Zim and gaz relationship problems

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zim and gaz relationship problems

"Yes, is that a problem? Much like Zim and Gaz's relationship, Tak was the lead out of the two of them, and if she wasn't happy, she'd make. The relationship between Gaz and Zim in the series could be accurately at a bush when he mistook it for Dib's sister in Issue 1, along with the fact that he. Reality Problems When Dib slowly and softly woke up to early light coming in through .. Make fun of him, over his plea for a relationship?.

For over an hour the room feels like some strange limbo of Zim and Gaz being absolutely silent on opposite sides of the room, the wanna-be's sniveling, and the redhead's snickering.

With only a few minutes left on their sentence, Gaz knows she's running out of time to make her move. She reluctantly leaves her seat in the middle-right side of the room to the desk in front of Zim. Instead of ignoring her to continue pouting like she half expects him to, he almost jumps out of his seat.

He's startled by her presence. Like he didn't even realize there was anyone else in the room until she appeared in front of him. Like he didn't even realize he was in the room. What are you doing here?!

She physically leans away from the volume of his voice and swallows her steadily rising temper before replying between grit teeth. She really doesn't appreciate noisy people. And call me Gaz already. He just looks away and grumbles some things in what she assumes is Irken — talking to himself as if Gaz isn't there.

Something is definitely wrong with him, and not in the usual way. Talking to himself isn't new and being distracted isn't new, but he seems so… defeated. Zim's supposed to be too delusional to know when he's defeated. Even though Gaz can't understand him, she decides she doesn't like his tone. She growls at him to shut him up.

It's starting to really piss her off. I don't know what you're going through but sort it out already before I make your life a hell of a lot worse. You may be powerful and frightening normally, but there's nothing you can threaten Zim with anymore. No matter how hard Zim tries, this pathetic planet cannot dish out sufficient punishment and neither can you.

The rich gangster's whimpers have stopped, the red head's taunts have stopped, and they are both looking at Gaz and Zim. The rich kid looks shocked and frightened and the redhead looks riveted. Gaz doesn't respond or wait for Zim to change his mind and beg for mercy. She grabs Zim's head with her hands and takes action. She slams Zim's head down into his desk face first with an impressive amount of violence and lets it bounce off the surface.

Behind her, the rich kid lets out a little shriek of fright and the redhead experiences a short burst of hysterical laughter. Before Zim fully recovers from the shock and pain of a possible concussion and likely broken nose if he had one Gaz grabs him by his collar and yanks his face close to her own.

His eyes are dazed, alarmed, and completely void of their previous emotional fog. Good, it's a start. Watch your tone around me, insect. He's got an unfamiliar look in his eyes and it takes Gaz an immense amount of self-control to not pull away from him.

There's nothing in his eyes that gives her the unfamiliar sensation of being prey. But it's strange, like hearing a foreign instrument that she doesn't know if she likes the tune of.

zim and gaz relationship problems

She forces herself to maintain eye contact and slowly lets go of his shirt, uncurling her fingers with a deliberate show of control. I came from a test tube, as are most of the other Invaders. I'm not sure if they have any sort of sexual reproduction on my planet. But I do know that we have all of the necessary components required to create a-" "Ack!

Gaz and GIR'S Relationship

More information than needed, Zim. Gaz may be a strong girl, but she needs support I have plenty of SpyGear somewhere.

zim and gaz relationship problems

I can dig that out and it will be assured that Lex makes no moves on Gaz. It was usually her saving him, from Zim nonetheless. Now the tables were really turning: Dib was watching over Gaz, Zim wasn't the negative force here, and he an Zim were actually having a civil conversation! The oldest Membrane chuckled inwardly at the irony.

It seemed that some things could really change He hadn't, at first, thought that they would be effective relief for headaches in his case, but it turned out that they doubled the effect, and his migraines had been a thing of the past.

Gir, still in duty mode, 'hopped to it,' as the humans put it. Zim groaned and walked haphazardly to the sink, which he had plumbed so that it would only give out Irken liquids. Turning on the faucet, he got a glass of his equivalent to water. The alien panted at the effort, not used to a headache of this level. It feels as if something is attempting to crack open my skull Gir appeared next to him, holding out a small, blue pill.

Zim placed the pill in his mouth, swallowing it along with a generous gulp of the liquid. What in the seven hells was that all about? He wondered, already feeling the relief the Advil provided. Red was looking at the screen in an irritant way, because Zim had woken them.

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I have multiple things to report, some of them pressing issues. One is that the race here is slowly but surely becoming influenced by my decisions. I will become a Tallest. Be prepared, for soon my reign will begin, and the earthlings shall become my personal slaves! Just follow the story. That you can only be an Almighty Tallest after the current ones have died?

I shall wait, then.

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However, I have some questions. Are there side effects to this? Red stomped on his foot, and added, "But they should only include headaches.

After the screen went black, Purple turned to Red. I mean, he IS gonna be a Tallest after all He will die first, so that the empire doesn't have to put up with him. Telling him that his sexual drive's gonna increase will only result in an embarrassing talk about sex. And I have NO desire to be in that discussion. Secretly, he still thought it was rather mean. He didn't know why though.

Despite Zim's very real capability to obliterate the human race, Gaz finds him too "dumb" to take over the world, as she stated in " Gaz, Taster of Pork ".

In the original pilotGaz seemed to show a bit more interest in Zim than she does in the main series. She smugly smiles at him when he is about to chew beans, and looks down at him when he is in pain from the allergic reaction. It is notable that she recognized Zim's voice. However, his voice is pretty easy to distinguish, and she's probably used to hearing it, considering all the fighting between Zim and Dib. In " Dark Harvest ", Gaz didn't get upset that Zim took her organs, likely only because she was still able to play her Game Slaveand was "in the zone".

In " The Wettening ", