Tom and aunt pollys relationship quizzes

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tom and aunt pollys relationship quizzes

Tom Sawyer is: 30 seconds. Q. Tom's aunts name is. answer choices. Peggy. Patricia. Polly. Paula. Tags: Question she was too young to be in a relationship. aunt pollys relationship to tom. Aunt Polly is Tom's aunt and guardian. She is a simple and kind-hearted woman who really tries to raise Tom. What did Sid point out to Aunt Polly that made Tom get in trouble for swimming? A. What is the family relationship between Tom and Sid? A.

She generally fails in her attempts to keep Tom under control because, although she worries about Tom's safety, she seems to fear constraining him too much. Above all, Aunt Polly wants to be appreciated and loved. Huckleberry Finn - The son of the town drunk. Huck is a juvenile outcast who is shunned by respectable society and adored by the local boys, who envy his freedom. Like Tom, Huck is highly superstitious, and both boys are always ready for an adventure.

Huck gradually replaces Tom's friend Joe Harper as Tom's sidekick in his escapades. Becky Thatcher - Judge Thatcher's pretty, yellow-haired daughter. From almost the minute she moves to town, Becky is the "Adored Unknown" who stirs Tom's lively romantic sensibility.

Joe Harper - Tom's "bosom friend" and frequent playmate.

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Joe is a typical best friend, a convention Twain parodies when he refers to Joe and Tom as "two souls with but a single thought. As the novel progresses, Huck begins to assume Joe's place as Tom's companion.

tom and aunt pollys relationship quizzes

Sid - Tom's half-brother. Sid is a goody-goody who enjoys getting Tom into trouble. He is mean-spirited but presents a superficial show of model behavior. He is thus the opposite of Tom, who is warmhearted but behaves badly. Mary - Tom's sweet, almost saintly cousin. Mary holds a soft spot for Tom.

tom and aunt pollys relationship quizzes

Like Sid, she is well behaved, but unlike him, she acts out of genuine affection rather than malice. Injun Joe - A violent, villainous man who commits murder, becomes a robber, and plans to mutilate the Widow Douglas. Injun Joe's predominant motivation is revenge. Half Native American and half Caucasian, he has suffered social exclusion, probably because of his race.

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Muff Potter - A hapless drunk and friend of Injun Joe. Potter is kind and grateful toward Tom and Huck, who bring him presents after he is wrongly jailed for Dr.

Robinson - A respected local physician. Robinson shows his more sordid side on the night of his murder: Sprague - The minister of the town church. Robertswhose reputation precedes him for mark twain is an adult and.

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