Virgo man and sagittarius woman relationship

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virgo man and sagittarius woman relationship

Love match compatibility between Virgo man and sagittarius woman. Read about the Virgo male love relationship with sagittarius female. For the Virgo man and the Sagittarius woman, a relationship is a partnership of equals who genuinely like and respect each other. That's always a good basis for . Relationships between a Virgo man and a Sagittarius woman can be quite harmonious. They work incredibly well together. Learn more about this.

I might admit I never loved any guy the way I do love this Virgo freezer. Ba it pleases me 2 know that even when he's quiet for long, he's working sleepless on his unfinished projects, or duties instead of chasing the sluts around.

I met in feb with my Virgo ex, spend a one week holiday at a place and I bet he enjoyed while I found it dead frustratingly boring, en since then we ve only talked once on phone. The last he told me know that I love you, en from then his cell goes dead, no mail replies, no smses, am used to this now, I get madreally mad at times, en decide to suppress this anger and longings of him on simply having some good time with other hot guys who never mind one night stands or something, en during this time I tend to 4get him a bit, so it works.

But any Sagittarius can get any man she wants, even this perfect Virgos anything ba any man who is willing to hear those sweet appealing words from any woman. I had a 1yr relationship with a charming Virgo. It was tough to understand a Virgo, myself being a 10th December-ian, since they are neither similar.

He was nice ,intellectual, caring and thoughtful! Yet overcritical, fussy, controlling. They are worth spending time and emotions on!! I've been in a on again off again relationship with a Virgo man and its been frustrating! I can't just forget him and get him out of my system because the sex is amazing.

He is an asshole, ignores me when he chooses, then expects me to be back with him as if nothing is wrong. If the above women is correct, I don't think he is with other women and I think he really likes me but just doesn't know how to show it.

I'm engaged to a Virgo man.

Virgo Man Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

We've been together for more than two years now, and it's been interesting. For part of this time he was out of work, so had plenty of time to obsess over MY life. Thankfully, though, he's back to work and I can get back to being my independent self. Sure, we argue, it's often a battle of wills with us. Thankfully, since we're older than most engaged couples, we each bring plenty of relationship experience into the mix.

Using past experience and knowing ourselves has helped tremendously in strengthening our bond. Unlike most Virgo men, my husband-to-be loves to be out and about with me. I'd rather be on my own sometimes.

virgo man and sagittarius woman relationship

He's also an organizer One of the best parts about our relationship is the sex. I am a VERY sexual woman, and he is very adventurous. So, needless to say, I'm a very satisfied Sagittarius! Maybe it has to do with the different planets and risings and such Either way, we've found ourselves to be very compatible overall, and I can't imagine a better soul mate!

These stories have certainly made me feel better. I'm a Sag woman and my ex is a dull, boring and dull oh said that already Virgo. We were together almost 2 years and I was miserable each day of it. He was the most emotionless person I ever met and I think he died every night before we went to sleep because We rarely had sex! Whenever we did have sex, I always had to initiate it and it was the same boring position.

I honestly think this man was born without a pulse. He lies about nothing and stresses about every small detail. He seemed to be very family oriented which I liked He took on so many tasks to fill up his day but turned into a lump on a log when he came home to me.

His sneaky ways and dishonesty almost sent me to the broke house as he always talked a good game but did little to back it up. He only looked to have it all together but the guy was totally insecure on the inside. NOT a match made in heaven for this Sag girl!! I am currently involved with a virgo,I really like him he is sensitive,caring,sexy,always ask about my kids buuuuttt He is insecure. He doesn't recieve compliments well and he acts like the ugly duckling.

virgo man and sagittarius woman relationship

He also likes to connect with old flings and conceal our relationship in front of people like he is trying to be slick. I am not sure just watching for now to see what happens I am currently married to a vigo man we split 7 months after marrying.

We are pending divorce now. He's very critical, "jack of all trades but Master of none". Before him I dated 2 other virgos and they ended almost the same way.

Yes, when someone tells me they're a virgo, I run as fast as I can Dated a Virgo man for three years, he was a great love learning experience. I found out what I was capable of giving and taking. Didn't work out because he didn't feel as free as us Sag's do. Emotionally consumed in his own world and searching for perfection in others and not within himself.

It was really hard to make it work when your partner is very critical. Kinda hard to enjoy yourself as well when you are surrounded by a debbie downer. There was also more negative thoughts of each other then good. I think it has to do with the fact that both parites signs don't like to bow down and agree to disagree. The concept of "winning" the arguement needed some compromise.

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Although it was a good relationship, I will take all the good from it and move on because there was more negative memories then good. I did not feel attractive after a certain point in the relationship and that was when I knew, it wouldn't work. It would have just continued to be a uphill battle with l ots of scars. I am currently dating a Virgo, and it is not how I expected a relationship to be.

virgo man and sagittarius woman relationship

He lacks in romance, he doesn't try to surprise me at all. He trips if I talk to my guy friends. He lacks that self-confidence and swears he is ugly. It is really annoying to always be the first to start off something Not the greatest kisser out there either, and when we get to arguments he is always saying things that are irrelevant, like "are you seeing someone else?

Some romance, some surprises, a guy who knows what they want and wont critize everything about you. I have been with a Virgo mam for a year by now,i feel his just great.

His very caring and understanding. He is my first love and I do hope he will be da last one too. I had drama with a Virgo Imma Sag woman We became friends in the summer time at a club and he kept chasing me. I didn't like him much Then I started to be attracted to him.

I was going to tell him yes but he stopped contacting me for like 2 months. Then he came back and we became close friends. He was like a best friend and then new years we had sex. I really didn't want to but I was intoxicated so I went with it and it was pretty good. Anyway after that I found out he had a girlfriend and I was pissed at him and shocked that he'd deceive me like that so I was mad at him for a while.

Especially when he introduced me to his girlfriend cancer after that I told him I wanted to be honest and tell her. And that I didn't wanna mess around with him anymore, which I didn't mess with him anymore. So months passed and I guess she found out and she was starting crap with me, which I don't blame herbut from what he was telling her which I found out later after having a heart to heart with herI was obsessed with him which is a lie because it was the other way around and he was telling me he was gonna break up with her for me and I was like if you're doing that to her then you'd do it to me so eff that no thanks plus you're a liar and a cheater.

virgo man and sagittarius woman relationship

Anyway in the end I was about to fight this girl over a guy I did not want and who was just a fling I wanted to forget, but thought it was worthless so I told him I never wanted to speak to him again and ended up calling her up telling her everything and she the same. But I've forgiven him but havent forgotten what he did, so that happened beginning ofok so like a week ago he texts me and was like I heard you moved and im like who is this he told me I told him I forgive him but don't trust him he tells me he misses me and our friendship im like whatever yea right.

That Virgo brought nothing but drama!!!!! I have several Virgo friends and they're really good friends. I just had one bad experience. Im a Saggitarian who been with my Virgo Lover for about three months. I must say that for now the relationship is good and we go almost everywhere. He is family oriented and very delicious sexually.

Im very adventurous and like nature. He seem like a very decent nice guy. He also pays for our dates. He is also very spiritual like me. We are both in our 40s and have matured through most of our experiences. I was with an Aquarian before, and although they say we are supposed to be compatible, the Aquarian guy was very immature and not a good human being at all. So it depends on how we both understand each other in the long run, heres an example look at Michelle and Barack Obama, Barack is a Leo and Michelle is a Capricorn, is that a Match made in Heave.

Ive been in a long distance relationship with a Virgo man for 8 months. He was careful at every little aspect of our relationship I tried bringing new things to him. The big problem is that. My biggest mistake ever Since then he gradually turned more and more distant from me: There have been times. One of her ex's told me he felt the same things as me I dated a Virgo man for five years and all I can say is Con Man he was the biggest liar I ever met and very unfaithful, the worst is that I didn't find out about his cheating ways until the 5th year when I dumped his sorry ass.

Virgo me are manipulative, cold, insensitive, dishonest and the greatest pretenders When I learn a man is a Virgo I put on my sneakers and run for my life and never look back I'm a December 9th born Sagi and I seem to have the opposite experiences of what most of you are saying here.

I would love to hear from some Virgo men about their experience with sag women!!! I am a Virgo and everyone on here is generalizing. It all depends on the houses, planets and transits between two charts. Virgo can work with anyone that has the right combo of chart aspects.

I like him alot. I see a lot of good qualities in him, but he is very reserved and stand-offish. When we're together, he's very sweet and attentive and the sex is great, even though I've noticed that I'm the one that has to initiate anything beyond light petting But he's younger than me so I'm hoping I can show him how to open up a little more and relax.

