What episode does serena and ash meet

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what episode does serena and ash meet

Today's episode of Pokémon XY&Z featured Ash's final parting words to Serena, his fellow trainer and closest friend throughout it all — and. She and Ash met before the events of the series when Ash aided her in her time of . Serena did let go of her doubts for good when Ash won his last badge. The season follows the continuing adventures of Ash Ketchum and Pikachu as they along with Ash's childhood friend, Serena—the party discover new Pokémon and the When the local Pokémon Gym throws them out, he and Pikachu meet His newly captured Froakie does his best to battle Fletchling, but Clemont.

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The Ultimate Pikachu Showdown!! As this goes on, Alain stops by, eager to battle Ash and Greninja once again. Just when Ash gains the upper hand, something shocking happens to him As the battle progresses, Ash and Greninja's power reaches a new level, pushing Diantha to the brink of defeat, but Ash passes out once again before the battle can be decided. However, when Greninja battles Sawyer's Sceptile, the mysterious power between Ash and Greninja is unable to be triggered, leading to a victory for Sawyer.

However, needing only Abomasnow and Avalugg, Wulfric hands Ash a disastrous defeat, who heads off into the forest by himself to answer the doubts in his heart. The Dawn of Evolution!! The Giant Water Shuriken Triggers!!

Facing a big challenge in the form of Wulfric's Mega Abomasnow, Ash fights with renewed determination and passion. However, a Carbink goes on a rampage and sparks a search.

The Mega Lizardon Showdown: As Ash heads to his match, a trainer suddenly challenges him to a battle. Received Some Experience Points!! Meanwhile, the quarterfinal battle between Sawyer and Tierno begins, with Sawyer emerging victorious thanks to his newly acquired ability to Mega Evolve his Sceptile.

Pikachu defeats Clawitzer, but now faces Aegislash! Satoshi-Gekkouga Vs Mega Jukain!!

The battlefield changes to a rock field, with Ash substituting Noivern in to face Sawyer's newly evolved Salamence, but both knock each other out. Sawyer's Slurpuff faces Ash's Goodra, but it's another double knock-out. Having defeated Sawyer, Ash moves on to the final match against Alain. Gather, All of My Passion!! Meanwhile, Clemont's Chespin gets lost and meets Mairin, Alain's former traveling partner, leading the group to learn about the condition of her ill partner Chespie.

As this occurs, Professor Sycamore reveals that the strange power Ash and Greninja possess is known as the Bond Phenomenon. With neither trainer unable to maintain the advantage over the other, nerves run high. After Ash gains the leadAlain finally brings out Charizard to face off against Pikachu. Satoshi's Greatest Decisive Battle! Meanwhile, Team Flare prepares to move forward with their plans to unleash a mind-controlled Z-2 in Lumiose City.

what episode does serena and ash meet

The Zygarde at the Prism Tower!! When Alain went to go confront Lysandre about this he finds out what Team Flare's plans truly are, shocking him. But they fought back as Lysandre not only underestimate Ash and Greninja bond for each other but he also underestimate the bond they have for their friends.

Clemont and Clembot are able to do so, but Clembot is destroyed in the process.

what episode does serena and ash meet

Bonnie is able to reach through to Squishy with her lullaby, freeing Squishy from control, while the destruction of Team Flare's machine frees Z The Kalos Line of Defense!! The Megalith Zygarde then proceeds to head toward Anistar City to absorb the power from the Anistar Sundial, which will result in a planetary apocalypse. The Final Decisive Battle of Kalos!!

what episode does serena and ash meet

However, the Megalith Zygarde is still able to function without Chespie after Lysandre takes direct control over it. The Zygarde Complete Forme then repairs the damage caused by the battle, as Squishy shares a tearful goodbye with Bonnie before returning to the planet with Z She would help him set up the table when they're having breaks or having a meal.

She would help him cook sometimes as well. They both have a common admiration for Ash. Biography This article has an incomplete plot or synopsis. Serena being helped by Ash and developing a crush on him during their first meeting. Serena was lost in the woods while trying to look for the rest of her group, resulting in herself getting wounded after getting startled by a Poliwag. But at that very same moment, Ash came to her aid and escorted her out.

