Walter and paige relationship

Scorpion: It's Clear That Florence Is The Better Fit For Walter Over Paige

walter and paige relationship

Eccentric genius Walter O'Brien (Elyes Gabel) and his team of brilliant misfits continue to be the last line of defense against Extra: Walter & Paige Relationship. Scorpion is an American drama television series loosely based on the life of self- proclaimed genius and computer expert Walter O'Brien. The series follows Walter O'Brien and his team of genius outcasts as they Walter and Paige, after experiencing doubts about their relationship, reconcile and Happy, revealing she . Paige Dineen (born April 13, ) is the daughter of Veronica Dineen and her late Ralph checkmates Sylvester, a grandmaster in chess, and Walter informs her that . While on a plane to Tahiti, the two discuss their relationship and telling .

Now he couldn't even be sure she loved him anymore. She'd asked, so Paige knew the geniuses had tried tracking all of his electronics to no avail. He'd long ago disabled the GPS on his car. They'd contacted everyone from Ray to Richard Elia to all of Scorpion's clients to various members he'd mentioned from the Vor collective.

No one knew where he was. Walter wasn't at Kovelsky's. He wasn't at the UCLA lab. He wasn't at Froyo Ma. He couldn't be found at the planetarium, the aquarium, the natural history museum.

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He was just… gone. So far, the Scorpion leader hadn't turned up. Walter had to be somewhere. Fear gripped her in icy fingers as a disturbing thought occurred to her.

What if Collins had him? That psycho wasn't above kidnapping. But no, Collins always had some sort of twisted agenda. He would've contacted the team by now if it was him. If nothing else, the nut case loved the attention. She dismissed the possibility. Paige couldn't sit around doing nothing. Determined to locate him, she snatched her purse and keys from the table in the front hall and rushed to her car.

Driving around aimlessly for more than two hours, Paige tried thinking like Walter. Where would he go? She admitted to herself this was a switch. Recently, she hadn't tried empathizing with him. At least since the truth about his 'date' with Florence came to light. Normally, when Walter was upset, he would shut down the emotions and immerse himself in work. For him, ignoring it was bliss.

But to get hit with not one, but two killing blows simultaneously? First her, then his company? Avoidance wouldn't work this time.

Paige made herself pull over.

'Scorpion' EP Teases Breakdown of Paige and Walter's Relationship

Tears were blinding her, making it unsafe to drive. She had to get a hold of herself. She needed to find him. Then it hit her. The place where he said goodbye to his sister. Walter didn't usually care for going to the beach. He always said he didn't see the point of sitting in dirt next to some water. If he was looking for solace though, he might subconsciously want to feel close to Megan again.

It was a long shot. But it was the only idea she had. When she spotted his car in the parking area, the relief was overpowering. Her knees nearly gave way when she got out of her own car. Anger soon joined in, straightening her spine, and it chipped away at her empathy as she spied him sitting casually in the sand, leaning his back against a boulder, seemingly relaxed, while he watched the waves crest and roll in.

Nice for him to be so unconcerned when they were all turning themselves wrong-side out with anxiety looking for him, hoping and praying he was okay and not hanging off a cliff somewhere. Stomping was a little difficult in high-heeled ankle boots, especially on sand, but Paige did her best. When she reached his side, jamming her fists onto her hips, she demanded, "Where the hell have you been?

With his jaw set stubbornly, he replied, "I fail to see why it would concern you. How can you say that? No one knew where you were. It's apparent I don't understand all the rules. Well that stung a bit, amping up the adrenaline already coursing through her system. So she retaliated with, "Would it kill you to be considerate once in a while?

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You could've let someone know. Everyone is worried sick. Non-existent EQ, that's me. Of course when the rules keep changing unexpectedly, I'm not sure any reasonable person could keep up. Maybe Happy could make you a key chain with a recording of me saying 'I'm sorry'.

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It might save time. You'd probably wear it out in the first twenty-four hours. You think 'sorry' fixes everything? Or are you referring to what happened between us, now? You lied to me! You ditched me and went out with another woman! You're smart enough to realize what that would look like to me.

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Especially considering how upset I was about your dream. The rules of basic human decency don't change. I recall most conversations word for word.

This entire situation isn't much different from that whole confusing day when you said you didn't want me to fix your problems. You told me you only wanted me to listen and sympathize. Until you did want me to fix your problems. Since that day, you've thanked me on numerous occasions for my candor. So, I tried being as honest as possible. You specifically asked me to be honest about that disgusting breakfast you cooked. And immediately turned around and told me I should have lied to spare your feelings.

That's when you explained about white lies. Later, you even kissed me and told me you were proud of me when I lied to Happy. It was you who lied about looking forward to that lecture. I overheard you telling Ralph you would rather be in a swamp with alligators.

I thought I was simply sparing you from spending a dull evening with me. On top of that, Happy and Toby thought she was pregnant, which heartbreakingly, turned out to be a false alarm. They really wanted that baby! They spent the rest of the season planning their wedding, which they missed because Happy was working on a case.

What will go wrong for the newlyweds in season four, besides everything?

walter and paige relationship

Season Three was a big one for Happy and Toby though, who came full circle! By the end of the season, she was sharing all her secrets and emotions with him. In fact, by the end of the season she was saying it so much it was almost taken for granted.

Happy being open with Toby about her emotions at all is under appreciated, when it took a long time getting here. In the season finale, they kiss at least three times the most of any episode ever when earlier in the season it took praying to a deity for them to kiss without Happy pushing or slapping Toby away or it being on the forehead.

These lovebirds now live together and will be spending the next few weeks christening their new home. After that, who knows what married life will bring for these newlyweds? Perhaps a baby in a baby carriage? Season Four is as open-ended for those couples as it is for everyone else. And, personally, Sly fell pretty far down the rabbit hole on that island.

What about little Ralph who is in episodes more and more as the series goes on? How will the brightest genius on Scorpion be involved in Season Four cases? Let all the steamy fan fictions begin!

walter and paige relationship