Tom ryan and paige foster relationship with

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tom ryan and paige foster relationship with

Paige Foster Breeder | Ken Stampfer photograph.) Following Atticus by Tom Ryan is SUCH a great book! . Inspiration & love from Tom Ryan & Atticus. But David Foster has spoken out to say there were 'other issues' behind his split with former Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills personality. Tom and Paige fight about her working for Greg, and she leaves. Nick makes her . Jason tells Mac his father died and he lives in a foster home. . Charlotte tells Frank she doesn't want a serious relationship with him, so he goes on a series of disastrous dates. Claudia . The officer calls his partner – and it's Tom Ryan!.

Paige decides to leave town, but Lauren catches up with her, finally knowing the truth. Lauren takes Paige to Brad and tells him they have found their daughter. Paige's half-siblings have mixed reactions to the news. Terese learns Paige trashed Harold's Store and Matt is forced to arrest her. Terese later drops the charges and tries to be more welcoming. After a few problems, Brennan and Paige eventually begin dating. Brennan starts acting secretively and Paige sees him kissing Dakota Davies.

Brennan tells Paige that he was investigating Dakota along with the police. Realising that their relationship is not working, they break-up and Paige moves in with the Turners. When Paige admits that she still has feelings for Brennan, he tells her does not feel the same way. Paige strikes up an online relationship with Bryson Jennings Brodie Derrick. Paige designs a logo for the Erinsborough Festival, but when her design is altered to cover up the female figure, but not the man, Paige stages a topless protest and the logo is changed back.

When a large sum of money is stolen from the Turners, Bryson becomes the prime suspect.

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Paige invites him to meet her and after his arrival, Bryson is questioned by the police and cleared. Bryson realises Paige is not interested in him romantically and leaves. Bailey later admits that it was his fault the money was taken. Paige almost has sex with Brennan's brother, Tyler, but she leaves after realising she still loves Brennan. She and Tyler later kiss again, and Paige says Brennan's name in the heat of the moment. She apologises and they agree to be friends. Paige sees Tyler checking out a car to steal, and later discovers that the same car was involved in a hit-and-run on Matt the same day.

Matt dies of his injuries. While supporting her family, Paige calls Lauren "mum" for the first time. She later accuses Imogen of spending too much time with Daniel and tells her to let him concentrate on Amber. She later realises that she has been unfairly taking out her anger on Imogen. Bailey takes a car from the garage, leading Paige to discover that it was already stolen and was part of an illegal car ring.

tom ryan and paige foster relationship with

Tyler makes it clear he has feelings for Paige, but she tells him she is still in love with his brother. When Paige becomes jealous of Brennan's new relationship, she asks Tyler out, but then finds him with another woman. Paige tries to make the garage a legitimate business, but Joey Dimato soon leaves them with a bag of money. Paige and Tyler throw the bag down a well and when they go to retrieve it, they kiss.

They later discover some of the money has been stolen. When Tyler is beaten, he refuses to let Paige take him to the hospital, so she steals a prescription from Karl Kennedy Alan Fletcher for strong painkillers. When Nate Kinski is almost attacked by the man who beat Tyler, they tell him everything and he pays their debt.

Jayden tries to blackmail Paige into having sex, but she gives him strawberries laced with laxatives, and then threatens to release a video of him relieving himself outside if he does not leave her alone. Brennan admits that he has feelings for Paige, but refuses to act on them out of respect to Tyler. Paige plans to get Lauren and Brad back together, but Terese learns of the plan when she sees a text message from Ethan.

Paige celebrates her 21st birthday at The Waterhole and her adoptive mother, Mary Gina Liano turns up unexpectedly. Paige claims Mary neglected her, while Brad and Lauren try to get them to reconcile. Paige eventually confronts Mary about the time she overheard her saying she ruined everything. Mary explains that she had just learned that Paige was stolen from Lauren and her husband had lied to her.

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They reconcile and Mary invites Paige to go to Singapore. When Tyler disappears Paige tells Brennan about her part in the stolen car ring. They find Tyler, and Dimato and his gang are arrested, with the exception of Joey. Brad confronts Paige when Terese tells him about the plan to get him and Lauren back together.

