Vi and caitlyn relationship advice

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vi and caitlyn relationship advice

Kim Kardashian brands Caitlyn Jenner 'shady and 'not a good person' . Trying her hardest: Kim explained: 'My relationship with Caitlyn was. I'm aware that they work together and that Vi calls Caitlyn "cupcake" a few times, but is there GT/Steam: xRustySpoon Follow these tips and you'll be fraggin' like a pro. Their relationship is just like Lissandra/Ashe/Sejuani. Vi and Caitlyn, Piltover's finest, suspect troublemaker Jinx- but the ultimate culprit remains a Vi reached down and locked into her gauntlets, feeling their familiar, You're a good listener, but you give terrible relationship advice. x, Nika Dear.

With no time to compose her snarl, her eyes viewed the world as if powerful jaws would snap shut, chew her up and spit her out. She didn't even say anything to acknowledge Caitlyn's presence. Maybe Vi's nascent police faculty read something new in Caitlyn's walk. Maybe there was something in the air, something more primal. Caitlyn took both of Vi's hands and swayed back. Their arms stretched across the air like a tightrope.

Vi watched with trepidation and longing until Caitlyn gave a short tug and Vi obeyed, shuffling like a child. Caitlyn led them to her bed. She reclined, willing Vi to read the cues and pin her to the mattress.

When Vi did not respond, Caitlyn released her grip, sidled over and turned the cover in invitation. There was something positively divine about that first moment her nipples were exposed before a lover, the cool kiss of electric air. Vi had cheerfully molested Caitlyn before. Now the time was right, Vi was strangely docile. Guessing that Vi was too bleary-eyed for subtlety, Caitlyn advanced like a snake, running her breasts up Vi's body. Vi caught her breath and held Caitlyn's shoulders as if fighting the urge to explore the rest.

Trying to send the message that exploration was definitely on the menu, Caitlyn stroked Vi's hard abdomen with one hand, marvelling at how the muscles tightened sexily with each spark of arousal, while popping the button of Vi's combats with the other. You'll have to take these off.

Vi gawped with stunned, opaque madness. Just as Caitlyn thought Vi would finally seize her reward, Vi growled through her teeth and threw Caitlyn away.

What the fuck are you doing? She covered her ugly scowl with her hand. The smell of Vi's body stoked her disappointment. I should have known you'd go soft. Caitlyn wiped the blood from her mouth. This time, she harnessed her fury and dented the wall rather than Caitlyn's skull. That you're the only reason I eat, drink, have a roof over my head? Was it not bloody obvious? She toyed with her belt loops, not wanting to symbolically raise her drawbridge or stay awkwardly half-dressed.

Eventually, she stepped out of her pants, a conciliatory gesture. Caitlyn had suspected the reveal after her amorous incursion but it was still a shock to see Vi wearing a thong. The flawless curve of Vi's rear, in that outfit, was apparently by design. Although Caitlyn was unhappy, she accepted the peace-offering and shifted the duvet, mollified that Vi hadn't simply run away.

Vi slipped under the covers and sat bolt upright, her knees pulled close to her chest. You're twice my size. You call me pathetic but you suck at this. You learn to fuck by watching Alistar? Embarrass yourself when another woman gets you wet. See if I care. Pretend you have the slightest clue what you want. There was only the sound of their breathing, the hum of hextech, and the distant murmur of street life. It was Caitlyn who finally spoke.

Are you still sore or am I Your folks would take care of it I'd end up on the streets. The gangs would spit-roast me and stick an apple in my mouth. I only gave you the chance, Vi. You set me up to win. She tried to sniff back each new tear. Her cheeks and bloodshot eyes hurt with emotion. I had no choice! It was barely a whisper, ' All feeling went from her limbs. Each of those heavy words struck her chest like a ram.

Unwitting, she had done something irrevocable. I thought you just Because I didn't "send flowers or get permission from daddy"? Just 'cause I don't express it by playing your stupid repressed mind games, don't mean I can't love you.

How could you love me if I hold you in such contempt? You can't buy true love with material goods. It's painful to watch and I feel like an awful host.

Just stay here and be comfortable for once. That's where I keep my toys, condoms She looked as though she would topple over in a slight breeze. You're sneaking off to masturbate. It separated the truly privileged from the aspiring. Even so, this threw Vi for a loop. I'll just go to sleep. Her failing energy could not sustain her angst throughout the night.

