True blood sookie and eric relationship test

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true blood sookie and eric relationship test

Jason Stackhouse is a fictional character from The Southern Vampire Mysteries book series by author Charlaine Harris. Introduced in the first novel, Dead Until Dark, Jason is Sookie Stackhouse's In True Blood, an HBO series based on the books, this character is played by Ryan Kwanten. Over seven seasons, True Blood featured many relationships and characters . Eric and Sookie were only together for a short period of time. Sookie and Jason Relationship Information Status Siblings, Close Friends, Love Each referring to the brother-sister friendship cultivated on the HBO original series True Blood. siblings halfling fae Sookie Stackhouse and human Jason Stackhouse. 'Star Trek: Lower Decks' Will Test the Franchise Like Nothing Before.

Question 10 What type of store was Eric's bar before he turned it into a bar? Before they created their bar into a successful business they were given the space as a punishment for bad behavior. It was previously a store that was not doing so well, but they were forced to take over and attempt to make a profit.

Thanks to the help of a human they came up with just the right idea to make money and stay out of trouble. Question 11 What is the name of the human that Eric and Pam keep around? Joyce Sookie Ginger Even though they never change her into a vampire there is a specific human that Eric and Pam trust and keep around.

She has proved useful in a few different situations and is completely in love with Eric. She expresses desire to be a vampire, but is also very timid. She can also be heard screaming, loudly at every little thing and becomes quite a nuisance at some points in the show.

At the end of the day, however, she is fiercely loyal to Eric and Pam and does her best to protect them. Question 12 What happened to Sookie and Jason's grandfather? Killed in car accident Died from cancer Left without telling anyone Sookie and Jason's grandmother was a big topic of conversation throughout the series despite her death in season one.

However, their grandfather, her husband, is only brought up a couple of times. It is clear that something happened to him, but no one wants to talk about it or go into detail about it. Gran raised the kids as best as she could as a single person and that is it. She is Sookie and Jason's world, the only parental figure that they had for most of their childhood.

Question 13 What is the name of the vampire that killed Sookie's parents? Walter William Werelow Early on in the series it is believed that Sookie and Jason's parents were killed in a car accident.

But as the series progresses and Sookie learns more about what she is, it is discovered that they were in fact killed by a vampire who was trying to claim Sookie as his own. This vampire was promised Sookie in a deal that happened decades and decades ago and when he came to collect her, her parents got in his way, resulting in their death. Question 14 What is the name of Bill's progeny? Laura Jessica Louise In the first season Eric enlists the help of Sookie in finding out who has been stealing money from his bar.

Bill brings Sookie to Eric and they discover that it is Eric's bartender who has been stealing the money. When Sookie exposes him he goes to attack her, but Bill kills him before he has the chance.

As a punishment Bill is brought to a vampire trial and forced to turn an innocent girl into a vampire.

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Over time Bill and his progeny become family. Question 15 How many children did Bill have in his human life? One Three Four Before Bill was turned into a vampire he had a wife and children. He was a solider and a good man.

Bill loved his life before he was turned and was forced to leave it once he became a vampire, in order to keep them safe. He did, however, return to see them a couple of times, like when his son died, and when his daughter was on her death bed. He mentions them throughout the series and makes it known how much he loves them. Question 16 How did Terry Bellefleur die? He killed himself He choked on his dinner He was shot A vampire Terry Bellefluer was a character that was hard not to like.

He was caring, generous and funny. After his time in Iraq he suffered from extreme PTSD, but when he started dating Arlene he began to relax and enjoy life again. They got married and had a baby, everything was going perfect for them until an old friend from the army decided to pay Terry a visit. Luna Garza Sam Merlotte Daphne Landry When it was revealed that vampires weren't the only mythical creatures that were featured in the True Blood series, audiences really seemed to love the shapeshifter ability.

This really opened up all new possibilities because of the fact that they could turn into anything, whether it was a giant bull or a tiny housefly. Yet, all shapeshifters seemed to have their own go-to creature. What was the name of the person that took the shape of a pig as their go-to shapeshift form?

true blood sookie and eric relationship test

Question 18 What was the nickname for Benedict Talley? She found a kindred spirit in him and she felt like they could connect over the difficulties they were facing in life. The two seemed to form a true bond and it wasn't long before they shared a romantic connection. Yet, things weren't exactly how they seemed and that storyline ultimately ended in tragedy.

