Who is alcibiades and what his relationship with socrates

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who is alcibiades and what his relationship with socrates

"Socrates and Alcibiades is unusually clear, powerfully argued, and intelligent. spanning nearly two decades, of the relationship between Socrates and his. Their presentations diverge particularly on the nature of Alcibiades' relationship with his teacher. This article argues that Xenophon and Plato's contrasting. It suggests how popular Alcibiades-Socrates gossip proved to be in the . toward which Socrates aspires in his relationship with Alcibiades (in.

In other words, Alcibiades took the fall for the missteps of an entire era. But knowing you don't know is a contradiction, and what's worse, the remedy for knowing you don't know, in theAI, at least, is to enlist the help of an expert, someone who really does know.

who is alcibiades and what his relationship with socrates

At this point, when we entrust our affairs to an expert, we can kiss Socratic philosophy goodbye. The many can't teach virtue, Socrates argues, since disagreement characterizes those who do not know; experts tend to agree. But the many disagree with each other; therefore, they don't make good teachers. Mintoff explores the soundness of this thesis by discussing the idea of expert disagreement. Yes, AI offers a more complicated account of courage than we find in the elenctic dialogues, but that only makes it inconsistent with them, and not necessarily spurious.

In the past it has suffered from a lack of philosophical attention. Ultimately, Alcibiades' tragic ambition proved fatal for philosophy, as Socrates himself became the target of those seeking to improve the state and impugning the philosopher because of his ill-fated beloved.

Tarrant, in "Improvement by Love: In "Ice-Cold in Alex", King extinguishes the incendiary passions of the Hellenic type, the lover-educator, with the glacial precepts of Jewish law, on the one hand, and ethnic prejudice against effeminate Hellenes, on the other.

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The famous "Therapeutae" essay of Philo -- that anti-sympotic symposium, which is even more chaste than the Platonic original -- and the general condemnation of homosexuality on the grounds of effeminacy and childlessness in Philo's commentaries on the Jewish Law form the subject matter here.

Proclus understands the interlocutor as under examination by his own inner deity intellect in so far as the soul's activity of thinking through philosophical puzzles posed in the elenchus constitutes an opportunity for the projection probole of the logos previously latent in the soul.

Socratic method then is equated to self-knowledge. Ultimately, the divine sign equates with the divinely inspired lover. For Olympiodorus and other Neoplatonist commentators, divinity refers to intellect, which the individual soul must revert to or come to identify as.

The lover then facilitates self-realization in the beloved.

who is alcibiades and what his relationship with socrates

Again, this chapter reminds us that egoism is very far from the ancient configuration of Socrates and, indeed, of Socratic love. It would be like owning two or three of the teams vying for the Super Bowl.


What exactly is this guy going to do? What exactly is he aiming at? Not long after Alcibiades set sail for Sicily, the people of Athens recalled him to stand trial for religious desecration.

He decided not to return to Athens. Alcibiades in Exile Alcibiades managed to fight on three different sides in the same war… So began his rather astonishing political ride.

He aided Sparta in ways that did real damage to Athens. When he wore out his welcome in Sparta, Alcibiades went to the third great power in the area, namely, Persia, which was the traditional enemy of all Greeks alike.

who is alcibiades and what his relationship with socrates

There he sought to wield as much influence as he could. In short, Alcibiades managed to fight on three different sides in the same war; even more amazing than that, he eventually succeeded in having himself recalled to Athens, after all that he had done against his city.

who is alcibiades and what his relationship with socrates

Although he did manage to lead the Athenian war effort for a time after his recall and to lead it well, he eventually fell afoul again of Athens and sought refuge in a place called Phrygia. There, some Persian agents, probably acting on a Spartan directive, assassinated Alcibiades in B.

Whatever we might think of Alcibiades—colorful, talented, treacherous, and complicated, surely—it is an odd thing for Plato to choose to shine a spotlight on him as a student of Socrates. Xenophon there argues, by the way, that Alcibiades was moderate or self-controlled for as long as he was with Socrates and that he became so extravagant only when he broke with Socrates.


Young as he is, he thinks he is ready to lead the city. As he grew up, Alcibiades was strikingly handsome and keen witted, but he was extravagant, irresponsible, and self-centred as well.

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They served together at Potidaea in the Chalcidice region, where Alcibiades was defended by Socrates when he was wounded, a debt that he repaid when he stayed to protect Socrates in the flight from the Battle of Deliumnorth of Athens. Yet before he was 30 he had abandoned the intellectual integrity that Socrates demanded, in favour of the rewards of the kind of politics that Socrates despised.

During the s Alcibiades was best known for his personal extravagance and his courage in battle; but he had also become a recognized speaker in the Ecclesia assemblyand as Athens moved toward peace, he hoped that the ties that had once existed between his family and Sparta would enable him to secure the credit for bringing peace to Athens.

who is alcibiades and what his relationship with socrates

General for the first time inhe opposed the aristocratic leader Niciaswho had negotiated peace, and steered Athens into an anti-Spartan alliance with ArgosElisand Mantineiathree city-states of the Peloponnese.

This alliance was defeated by Sparta at the Battle of Mantineia Alcibiades, however, escaped ostracisma form of banishment, by joining forces with Nicias against Hyperbolus, the successor of the demagogue politician Cleon as champion of the common people. In Alcibiades restored his reputation by entering seven chariots at Olympia and taking first, second, and fourth places.

This made it easier for him, into persuade the Athenians to send a major military expedition to Sicily against the city of Syracuse. He was appointed to share the command, but, shortly before the expedition was due to sail, the hermae busts of Hermes, messenger of Zeus and patron of all who use the roads, set up in public places throughout the city were found to have been mutilated.