Vi refused Caitlyn's offer to make breakfast and walked the long way home. Despite the round trip, Vi got to work on time by neglecting her appearance.

She did not wash, apply makeup or style her hair. She stormed into the office and, out of spite, cleared a tower of paperwork from a colleague's desk. Caitlyn heard the noise and came to investigate. Vi watched like a hawk. Without eyeliner, there was something hostile in her gaze. It was naked, raw and angry. Caitlyn had to stay objective, no payback, no indulgence. I thought beer goggles made women more attractive.

Vi launched her coffee cup at the nearest head. It struck hard enough to draw blood and shattered on the floor. More cops on corners, yeah? Make everyone feel safe.

vi and caitlyn relationship advice

She stood on the balls of her feet and got right in Vi's face. Vi stank of sweat. Her breath was thick with dead bacteria and cigarettes.

Kim Kardashian Says Kris & Caitlyn Jenner's Relationship Better Than Ever

She took an instant to regain her composure. Do you want me here? Why couldn't Vi be this predatory behind closed doors? Instead of being vulnerable and sensitive and Caitlyn felt her ears burn.

Kim Kardashian Says Kris & Caitlyn Jenner's Relationship Better Than Ever

Now that she had acted on her latent desire, she could not ignore how much she craved this hot, filthy mess. Reflexively, Caitlyn grazed the back of Vi's hand. Her heart beat in her throat. Caitlyn would allow that point.

The onlookers were amused but suspected nothing. Caitlyn and Vi's "domestics" were a regular occurrence. Luckily, both women were fearsome enough to discourage open gossip.

vi and caitlyn relationship advice

The fatigue and stress were good for Caitlyn's productivity. With no energy for daydreaming, she robotically ploughed through the grey mist.

She was doubtless making all kinds of errors but she had no way of checking without an assistant. Part of her clerical budget was the "Vi contingency fund".

Caitlyn wondered if she had any medication that would sharpen her thoughts. Her beta blockers weren't suitable. She was worried about Vi. Caitlyn should not have let an impaired officer patrol by herself, even if it were to avoid conflict. With any luck, Vi would be too preoccupied to do anything but lumber through the streets in a lovelorn fugue. The day was uneventful. Just as Caitlyn was directing the night watch, her phone rang.

It's like Jinx mark two! Vi wasn't liked, so the staff took any chance to bring her down. Caitlyn rode solo this time, driving an unmarked van that had been used for everything from surveillance to holding felons to moving house. Upon reaching the disturbance, Caitlyn gathered she was at the bar where Vi had got into that scrap.

It wasn't a Jinx demolition job, more of a "refurbishment". The windows had been smashed and several chairs littered the street. Like any good sniper, Caitlyn knew patience. She set her rifle on a tripod, having loaded the ultra-strength net she kept for Vi-related emergencies.

Bystanders implored her to act immediately but she dismissed them with an imperious wave. She was hardly going to risk tangling with Vi up close. The prospect of wrestling Vi sent Caitlyn's mind on a shameful trip that ended in passionate coupling. She almost barked in annoyance. Against all reason, she was falling victim to a destructive crush. Granted, it was enlightening. She had never felt this way for another woman A chair sailed through a window. Caitlyn held the trigger.

Maybe this was her cue. After all the mayhem, it was an easy shot. Vi lurched out the front door, fit to collapse of her own accord. Caitlyn fired her net and Vi hit the ground like a sack of potatoes. As Caitlyn approached, Vi swore loudly, furious at her own lack of attention. Caitlyn shouldered her rifle. Count yourself lucky that it's for health reasons.

She tried to stand but her foot caught in a knot, sending her head over heels. She was twisting Vi's words to bait her into psychic disclosure. It felt more devious than flashing a bit of leg to quicken Vi's blood. You want to throw me in a cell then do it.

It looked better to the community if the police received no special treatment. The back was empty but she sat on the floor without complaint. Caitlyn hammered the ignition. The narrow plastic spiralled down at a lethal angle that disagreed with her breasts. I just wish you'd stop doing things that make you hotter. Caitlyn wished that was the problem rather than heartache and exhaustion.

I thought eyeball was from the void. I could just kiss you on that toffee nose, cupcake. She couldn't navigate her personal maze and drive at the same time.