What was the nickname for Benedict Talley? It seemed strange to put her in a customer service position but she had a great deal of experience around alcohol because of her mother.

Question 20 What was the name of the girl that Jason started dating who had a fixation on vampire blood? He was seen having multiple sexual partners and didn't seem to have any difficulties finding a new girl for the night.

Yet, there was one girl that he started a relationship with and she proved to be a detriment to his life due to her vampire blood fixation. What was the name of the girl that Jason started dating who had a fixation on vampire blood?

true blood sookie and eric relationship test

Question 21 Who did Jason Stackhouse and Amy Burley follow in order to get to a vampire that they could kidnap? He went there trying to score some vampire blood, which would have undoubtedly ended badly for him. Yet, she proved to be a negative influence on his life and only fueled his addiction to vampire blood. However, it was her mode to obtaining the vampire blood that was truly upsetting. Who did Jason Stackhouse and Amy Burley follow in order to get to a vampire that they could kidnap?

Question 22 What was the name of the vampire that Amy and Jason kidnapped and ultimately killed? Jeremy Andy Eddie With vampire blood acting as a controlled substance for human beings, it's not surprising that people would try and profit from it and act like drug dealers to distribute it and make money.

true blood sookie and eric relationship test

Lafayette was one of those people but he should have never allowed Jason Stackhouse to know that he was dealing vampire blood. This wound up getting his vampire "friend" killed because Jason and Amy followed him to his house.

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What was the name of the vampire that Amy and Jason kidnapped and ultimately killed? Question 23 What was the name of the bartender at Fangtasia that was later discovered to be embezzling funds? Malcolm Jesus Longshadow When Sookie Stackhouse was first brought to Fangtasia by Bill Compton, they were there because they were trying to uncover some information that might help her brother in the investigation over the death of Jason's ex-lover.

Yet, she ultimately gained the attention of Eric Northman, who later used her telepathic ability to try and uncover the person that was embezzling funds from his bar. What was the name of the bartender at Fangtasia that was later discovered to be embezzling funds? Question 24 Who did Bill Compton have to answer to at the vampire tribunal for killing Longshadow?

They are then caught by the Vampire Authoritywho instruct Eric and Bill to glamour Sookie and Alcide to forget their involvement. Bill "glamours" Sookie while Eric proceeds to glamour Alcide.

He tells Alcide to protect Sookie with his entire life and to not touch her in any way, romantically speaking. Towards the end of the season, Eric convinces Sookie to come save Bill from Lilith. While Jason successfully slaughters many of the vampire guards in the building, and Tara frees Pam, Eric and Sookie go to find Bill. Sookie tries to persuade Bill not to become "Billith" but he refuses to listen and drinks all of Lilith's blood. Bill suddenly turns into a blood-covered monster, and chases Eric and Sookie as they run for their lives.

Season 6 Edit Season 6 opens with Eric and Sookie running inside the elevator, but it suddenly appears to break down. Sookie uses her fae light to find a way out of the elevator. Eric rips the elevator's ceiling off and tries to punch it open. They make it out of the building and arrive to the front of the burning building in Eric's car. Due to Lilith's blood, Bill is able to pull the stake out without being harmed.

Eric walks Sookie home, and mentions how she staked Bill to save him. Sookie says that Bill's not the only one that changed and that she's not the same girl she used to be. Eric then tells Sookie, that she'll always be "that girl in the white dress" who walked into his bar. Sookie thanks Eric for walking her home, and Eric decides to return Sookie's house for her own protection. Sookie thanks him and quietly rescinds his invitation to her house, as she wants to have a normal life again.

Nora waits outside Sookie's porch and Eric tells her that they won't include Sookie in their plans from now on. Nora remarks that Eric's in love with Sookie and that she may have found his weakness. Eric tells Nora to not "stir this pot" and they both leave. Sookie is happy to see Eric and runs up and hugs him, when she sees the dark veins on his chest she is devastated claiming that he can't die on her. As Eric holds Sookie he further tells her about his travels after the events of Season 6stating that he thought he might see the world "one last time.