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snag with the characteristic Wallace and Gromit narrative arc in which, in the end, It is easy to see how Wallace depends on Gromit to smooth out glitches, clean In Wallace and Gromit's first appearance in A Grand Day Out, the relationship that leads Wallace to instantly believe the worst of Gromit in A Close Shave. Wallace and Gromit is a British clay animation comedy series created by Nick Park of Aardman . Sometimes, Gromit ignores Wallace's orders, such as in A Close Shave and Shopper 13, wherein Fluffles reciprocates his affection and joins Wallace and Gromit delivering bread at the end of the film, and the three drive off. Twenty years after his screen debut supporting Wallace and Gromit, Shaun After A Close Shave, Shaun's image appeared in Aardman . For instance, I love comedy and comic timing, so I enjoy working on the farmer and Bitzer, and their relationship.' By the end of the Year of the Sheep, we will know.

In the first photo shown on The Curse of the Were-Rabbitit was revealed that Wallace once had a full head of hair and a very thick moustache with muttonchops. On the photo that shows Gromit's graduation at Dogwarts, he had lost his beard, but still had a little hair, in the form of side burns just above his ears. In The Wrong Trousershe still uses a hair-dryer.

Wallace has had three love interests.

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The first was Wendolene Ramsbottom, [12] which ended quickly when Wendolene told Wallace that cheese gives her a rash. In A Matter of Loaf and Death, Wallace becomes engaged to Piella Bakewell, [13] but this ended when she turned out to be a murderess who hated bakers, and was eaten by crocodiles upon trying to escape justice. In Musical Marvels, after the montage of his three love interests, he refers to them as "the ones that got away".

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Gromit is a beagle who is Wallace's pet dog and best friend. His prized possessions include his alarm clock, dog bone, brush, and a framed photo of himself with Wallace. He is very handy with electronic equipment and an excellent aeroplane pilot.

He often threatens the plans of the villains he and Wallace encounter in their adventures. Gromit has no visible mouth and expresses himself through facial expressions and body language.

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A relationship based on so much misunderstanding can be a lonely one and sometimes it seem as though we — the audience — are all Gromit has. In The Curse of the Were Rabbit, a gothic horror parody with rabbits and giant vegetables, the love triangle is handled a little differently.

Wallace attracts the attention of the luscious-lipped Lady Tottington, but rather than Gromit being excluded or forgotten, he ends up being saved by a self-sacrificing Wallace in his guise as the Were Rabbit.

How Shaun the Sheep became a global phenomenon: behind the scenes at Aardman

The fearsome Piella draws attention to a more general Aardman anxiety about women think Queen Victoria in The Pirates! The sight of a muzzled Gromit chained to the kitchen sink! A displaced Gromit is forced to serve the deceitful Piella Bakewell.

When Gromit loses control of the steering, Wallace needs to insert some common sense: Open daily, except Christmas Day Museum 10am—5pm. After he learns that she is allergic to cheese, he ended his love affair with her, but possibly remained friends with her.

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His second love interest was Lady Tottington who the latter tells him to call her "Totty". His third love interest was Piella Bakewell, but it ended when she revealed herself as the serial killer and was later eaten by crocodiles while trying to escape justice. Wallace remembers all three though, it is possible that Lady Tottington is now his current love interest. He has a kindly nature, and is perhaps a little over-optimistic.

At times he can be inadvertently selfish and inconsiderate, but always means well and has a good heart. His creator, Nick Park described Wallace as "He's a very self-contained figure. A very homely sort who doesn't mind the odd adventure.

Wallace can be seen wearing a white shirt, a pair of brown wool trousers, a green knitted pullover and a red tie. He is slender and has fair skin. In his home, he wears slippers but when outdoors, he wears black shoes.