I'm not leaving you unsupervised. You don't get to wash your hands of it. You won't suffer the indignity of a night in the drunk-tank and I won't get the political fallout. The traffic was thick and she wasn't used to the van's length. Until then, hold your peace. After hauling Vi to the shower, Caitlyn got straight on her netbook and cell phone. Vi kept the door ajar and the pressure low so she could hear the conversation. She felt obliged to know the politics and arm-twisting that followed in her wake.

I was planning to go back for an hour I can't just slap her down So that was the smell of Caitlyn's hair. Vi always bought eucalyptus It sounded like Caitlyn was on another line. Her tone was clipped and defensive. Vi was attacked by a prisoner's family. Instead of reporting the crime, she retaliated I know the proprietor did nothing wrong If it falls, we'll be spending less money and everything will balance If something good arises then we should log it for honesty's sake I don't see the conflict.

The situation resolved without due process. We need fewer people with criminal records not more How is that relevant? You have no right to press that subject How am I responsible for anyone's fevered imagination?

The proud, tough Caitlyn looked as though she would cry. Bent double with her head in her hands, she was besieged within and without. Vi sat close, fighting the urge to hug Caitlyn. I've already got Jinx hurting my rep.

We're meant to keep the peace. I was arrogant, insensitive and presumptuous. I made a terrible mistake last night and I should have confronted it, not swept it under the rug.

Even if their sparring were a drain, it had grown familiar. Anything else would break the pattern and Vi was broken enough. After hearing that phone call, I don't know what you see in me. I get you in trouble.

I wind you up. Anyone else would have thrown me out by now. They had touched many times but now there was a spark. Each avoided the other's gaze as their fingers performed a slow dance, probing and offering microns of intimacy, nails, tips, palms, the tiny sensitive hairs on the backs.

Caitlyn was almost numb with feeling. She had never felt so much from so little contact. Eventually, their fingers intertwined. Vi's thoughts were a manic jumble. This was a fantasy.

You found companionship through bars, dating agencies and rational, tortured negotiation. Your flame never took your hand, met your eyes and fell under the same spell.

She must have looked a right state, some nerd being seduced by the school prom queen. Vi, stands for virgin. She could resist Caitlyn's naked body but not her tenderness. Caitlyn knew this was reckless but she was battle-weary, needing something other than endless conflict. She wanted love and this raw, passionate woman held it in abundance. Caitlyn lifted her head and brushed Vi's lips with her own.

The touch was fearful, leagues removed from Caitlyn's first attempt.

Every nerve in Vi's body came alive. She hated herself for weeping but the duelling emotions were too strong. There was need, anger at her own weakness, and despair that this was the happiest moment of her life.

Maybe the future was all downhill. All Vi could do was engrave Caitlyn's slow, exploratory kiss to memory. When Caitlyn felt tears on the end of her nose, she broke the kiss and looked with wonder. No one had reacted so strongly to her. Are you all right? The air grew heady and Caitlyn had to stop before she crossed a line.

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I shouldn't be doing this I don't want to hurt you I don't want to reward your If I try to make amends, I can't keep my hands off you.

I don't know what to do any more. Make us work again because I'm doing a bloody awful job. Am I something to get out of your system, a chance to walk on the wild side? I can't think with you there. Caitlyn read the sentiment on Vi's face and suddenly wanted to trace the curve of Vi's cheek from those misty eyes, along the tattoo of her name, to her full lips.

As Caitlyn drifted near, she glimpsed Vi's trepidation. For a while, they made out like teenagers, exploring one another's boundaries while basking in the thrill and comfort of physical acceptance.

Caitlyn lay on top of the heavier Vi. In her own heart, Caitlyn could hear an echo of Vi's dread. While Caitlyn could rationalise her first approach as animal need - Vi was irresistible with that long, powerful Amazonian body - this was lovemaking.

Caitlyn was wilfully entangling more than limbs with her unruly subordinate. Vi's caress grew more braver until she was groping beneath Caitlyn's skirt, while Caitlyn repaid the attention to Vi's exposed breasts.