Since that day, she kept the handkerchief he used as a bandage as a way to remember the kind act and inspiring advice he gave her.

Pokemon Ash and Serena history

XY Serena watches the news and recognizes Ash. Years later, Serena was always woken up by her mother's Fletchling. Fletchling would use its beak on Serena's head, then she would scream at the former and try to grab it.

Soon she would be called by her mother to do morning training with her Rhyhorn. Despite her mother's attempts to get her to become a Rhyhorn racerSerena would complain about how much she hated it, especially when Rhyhorn knocked her off its back.

Later in one day of routine practices, Serena and her mother were watching the news on TV about a Garchomp rampaging across Lumiose City. As they watched, they spotted a boy accompanied by a Pikachu and a Froakie climbing to the top of Prism Tower to calm it down.

When Garchomp was successfully calmed, the ground beneath the boy's Pikachu gave way and the boy jumped off the tower, making Serena gasp out of fear for his safety. She was relieved when he and his Pikachu were miraculously saved by a Mega Blaziken at the very last minute.

When the news cut to a shot of Ash and zoomed in closer so that the viewers could get a look at his face, Serena was stirred, believing it to possibly be Ash, though she referred to him as "that boy" as she didn't yet have any solid confirmation that it was him.

When she got there, she found out two things: She later got to ask him properly during a break in his training; in typical Ash fashion, he did not, much to her dismay. She told Ash where she'd seen him and repeated the words he'd once said to her during their first encounter: After that, Ash asked Serena to travel along with him, Clemont and Bonnie, which she happily accepted.

While traveling back to Lumiose City in order to head to Cyllage City and helping Ash recall when they first met, Serena is shown to be somewhat skilled at Rhyhorn Racing.

She showed Ash how to ride a Rhyhornwhich shows she knows a lot from her mother teaching her about them. In " Giving Chase at the Rhyhorn Race! On the day before the Rhyhorn Races, she baked cookies for Ash, Clemont, and Bonnie in the middle of the night. Serena decides to go with Ash and friends. The next day, the Rhyhorn Races began, but it was interrupted as Team Rocket disabled the cameras. When he ran off into the woods, she ran off on her own to find him. Serena found Ash in the middle of the woods, still despondent over his defeat.

Serena began to talk with Ash, telling him she was helped by the advice he gave her when they were young, during their journey together, and while she was training for her Showcases. However, the agitated Ash yells at her, causing Serena to become furious at him for not being himself.

In response, she throws a few snowballs at Ash before leaving. When it begins to snow, Serena grows concerned about Ash again and leads the others to go find him.

Meanwhile, Ash reflects on his actions and Serena's words.

what episode does serena and ash meet

Later in the episode, Ash apologizes to Serena for yelling at her and also tells her that he was able to "figure things out" thanks to her words of encouragement. In A Towering Takeover! In the following episodeshe spearheaded a mission to rescue Chespie from Lysandre Labs with the help of Mairin and Professor Sycamore. While on their way to Lysandre Labs, a friendly news crew offered to take them there in their helicopter. When Celosia attempted to stop them, the news crew revealed themselves to be Team Rocket and faced Celosia in battle, allowing Serena and the rest to save Chespie.

She then battled multiple grunts with difficulty, but Steven managed to catch up and help take them out. In Rocking Kalos Defenses! She, along with Mairin, Steven and Sycamore started investigating the research conducted by Team Flare.

Before Steven could explain what he found, the Giant Rock was activated and absorbed Chespie, causing the building to collapse. Her Braixen was thrown off Metagross by some of the vines from the Giant Rock, but Alain's Charizard managed to save her in time. After Ash managed to get Greninja launch a Water Shuriken at Chespie's location in the Giant Rock, she assisted Steven, Sycamore and Alain to fight their way through, but none of their attacks were able to hold it off.

A few large vines surrounded the three of them but Serena managed to have Braixen, Pancham and Sylveon to prevent them from getting hurt. Serena then rushed to protect Mairin as a vine was heading towards her direction, but was saved by Ash and Alain managing to rescue Chespie in time. All of them then tried to attack the Giant Rock but ended up injuring themselves instead.

