Tmnt raph x reader the flirt

TMNT — Jealous Leo? Maybe Raph was flirting with his

tmnt raph x reader the flirt

TMNT Raph x Reader - Raph's Karma. OKAY SO I HAD THIS IDEA its set as like a hybrid of the and the worlds where the turtles start off as relatively. Read Flirty Encounters Raph x Flirty!Reader Lemon (Request) from the story Tmnt x Reader Oneshots by Raphewel (Anime Fangirl) with reads. Casey walked in and sat beside you 'Hey Sweet cheeks' he smirked flinging a ' flirt with her one more time, and you wont have any teeth' Raph You were in Donnie's lab sitting on his table reading a book, Donnie was in.

Dragon Lord smiled briefly and stood up. That's the end of the first chapter for this. I know it might be a little confusing so I'll clear a few things up. Dragon Lord's daughters are Katina 18Hana 16and Kira 5. He has a son Bitoku 21but I consider him the "Good Dragon". NM series, there was a dragon that went against Dragon Lord by saving Venus' life. He was a Good Dragon. As part of his punishment, he was imprisoned in the enchanted glass again.

tmnt raph x reader the flirt

In my trilogy fanfic, he escaped and joined Mondo Gecko and the other Mighty Mutanimals. Hana has a crush on Mondo Gecko. Against her father's will, she listens to Michelangelo's pirate radio show. Mondo Gecko's band is often played on the air waves.

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In one of my fanfics, Hana snuck out to meet Mondo Gecko when Michelangelo through him a rave to cheer him up. It was love at first sight for both of them. Hana a giggly and bubbly unlike the rest of her family who is stuck up and stubborn. Kira is Dragon Lord's youngest and favorite daughter. She is his favorite because she is too you to talk back to him. She is a spoiled rotten brat and doesn't get along with her older sisters because of the large age difference.

Dragon Lord had five other sons, but when the Shinobi's stormed his palace they were murdered to end his line. His wife, Dorei was pregnant with his tenth child and killed as well to make sure she didn't have a son.

Bitoku was spared because the Shinobis thought he was a Rank warrior because he was serving under Dragon Lord and in a Rank uniform. Katina is the Master of the Prism and used her power to make her, Hana, and Kira invisible. It saved their life, but once Dragon Lord arrived the Shinobi's imprisoned them.

Eternal Life in the Glass. Tashina is Dragon Lord's younger sister. She is a powerful prophetess and assisted Dragon Lord in battles with her ability to see the future.

She is stubborn and hard headed like her brother and a flirt with the Rank warriors. Her lover is the commander of the Rank army named Kurai. However, she is three months pregnant in this story.

Her pregnancy interferes with her ability to see the future because she can't focus on anything but her baby's thoughts. Dragon Lord's name is Ryu.

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Tashina is the only one who calls him this, mostly to get on his nerves. He is telekinetic meaning he can move things with his mind. He is skilled at all forms of fighting and well educated in global events. His years of imprisonment in the glass allowed him to study the world and often forces his children to be the same. However, he doesn't like technology like radios and television.

Modern science and technology puzzles him because he is a strict shaman.

tmnt raph x reader the flirt

Katina is a character you will have to learn in the story. After all, she is a main character. Thanks to everyone who reads and reviews. I hope everyone likes this story. It something I've been wanting to finish for a while now. There were water marks on it, as if someone had been crying while writing it.

Why did bad things happen to good people? I sighed and put up my hood to cover my hair; I had just dried it and didn't want it to get frizzy because of the humidity and rain. I began thinking about my trip, it was fun, but a lot of hard work and my "condition" didn't help at all during those tough days.

tmnt raph x reader the flirt

I went around to different countries studying different forms of martial arts with my father and competing in tournaments. I was really good at Muay Thai, a form of kick boxing using the elbows and knees frequently. I enjoyed learning other types but, Muay Thai is definitely my favorite. I had studied karate, taekwondo, kickboxing, regular boxing, and many other martial arts.

Along with that I had to run several miles a day and sprint for at least m of it.

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So yea, I felt pretty safe wandering New York City by myself. If I couldn't fight them I could outrun them. I let my mind wander as I roamed the streets. I started school soon but didn't want to, I was 16 but I already had all the education I needed, my father hired a tutor to travel with us and he did NOT go easy on me, despite the long and tiring hours I spent training. That cold-hearted bastard, I hope he burned in hell. He graded harshly and with had no mercy for my poor spelling at the age of I spelled one word wrong and BAM!

Automatic 10 points off. Now if you asked me to I could spell to you almost any word, AND tell you what origin it was. It's a pretty useless talent if you ask me.

I also could tell you every chemical in the human body, as well as do a college math problem in my head fairly quickly. World History and Language were the only courses I liked. Language was interesting because you could speak to other people and the amount of people you could converse with rose as you learned more and more.

Normally I'd learn the language of the place we were in for how long we were there. But first the bastard made me learn Latin, one of the hardest languages to learn. But I have to admit, it does help learn tons of other languages considering it is the root of all languages. History was fun as I learned about great people who helped lead revolutions, stop wars, and started different ideas.

I have to admit, I liked learning about Buddhism, but the whole "no fighting" thing was definitely not going to work for me. My Dad was the one who first got me into martial arts. He used to have a dojo in the city but it sunk under when my mom passed away. We were homeless for a little while then my dad had the opportunity to fight in a martial arts competition and won.

He kept winning and we finally had enough to get an apartment. By then I was ten. I was finally returned to reality when I spotted some familiar ginger hair. I began to follow her, realizing it was April. What was she doing roaming freely? I thought she was missing! I stepped a bit out of my comfort zone again, and made it kinda steamy.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

You blushed heavily and started to giggle uncontrollably. Raph simply smirked as you did. The boys were on their mating season. Splinter had told you it would be better if you stayed out of the sewer and away from the ninjas if you could help it.

tmnt raph x reader the flirt

However, you had been spending the past couple days with the turtles and the most they did was flirt with you. It made him jealous. He stalked back into the kitchen in order to avoid the shenanigans his brothers were causing with you.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

The genius blushed madly as you did so. Needless to say, you were rather enjoying the attention. You never had anyone flirt with you or fight over you, so this was a new experience and you wanted to savor every moment of it. Mikey fell to his knees and wrapped his arms around your legs. Mikey sniffed and held you tighter. Donnie rolled his eyes and let you go, shaking his head at his little brother.

Apparently this was good enough as he let you go and stood up.