Their eyes met and they silently concurred to move on. Heading to the bedroom, Vi dropped her towel and they both laughed as Vi was stark naked and Caitlyn was fully dressed. It lightened the mood. Caitlyn escaped, grasping Vi's firm buttock in retaliation.

vi and caitlyn relationship advice

Before Caitlyn could think of a retort, her mind went blank with lust. Vi felt even better than she looked. Finally Caitlyn said, 'It's perfectly fair,' and danced away, heaving her bust in invitation. Truly, Caitlyn had wanted Vi to straddle her and grind them both to orgasm with those celestial hips but Vi was too sore for anything boisterous.

Instead, Caitlyn lay on her back while Vi worshipped every rise and bow of Piltover's most renowned curves. If Caitlyn's thighs hadn't been in the law's armoury, Vi would have them criminalised to protect society She could gorge forever on such lavish womanhood. When Vi's hunger reached its peak, she nestled between Caitlyn's legs and lapped with sensual expertise. It didn't take long for Caitlyn to vocally reach orgasm. She rested for a moment then resolved to go down on Vi with all the enthusiasm she could muster.

Vi was grateful for the commitment but guided Caitlyn to use her hand instead. Vi kneaded Caitlyn's hip and squeezed with approval as Caitlyn worked deeper inside.

Finally, Caitlyn pushed two fingers beyond the magic spot and Vi yelled so loud that everyone in the corridor and the flat below knew what was happening.

Caitlyn tried to maintain a strong but careful rhythm, occasionally prompting a yelp when one of her nails drove too hard. Vi released her kiss only when she was near-paralysed by imminent orgasm. Caitlyn watched as Vi's face twisted beautifully, her jaw moving and lips curling every time she tightened below. Vi collapsed into the pillows with a big, happy sigh. For a moment, it looked as though she had fallen asleep but then she stirred and planted a kiss on Caitlyn's forehead. I want you to feel secure.

If I upset you at work, you can deny me love and if I upset you in bed, you could get me sacked. I'm sleeping with a subordinate. I've already been questioned on our relationship. I labour over the reports because I was caught out one month. They asked if I were guarding you for personal reasons. Behave in public as if I'm wearing thornmail? That would raise even more eyebrows.

I say something you don't like and you got a hundred ways to punish me. Punishment just comes natural… the way fear and resentment come natural to me. Look in a mirror next time you come. You won't see a more beautiful sight. She heard and felt some tell-tale signs when she grabbed Caitlyn's breast. Walking her hand downwards, Vi smiled when she received a nod of consent.

Caitlyn relaxed as the first wave of pleasure rippled out from the leisurely strokes. Vi nibbled on Caitlyn's ear and said, 'let me know if you ain't feeling it.

I've worked up a lot of frustration. You have grown where I have stalled. That's why I envy you. I had no purpose either. I didn't even have that. I had no duties but my own pleasure. Now I want to Sharing it afterwards is the tough part. I wanted to do more than As if seeking reparations for the mockery, Caitlyn pushed Vi's hand inwards. Upon adjusting to the new sensation, Caitlyn licked her fingers and worked her own clit.

Not that watching you get yourself off isn't a personal fantasy but I have got an opposable thumb and a second hand if…' 'No, I want you to I saw someone who was lost where I was found and Vi, my boobs… please! She promptly ran her tongue up the underside of Caitlyn's breast and sucked on the nipple. This sent Caitlyn over the edge and she gaped like a drowning woman as she came.

The fireworks ended and Vi lay on top of her. While Caitlyn recovered, she enjoyed the comforting pressure, the feel of skin on skin, the brush of Vi's hair. Vi spoke into the pillow. She should have been annoyed but felt reassured at Vi's plea. I have enemies backward enough to use any so-called deviance against me.

She couldn't believe how much… better her apartment looked when it smelt of Vi. It resembled a home rather than a cell. The mere suggestion made her falter. Waking up to Caitlyn each morning would be heavenly. That just leaves me at your mercy. You're better at that game than me. The most embarrassing part was that Vi imagined herself in a voluminous white dress, peering shyly at Caitlyn from behind a veil.

Caitlyn would look positively dashing in a top hat and tailcoat and… oh God, the ring, Vi could see the ring. This had to stop, now. She pecked Vi on the lips and held her close to spare her that brief moment of supposed weakness. I want people to know that I'm your woman.