Serena then reunites with Ash, Clemont and Bonnie and watches Bonnie say goodbye to Squishy as it leaves along with Z2. In Battling With a Clean Slate! Later, she went with Ash, Clemont and Bonnie to Professor Sycamore's Lab when they heard Alain was returning, only to find Mairin on the floor with decorations all over her.

She helped Mairin bake the cake for the welcome party that Mairin decided to host. When Alain entered the lab, they all welcomed him and had a feast together with Professor Sycamore.

Serena (anime)

The next day, she watched the battle between Clembot and Alvinwith Alvin coming out as the winner. All of them gathered and posed for the group photo with the medals. Clemont asks what Serena is going to do to which she was hesitating to accept the offer Palermo gave earlier. Ash cheered her on and Serena happily thanks him for his constant support.

Serena, Shauna, and even Jessilee put up a collaboration performance which made the residents smile and enjoy themselves. By witnessing how everyone started dancing along and smiling, Serena realized how much she actually loves performing and wants to do more. The next day, after saying goodbye to her mother, Ash asked Serena for a battle after seeing her lost in thoughts. Serena agreed as Ash said by battling, she would be able to decide what's next for her.

During the battle, Serena was able to work well with Braixen and use her techniques well against Ash's Pikachu. After the battle, Serena called Palermo, making her final answer to reject Palermo's offer. Serena told her seeing how everyone was smiling during her performance earlier that made her want to travel more and make more people smile like Aria and improve her skills. After that, she announced to the group that she will be going to visit other regions to further develop her skills as a Performer, starting with Hoenn.

After Xerosic captures Clemont and when the van drives away, Ash-Greninja jumps in front of the van, which frightens Serena. Later, Serena goes with Ash and Bonnie to rescue Clemont by jumping from the top of a cliff and then getting rescued by Ash-Greninja's tongue.

After Clemont gets rescued and Xerosic arrested, she, along with the others bid farewell to Ash's Greninja, which goes along with Squishy and Z2 to find the negative energy where those roots were spawning. In Till We Compete Again! At the airport, Serena told Ash she vowed to become better, especially for him the next time they met. She then leaned towards him, and the scene implies that she gave him a kiss, with Clemont, Bonnie, Pikachu, and Dedenne all shocked and Ash left momentarily stunned.

Serena then thanked him for the journey and his guidance before leaving. She was last seen happily arriving in Hoenn. Serena made a cameo appearance in the ending credits of I Choose You!

Character Serena with her mother Serena has proven to be a kind and polite girl but she can also be openly rebellious towards her motherGrace. This tumultuous relationship was best demonstrated when Grace made her practice Rhyhorn riding, an activity Serena had hated doing.

However, their relationship is also very loving as shown in later episodes. Although shown to have a strong will, Serena can be sensitive and insecure at times as seen in Battling with Elegance and a Big Smile! She is also shown to lose her composure when pushed to a wall, becoming unsure of herself. While battling isn't her primary focus, Serena has shown herself to be a competent battler, at least partially due to picking up Ash's battling style after seeing him battle countless times.

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However, in Summer of Discovery! It was in Dreaming a Performer's Dream! Serena's Sky Trainer outfit Unlike with DawnSerena chose to not follow in her mother's footsteps as a Rhyhorn racer.

However, she is shown to be a competent Rhyhorn racer and is quite knowledgeable about them. She possesses a unique charm when it comes to Rhyhorn, possibly due to her upbringing, as nearly all of those that she encounters gravitate towards her playfully as seen in Giving Chase at the Rhyhorn Race!

Due to her mother's training, she is able to easily tame Rhyhorn and manage them well. Additionally because of those skills, she is also able to calmly guide a Mamoswine through a steep hill in Over the Mountain of Snow! Serena has been shown to have a phobia of the supernatural. When the group entered an abandoned house where a wild Espurr was staying in Seeking Shelter From the Storm! Likewise, in Forging Forest Friendships!