monkey and Mantis had that eating competition, remember? He had to wash himself for 4 hours. After a minute, they saw the Valley below them under the almost full moon. Po then removed a bush revealing some stuff covered in sheets to keep the bugs off.

He then walked over and removed the sheets to reveal, dumplings, noodle soup, tofu, and tea. Tigress smiled while Po said, "I know it's not too romantic, but I hope you like it. Po chuckled, knowing Tigress liked the meal set up for their late-night date.