Paige apologises to Terese. She fears Joey is after revenge, and he later holds Paige hostage in her back yard.

tom ryan and paige foster relationship with

Paige manages to overpower Joey and ties him up, before he is arrested. Paige confronts Mark about his feelings for her and they get back together. Paige helps Tyler to track down items stolen from the garage and he kisses her. She makes it clear that she loves Mark, but Amber suggests that she is too flirty and might be dating the wrong brother.

Mark asks Paige about them having children, and when she confesses she does not want them for a long time, it makes things awkward between the couple. Paige helps out at the Erinsborough High sleep-out protect, and ends up trapped in a lift with Tyler when a fire breaks out. Tyler confesses his love for her, and she admits that though she loves Mark there is something drawing them together. Tyler then passes out, but they are both rescued by Mark. After discussing their future, Mark and Paige get engaged.

When Dimato is released, Michelle asks Paige to help her escape him. Paige goes to meet Michelle, but is knocked out and abducted by a man who mistakes her for Michelle.

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She escapes but whilst fleeing is hit by a car. Her injuries aren't serious and Michelle visits her in hospital. Later Mark urges her to marry him as soon as possible.

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Paige tells Mark she will have no more contact with Michelle, but then Michelle turns up with a bruised face in Paige's back yard. Paige finds accommodation for Michelle, who she thinks is turning her life around, but actually is still working for Dimato, and is trying to frame her for theft.

After Paige learns the truth, Paul Robinson Stefan Dennis blackmails Dimato into leaving town and advises Paige to hide the stolen items. She disposes of them in a charity bin, but they are found by the police. Mark arrests Paige on their wedding after learning her fingerprints were found on the items, and she explains everything to him.

Furious at her for lying to him again after promising they would have no secrets, Mark calls off the wedding. After a brief trip to Singapore with Mary to deal with her heartbreak, Paige enrols in a fine arts course at Eden Hill university, hoping to find some direction in her life. She tells Mark she does not want to get back together, believing they are too different. Wanting to thank him, Paige stays by his beside until he wakes up. John suffers from amnesia and does not know who he is.

Paige decides to help him recover his memories and she eventually falls in love with him. John's memories return and he tells Paige that his name is Jack Callahan and that he is a priest.

Paige tries to seduce Jack, who struggles to choose between his faith and pursuing a relationship with her. Jack eventually chooses the church over Paige.

To deal with her grief, Paige throws a party and begins a casual relationship with Tyler, upsetting her sister Piper Willis Mavournee Hazelwho is in love with Tyler.

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Paige ends the relationship with Tyler in order to spend time with Jack and learn about his work as a priest. Paige pursues a boxing career, with Tyler helping to coach her and Aaron Brennan Matt Wilson as her manager.

Paige contemplates pulling out, until she learns Aaron will go into debt if the fight is cancelled. During the fight, Angelina gets the upper hand, but Paige manages to knock her out. However, Angelina suffers a brain haemorrhage and Paige blames herself, until the doctors discover Angelina had a brain tumour.

tom ryan and paige foster relationship with

Jack once again rejects Paige for his faith. Out of anger, Paige dresses up as a nun for Lauren's hen's night, which Jack sees. During a hot-air balloon ride the following day, Paige tells Lauren all of the things she wants to say to Jack, which Piper records and sends to him. The burners go out and as the balloon descends, Paige decides to jump from the basket.

Jack finds her on the shore of a dam and takes her to a nearby shack to warm up, as she is suffering from hypothermia. They consummate their relationship, before being found by Brad.

Jack leaves town to gather his thoughts, but when he tells Paige that he needs more time, she tells him she is done with their relationship. Jack's childhood sweetheart Simone Bader Kahli Williams comes to visit him and asks Paige to let him go, because she is in love with him.

Paige worries that some people are put off attending Blaze because of its connection to the church. A council meeting gives control of Blaze to the church, and Paige and Jack fall out. After feeling over-emotional, Paige takes a pregnancy test and learns she is pregnant with Jack's child. During a night out in the city with David Tanaka Takaya HondaPaige starts spotting and worries she is having a miscarriage, but an ultrasound shows the baby is okay.

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