Winner dont flirt instrumental

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winner dont flirt instrumental

Choice and Teddy did a good job with the beat and instrumentals. .. I'm Him, Don't Flirt, and Empty are the stars of this album for me!. Expectation (Hangul: 기대; RR: Gidae) is the first studio album by South Korean girl group Girl's The instrumentals of "Expect", "White Day" and the remix of the song "Don't Flirt!", included on the original edition, were removed for the. Don't Flirt: 5/5. So groovy! This is such a bop. The reggaeish instrumental is awesome. The rap is perfect. It sounds really great and fitting with.

The vocals for the build up were good too. The end got much richer with the adlibs and the exchange in lines with a much more active instrumental. This is such a bop. The reggaeish instrumental is awesome. The rap is perfect.

winner dont flirt instrumental

It sounds really great and fitting with the rythm. The build up and the chorus are so catchy.

winner dont flirt instrumental

The instrumental is also kept pretty simple but it's just with such a good rythm and beat that it doesn't feel like it. The callping breakdown at the end with the nice vocals was great.

winner dont flirt instrumental

The ending "dadada" gave it a great caribbean vibe. Loved the instrumental for the build up and how they played with the pace of the lyrics from verse to build up. This has more of a hip hop vibe which is amazing. The rap was really great throughout the song. Love Is A Lie: The intro is already amazing with the adlibs and keyboard instrumental followed by some nice vocals and a rap for the longer verse.

Chorus is catchy with a great "old school" feeling instrumental. It was a bit annoying tho. The vocal verse followed by a rap verse is a perfect match.

The bridge before the last chorus sounded nice. The piano instrumental supported by the light vocals and little high notes for the build up were great.

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The chorus took the pace up a bit which was followed by a slow verse again. They play good with their range and harmonies.

winner dont flirt instrumental

High notes near the end were awesome. The instrumental were guitar strings which got extended with a drum beat. It took up the pace when the rap verse hit. I cannot sacrifice this life, so precious, so complete, it's mine So I remain vigilant and I watch the screen And make sure no trespassers get in My -- our -- heritage, our sin But be assured, please be assured of this: Clean as a whistle.

And now it's time for me to say: It's 4 am and the old lady in blue has waited long enough. It's time for my date with an angel. Somebody close died in this dream and for some reason I felt like it was my fault. I felt guilty, dirty, just had to wash it away.

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And I concluded that it was still part of that dream in the tunnel And that if I get back in bed, I'll wake up once more and everything would be normal But I couldn't find the stairs. Sure the house looked the same, everything in its place, but the stairs were gone. As if they'd never been there. All I wanted to do was to get out. But I couldn't find the door.


I must have searched for an hour, just couldn't find the damn door. As if it'd never been there. And then I scrambled out the window Then the angel landed, and said, fear not. Real company was what I needed now. This is just the waiting.