Because you can only love someone who's acceptable? Who won't hurt your standing or your career? They need you… even if they won't look you in the eye. Even if they ignore you at cocktail parties, they still need you. Leaning in, Vi explored Caitlyn's heart with long, soft kisses, and Caitlyn replied with anxious sincerity. After learning what she could, Vi relaxed. I've got some bridges to mend.

Her game plan was to drink this much tea, put on this much foundation and send Vi ahead so they wouldn't arrive together. Unfortunately, Caitlyn had forgotten how hard it was to disentangle from an overly affectionate and sleepy lover. She had to give Vi the morning off, which was no real hardship. Vi was due a thirteen hour crash and the force could deal with injury and sickness. After a dispiriting slog through rush hour traffic, Caitlyn staggered into work, late, grumpy and with conspicuously bad hair and makeup.

Her face looked as though a child had splattered paint on sand. People already liked to spread rumours about her sex life. Fortunately, Vi was in the dog house after last night's rampage so no one joined the dots. Caitlyn was briefly grateful that the rumours were only semi-accurate but then Vi showed up and ruined everything. Vi was markedly subdued and co-operative. She watched with big, sad panda eyes and would touch Caitlyn's arms and back with clear affection when they were near.

The stress meant that Caitlyn got through twice the number of cigarettes. She was caught smoking on the roof by a contractor hired to fix an air-conditioning unit but she gave him a look of such pure evil that he dared not even mention it to his wife.

Things did settle down and Vi grew wilful again, though the sexual banter was absent. It was easy to find stimulation when playing games and treating Vi as a project or a vice.

vi and caitlyn relationship advice

Relating to someone as another human being was so much harder. They didn't have sex. Caitlyn had no idea how to initiate given her past failures and Vi was far too respectful and cagey. One day, they were both in Caitlyn's office. Vi wouldn't even put her boots on the desk.

They sat wordlessly until Caitlyn laid her hand on Vi's gauntlet. The gauntlets hit the ground with a thump. I'm a trashy, two-fisted dyke. Me chatting you up and you rolling your eyes is exactly how it should go down. It's what people expect. You seemed happier than you are now. Unrequited love for your only real friend is a bitch. It was a release valve and I had nothing to lose. Now I can actually screw up our I don't want to climb a big tower to rescue the princess who built it in the first place.

It wears me out. She hadn't been eating properly for a while, getting most her scant energy from doughnuts and beer. Everything we share doesn't happen? That's more than I deserve. I've been a rebel, a criminal, a cop However, roses would seem contrived and impersonal coming from her.

They would likely die when Caitlyn neglected them. Chocolates would be met with grumbling about calories, even if Vi had no objections to more sumptuous Caitlyn. Vi had no idea where Caitlyn bought her clothes. The more Vi thought, the more she reached the same conclusion.

She misses the "old Vi". That first night, she expected me to pin her down and fuck her like an animal. For all Vi's angst about their relationship, there was nothing wrong with Caitlyn wanting that.

Hell, Vi had fond memories of getting bent over in a restroom stall by a bequiffed drag king after a messy night. One of Vi's gremlins was that she was tall, powerful and aggressive so people expected her to fill a certain role in bed, even if it stifled the breadth of her need and personality. Still, Vi could take the lead very well when needed. She could do it for Caitlyn. So Vi climbed the stairs to Caitlyn's flat.

They greeted each other as friends. Vi waited for Caitlyn to shut the door then pinned her against the wall, kissing with deep, animal ferocity. Vi drove her thigh between Caitlyn's legs. Just as Vi was doubting herself, Caitlyn's arms drifted up in acceptance. Vi assailed Caitlyn's neck and ears with tongue, lips and teeth.

She sucked hard enough on Caitlyn's flushed skin to leave a pronounced love bite. Caitlyn moaned in ecstasy. She did not have the will to complain about the mark.

You rich whore, I bet you wanted this in the locker room or the janitor's closet, didn't you? For an instant, the spell broke. What could I possibly want from a filthy invert like you? While kissing and kneading Caitlyn's magnificent breasts, Vi's free hand reached under Caitlyn's skirt and peeled down her underwear. Caitlyn whimpered and pushed towards Vi in frustration. Caitlyn gasped, retaining just enough presence of mind to bow her head before she hit the ceiling. She was giddy and helpless and then Vi was eating her out and everything turned white.

