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Marital status: Married to B'Elanna Torres (per datastream transmission of In later counseling, Paris revealed an unsatisfying relationship with. Bold means a significant amount of time is devoted to their relationship. Faces: B' Elanna's tells Tom her backstory and he comforts her while she is 'sick'. Tom and B'elanna. Their relationship is a little rocky, but it's still great.

On a visit, Harry Kim became enamored with Maggie and courted her. Tom even played a trick on Harry by programming Maggie to turn into a cow when she and Harry almost kissed. Janeway was excited to start her new job at the factory. Soon, another worker, Jaffen, started flirting with her and they begin a romantic relationship.

It culminated into multiple dinners and an overnight stay. Jaffen eventually asked her to move in with him; she accepted. Janeway - despite having no memory of her past - was extremely happy in all aspects of her life. At his best, The Doctor was a great mentor to Seven of Nine in reclaiming her humanity. He encouraged her to learn about romantic relationships, taught her various types of behavior and social situations, and was basically a great friend.

They talked quite often, many times learning from each other. At his worst, The Doctor was too infatuated with Seven of Nine. He misinterpreted her feelings and found ways to increase the romantic tension between them. Forget that The Doctor was a hologramL his feelings for her were misguided and awkward, creating odd scenes that would have been better off left out or changed to remove his romantic emotions.

Dexa and hundreds of other Talaxians found refuge on an asteroid. They made it their home and were willing to leave and not fight a greedy mining company who want the asteroid. At first, Neelix was homesick for his people when he met the group, but Dexa had an immediate effect on Neelix.

He also took a liking to her son and was willing to risk his life to help his fellow Talaxians defend the asteroid. Neelix fell in love with Dexa - and she him - and he found he wanted to be with her so much that he decided to stay behind to live on the asteroid with her, her son, and the other Talaxians. Seska was disappointed that Chakotay would join Starfleet as an officer like he did. Releasing her suddenly, B'Elanna watched as Tom took her right hand in his left.

Bringing it to his mouth, he kissed her palm gently. Changing his grip, Tom dug her nails into the soft flesh.

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In a moment of pure bliss, B'Elanna did the same. Without thinking, Tom brought B'Elanna's hand to his lips and lapped at the drops. His eyes not leaving those of his new mate, Paris very deliberately sniffed and then bit. The action caused B'Elanna's need to spike.

An hours later, they once again lay side by side. This time completely exhausted and unable to move. Sighing deeply, Tom called out, "computer, time? Yet with the step they'd just taken, it was expected, even required by her honour. Every lesson in Klingon culture and ceremony forced on her by her mother returned with vengeance. They were one and her mates trials were now hers as well. Yet, facing Kathy and her siblings if they were anything like she imagined truly frightened and angered her.

Human fear she could conquer, it was the Klingon anger at the way her mate had been treated that needed satisfying. This might be the second time today I have to attend sickbay to get it looked at. Besides this is the first opportunity I've had to inform you. When Tom shook his head, stating just bruised, she chuckled.

I can try again, if you like. I think," Tom approached the subject carefully, "we should make this marriage Federation Legal, B'El. It will make your next two years at the Academy easier. There has been four of them go through the Academy in the last decade. The name carries a lot of weight, B'El. Think about it," Tom didn't mind adding a pleading tone. He knew the power of his families reputation and what unsought but exciting offers would be thrown at Torres during her tenure.

She'd have protection unlike anything she'd experienced up until this point. Watching his reactions carefully, she knew there was more to the offer than just formalising the bond they'd already taken.

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Paris," S'harah greeted the young couple. At the end of her duty shift, she'd stayed back on sighting the officer cradling his left arm with a Klingon cadet at his side. They were in more trouble than either realised. Paris had headed her words and acted on them. On the other hand, B'Elanna looked rather pleased with herself.

Taking them though to a private room, S'harah quickly attended to the obviously broken bone. Watching the interactions carefully, she had the answer an earlier question. Paris had taken her advice and committed to the half Klingon, as his injuries implied.

The half moon finger nail marks on their right hands attested to the completing of the bonding ritual. It was going to create issues they hadn't considered. When the young woman glared and refused to answer, Lt. Paris swore under his breath. It seemed he'd picked up on her meaning. I suggest we get rid of those bonding marks. With a wave the imprint of her so recent bonding had been removed.

Luckily the nurse didn't touch the healing bit mark on her mates cheek. Working herself into a furore, Paris's next words deflated her mood. He'd not even thought about the issue until the nurse brought it up. Paris promises to take Neelix under consideration. Torres goes back to work in engineering, where she is greeted by Chakotay. He notices that she has a certain "glow" to her this morning. Captain Janeway comes out from behind an engineering console and congratulates Torres on her pregnancy.

She encourages Torres to take as much time off as possible, but Torres insists that she can still carry out her duties. Paris later runs into Tuvok in a Jefferies tube and asks if he needs his help.

Tuvok replies that this may be the first time that Paris has asked to help Tuvok in six years. Paris reveals his true reason for talking to Tuvok is to get advice from him, since Tuvok, who has four children, is the only father on the ship. Tuvok tells Paris that being a parent is an enormous responsibility, and he has found that offspring can be "disturbingly illogical, yet profoundly fulfilling. Paris predicts that he is going to be volunteering to help Tuvok a lot in the future.

That evening, Paris sets a candlelight dinner for his wife and himself. However, when Torres arrives at their quartersshe is agitated, complaining that Captain Janeway practically relieved her of duty and of Voyager's crewmen offering their advice unasked. Paris unwisely brings up the fact that Torres will become a Klingon mother, which angers her more for some unknown reason, before she begins to calm down as she recognizes that she is in a mood swing.

Both receive a comm from The Doctor requesting them in Sickbay. The Doctor explains to the expectant parents that the child has a deviated spine. Torres remarks that both she and her mother had surgery for it. The Doctor goes on to reassure them that the child won't need surgery; genetic modification will correct it.

During his pedantic recitation, he accidentally reveals that the Paris' child will be a girl; he tries to cover by claiming that he wasn't directly referring to the baby's actual gender, but they tell him that he might as well confirm it now anyway. At Paris' request, The Doctor projects a holographic image of their daughter.

Paris thinks that she is beautiful, but Torres wonders why she has Klingon ridges. The Doctor says that Klingon traits are dominant in a few generations. Torres suddenly remembers when she went on a camping trip with her father, John Torresher uncle Carl Torresand her cousins DeanElizabethand Michael. She also remembers when her father told her that she looked so much like her mother. Act Two Edit Torres and Paris later go to bed in their quarters, and Torres remembers more of the camping trip.

She was to go hiking with her cousins, but did not want to since she believed that they did not like her. Her father assured her that this was not the case. The next morning, Torres arrives in sickbay to have the genetic treatment to correct the spine deviation.