I recently let him know how I feel and I think it scared him off a little bit, but I gave him a little space and after a few days, he let me know that he wasn't as unfeeling about our relationship as I thought. It's a start, I guess.

Virgo Man and Sagittarius Woman ⋆ Astromatcha

My goodness,so much negativity, I am a saggitarian female with a male virgo, sex is brilliant and loving, we try most things out and he is always so understanding, we talk, we laugh, we love, we are friends as well as lovers, we respect each others lives and live for each other, we enjoy mostly all the same things but also know when we need our own time out, we NEVER row or fall out, we always know where the other one is, and nither of us feels as if we are inposing on each other Hope this helps some of you x I'm a dec 4th born sagi woman and I am married to a Virgo man.

We've been togather for 4yrs and we have been married for 1yr. We have a lot of fun togather. When we first got togather I was not attracked to him, but he chased me until I gave him a chance. Now I am happier than I've ever been. We enjoy each others company.

Virgo Man and Sagittarius Woman

He brings out a more serious side of me when it's nessiary and I bring out his playful side. I feel like we are a match made in heaven. He is some what controlling, but it's not to the point where it causes problems between us.

Out of all the relationships I've ever had this is the only one that has ment enough to me to keep Virgo guy here who just met an amazing Sagittarius. This definitely feels like the blending of two very similar souls, although that might have something to do with my sun sign which, I believe, is also Sag. I am also close to the cusp of Libra so harmony is very important to me, and I feel that by now I have a good idea of how to achieve it.

I love to travel and experience new things - foods, cultures, etc. She totally blows my mind and opens me up sexually and that becomes a metaphor for the way she opens my mind up to so many other things. I am a very sexual person so her openness is very touching to me and pretty much everything I've ever wanted and ever could want in a sex partner.

Also, she is one of the most intelligent women I have ever met, and very, very cute. She is always wanting to nurture the intimacy and closeness between us, even if she is not the most comfortable with her emotions but hopefully becomin g moresoso that is very touching as well. We are both in our mid thirties and I have very high hopes for this relationship.

She has dated a lot of Virgos before and I'm not sure how well they've gone. I know we can be fussy but I think that with me and my love we have all the right personal elements. I have spent a lot of time figuring out my emotions in life and this woman is the key that fits into my understanding of the world.

She is captivated by my mind and my quirks. Our moral ideas are very similar too. Every day we learn something new from each other. I don't know about these other guys but I very much respect someone who can express her vulnerability to me, especially if there is attraction, intense attraction. It is honest and inviting and my woman is starting to do that more and more.

I reciprocate this as well and it really helps bond us together. Your energy and enthusiasm are contagious but your lack of focus can make those around you wish you would keep quiet or stick with one thing for once in your life.

A Virgo man will appreciate how you pull no punches and say it as you see it, but he may be put off by your capacity to exaggerate and dramatize ordinary facts. Although you appear restless, you are seldom bored thanks to your capacity to inject joy and purpose into even the dullest activities, and this makes you fun to be around. Virgo Man Virgos love work, and although they seem to resent that no one else has their work ethic, they are also convinced that they are the only ones who can do any task properly, so you have to let them get on with it, and praise them for being so responsible.

He is not one for big romantic gestures, but he is incredibly loyal once A Virgo man decides you are the one, and under the right circumstances he can party as hard as he works.

He is the one sign of the Zodiac who is capable of giving you all the freedom you need as long as he has all the information at hand, he will happily let you do your thing. What works Sagittarius and Virgo can form a comfortable friendly bond and even where passion is missing, you have the combined talent to make the rest of a relationship work. Even if the sensual bond is not there at first, you will find a way to develop it. You both like exploring the world through thought, ideas and conversation and this a very basis for a healthy long term relationship.

You can help Virgo loosen up and he, in turn, will give you the grounding and sense of belonging you desire. What to watch for The Sagittarian habit of embellishing the facts will constantly be challenged by Virgo who is a big fan of the facts. In turn, Sagittarius will be tired of constantly being corrected by facts that get in the way of a good story. If you both cultivate healthy boundaries and if you understand that a Virgo man is not comfortable with free reigning emotions, you can make this work, but transforming an initial attraction into a life partnership will not come naturally.

The Score If you are looking for a heart exploding romance that will sweep you off your feet, look elsewhere. Virgo and Sagittarius have a natural capacity for friendship and you work well together, but as a man and a woman, you may easily irritate one another.