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Of all anime I've seen, Revolutionary Girl Utena does one of the best jobs in making power, and the way Utena understands her relationship with Anthy has to be undone. The poems explore faith, doubt, lament, and hope. For one thing, the film is much more straightforward in its presentation of Utena and Anthy's relationship and how it breaks the illusion of Ohtori. Something that I've been thinking, as I muse over Revolutionary Girl Utena in the wake of Episode 25, is that no matter how inherently damaging the way Anthy.

He wishes to kill Anthy and install a gravely ill boy, Mamiya Chida, as the Rose Bride in order to save him from terminal illness. Mikage uses manipulation and psychology to control students close to the Council members in order to create a Duelist who can beat Utena.

She has a strained relationship with Anthy, who she finds "creepy and intolerable", and considers Anthy an obstacle to her relationship with Akio.

Though she loves Akio very much, she feels distant from him and becomes the first Black Rose Duelist.

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It is implied that, after her defeat, Akio poisons her since he never actually loved her and used their relationship simply to keep his status as interim chairman of the school. Chieko Honda Japanese ; Roxanne Beck English Miki's twin sister, Kozue feels overshadowed by her brother's talents and reacts by sleeping with many different men. She's extremely possessive of Miki to the point where she physically hurts anyone who tries to hurt or "steal" him.

In the manga, Kozue's brother complex is purely innocent and she acts more like Nanami does in the TV series. In the movie, Kozue is in an implied incestuous relationship with her brother but Miki is shown breaking it up. Later on, Kozue is shown as a car implying she is either also helping Miki to escape Ohtori or simply helping Utena and Anthy.

She simultaneously idolizes Juri for her brilliance and feels envious of her for it. Her extreme lack of self-worth is the reason for the rocky relationship between the two, and it reaches a breaking point when Ruka re-enters Ohtori Academy.

According to Kunihiko Ikuhara, Shiori was ironically also in love with Juri the entire time but she believes Juri's affection towards her was out of pity, not love. She thus wants to remain in control of their relationship by never confessing to Juri so she will be the winner of their rivalry.

In the movie, she is the main antagonist who manipulates Juri's feelings for her so Juri can duel with Utena, with her ultimate goal being to use Juri to escape the school. The film version of Shiori lacks the self-esteem problems of her TV counterpart, and instead is a hateful narcissist who believes that she is the only one worthy of leaving the school and entering the world of adulthood, and will use anyone or anything to get there.

In the end of the film, Shiori makes a mad dash in car form to escape the school once Utena and Anthy earn the right to leave. However, she ends up crashing and exploding as she tries to push them off the road, presumably killing her. Mitsuru is obsessed with serving Nanami and wishes to be her adored "brother". He is extremely confused about love, sex and adulthood in general.

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Anthy literally stab Utena in the back, though, with the sword of Dios. Utena apologizes for making her continue believing in a fake prince, and the coffin holding Anthy drops as Utena is skewered by the swords Anthy had been subjected to. Akio yells after her, but Anthy walks away, exiting school grounds with a promise to herself to find Utena, wherever she has gone. The princess ultimately saves herself. As you can tell, Utena and Anthy have a fairly intense, complex relationship.

They go from mere play-actors for each other to friends who are truly committed to each-other. Which brings up a point of debate — are Utena and Anthy friends in the end, or are they meant to be seen as something more akin to lovers?

Personal Apocalypse in Revolutionary Girl Utena

Truthfully, based purely upon visual evidence, Anthy and Utena are not destined to be lovers — the two never show any physical affection or attraction to each other beyond what could normally be expected of friends. Utena falls for Touga briefly, and then later Akio, never displaying any sort of romantic feelings for girls. Anthy herself likewise displays no similar interest in girls.

So, it seems that death wins. Ohtori Academy is not significantly changed in the aftermath of this supposed revolution. The student council is still there. Wakaba is still there. Anthy and Akio are still there. All of these are, in a sense, true. Though the details differ, the fact is that Utena is no longer at Ohtori. Utena prepares the way and then Anthy has to choose to take it. Has the reunification happened?

Well, it has by Utena remembering everything and finding Anthy again, but it also has not yet happened because Anthy is just beginning her journey. This, in my view, is the strongest and most compelling parallel to how Christians understand our faith and our salvation.

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The sacrifice tears the curtain—or destroys the castle so to speak—and we either respond to the path Christ has given us or not. That response is a daily choice as well, a constant journey of leaving behind toxic illusions and accepting the grace of God. It also makes this idea of a prince not existing at all more obvious reminds me a bit of Waiting For Godot.