Her palms flew out either side and struck the wall. Her body swayed precariously but her hips were nailed in place by Vi's weight and strength. Caitlyn was already getting close and it angered her. She wanted to control and savour this wonderful vertigo but any attempt to deny her orgasm just made it worse.

Vi showed no mercy. Expertly releasing one hand, she skirted Caitlyn's labia and perineum. Once Vi's fingers were wet — and she had received no objections to where they lingered — she thrust two digits into Caitlyn's sheath and one into her butt.

vi and caitlyn relationship advice

Her muscles clenched so hard with pleasure she thought something would tear. After Caitlyn rode the last few aftershocks, Vi safely lowered her treasure to the floor.

Caitlyn lunged, wrapping her arms around Vi's waist. You are so, so good It was nice just being held. Vi really wanted another kiss but before she could say, Caitlyn grabbed Vi's hips and lavished attention on the fabric of her pants.

Vi didn't have the heart to quibble as Caitlyn popped the button, zip and exposed Vi's underwear. Because Vi hadn't removed her boots, she couldn't kick off the garments bunched around her ankles. Feeling a bit ridiculous, she twisted around and leant back into the wall before she toppled over. Vi's brain tied itself in a Gordian knot when Caitlyn began using her teeth to remove Vi's underwear. Vi didn't know whether to laugh at Caitlyn's amateur enthusiasm or be madly aroused that this classy, righteous beauty was getting down so readily.

Caitlyn directly assaulted Vi's clitoris with speed and force, causing Vi to yelp and twitch. Vi had never really enjoyed oral as the main course. She was extremely sensitive and could come very quickly but it was like eating raw sugar instead of candy, sweet, but not so pleasant that she would actively do it.

Also, Vi couldn't open her legs as far as she would like. After getting too much negative feedback, Caitlyn looked up with concern. Vi came over all fluttery. That aristocratic pout could look so soft and… "maternal"? There had to be a better word. Last time, Caitlyn had dived at the first opportunity. She must really want to do this.

Vi thought to herself as she stroked Caitlyn's hair. She's keen to flatter what's between my legs. I don't know if she's trying to convince me or herself but… either way, I should let her set the pace, find her own level.

I want you to feel the same. Caitlyn was a bit ham-fisted, not terribly good at setting the mood or pleasing a woman but she was so eager. It was unbearably sweet.

Caitlyn's tongue slowly lapped. Oh, thought Vi, she is being gentle. Vi's hand followed the tiny movements of Caitlyn's jaw. I'm going to melt. Vi yelled and bucked off the wall. She had forgotten how With her feet locked together, she couldn't keep her balance and engulfed Caitlyn in a massive bear hug. Caitlyn laughed as she rubbed Vi's back. All she could do was sigh with contentment and mumble stupidly in Caitlyn's arms. They had both showered and Vi was wearing a sparkling white bathrobe that Caitlyn had bought especially.

Vi had helped herself to Caitlyn's makeup despite having nowhere to go. It was simple curiosity. Vi wanted to know more about Caitlyn, her taste, her routine. Caitlyn was absently leafing through some dossiers when Vi stirred. Putting aside her work, Caitlyn smiled, grateful for the distraction. I appreciate the effort. I'm not keeping score.

You really don't have to try so hard. Vi had such pretty, waifish looks. Those big eyes and pout made her seem vulnerable without the context of her body. Little does she know is that this boy happens to be the son of one of Piltover's most notorious criminals.

You write the lemons. Piltover, the city of progress. This city with a low crime rate is under the watchful eye of its finest police force, especially the top of the boys and girls in blue, Sheriff Caitlyn was popular and respected. But today which just happened to be valentine's day, wasn't a good day for her. These 4 criminals of piltover's mafia have been subdued thanks once again to our fearless sheriff.

Caitlyn did you happen to have any advice for all the young couples here on this exciting Valentine's day. Caitlyn then took off down the street. The reporter looked at the Vi who just shrugged. David then turns off the television and turns back to Caitlyn. David just gave her an unimpressed look.

Caitlyn came out of David's house only to see Vi and Ahri there. They all laughed since all of them went through an awkward situation at one point. Cait just chuckled and pushed her away.

Suddenly Caitlyn knocked someone over. It was a young boy at least 18, he had short hair that covered one of his blue eyes he was about a foot smaller that her, he was a little skinny. Caitlyn was at a loss for words as both her and the boy looked at each other.