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The status of Marlo and Drew's relationship is difficult to pinpoint to explain in the film is how quickly Marlo seems to trust Tully to take full care. Marlo tells Tully that she and Drew are rarely physically intimate. Tully admits to having an open relationship with her current partner (“I'm in. Drew would ideally help, but he works during the day and unwinds in the crackles with wit: when the two women are discussing relationships.

But you know that? Sometimes, people need to look directly into the film mirror—or the television mirror, book mirror or theater mirror—and see a clear, unobstructed, unfiltered reflection of themselves, their real lives, and the real messages, lessons and themes that lie behind that face staring back in the mirror. There are moments of humor, comedic relief, love, life and laughter, amid the more serious moments.

‘Tully’ Movie Review

This is yet another bravado, brave and exceptional dramatic performance by Theron, who dominates this film from start to finish. When Marlo gets angry, boy, do you feel her anger. When Marlo gets depressed, you are right there with her. And when Marlo is just completely fed up, stressed out, feeling hopeless—despite the actual good life that she really does have—you are right there with her. Theron delivers a direct, honest, emotionally-charged, powerhouse performance that anchors the film, the story, and the attendant messages mentioned above.

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So he fully supports the idea of the night nanny. Soon, Marlo, Tully, Drew and their circle of friends and family all evolve, develop and emotionally grow to the point where everyone soon learns several valuable lessons about the many aforementioned subjects. Cody and Reitman clearly know what they are doing in their craft—the writing and direction control this film.

Too ready to jump each other at the jugular. That being said, on the eve of the second eviction there were some that were starting to grow on me more than others.

Sandra seems really genuine and down to earth.

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I could not tell you how many similar nights we had last year. The Big Brother housemates party up a storm. Channel 9 During lockdown, all of our measurements are taken and on various nights in the house, the production team will provide outfits or costumes. The Big Brother house amplifies every single little thing you know or think about yourself.


Forget the actual mirrors, you have so much down time to think, reflect and fester on your own thoughts. You drive yourself crazy. Skye seems to be an early favourite to take it home according to both the public and, seemingly, the producers while Ryan, who I thought would be a crowd-pleaser, is struggling to get a word in. David, who was painted as the bumbling buffoon with zero lady skills in the early days, is now getting a makeover in more ways than one and Jake seems to have fallen by the wayside again despite appearing to be quite popular with the other housemates.

Up there with one of the most intelligent in the house, not only is she thinking strategically, she also has some very interesting and thoughtful insights about the other housemates and relationships in the house. Gemma was the first housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house. Except boy has girlfriend.

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There is a lot I could say on this budding relationship but I might wait until we see how it plays out a little more first. What I will say however is that human, emotional, physical connections in that house are rare and imperative. Without your creature comforts, without your friends or your family, without music or books or social media Why else do you think the housemates are always tangled up in cuddle huddles? Giving each other massages? Making out in the spa? A double eviction and intruder already?

The introduction of cold hard cash was also very, very interesting. At the end of the day, most people are in that house to win money. By introducing cash so early on in the game — making it tangible and accessible to more than just the last standing housemate — it changed Big Brother as we know it. Gemma was the first to walk the plank.

The general feeling about Gemma from the other housemates had been made painfully obvious, so the producers would have had a very strong idea how the eviction would have played out had Jake and Gemma been the pair with the least number of votes to save.

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  • 'Tully' is a point blank exploration of the blessings and trials of motherhood

That being said — were they supposed to change the voting format at the last minute when the numbers came through?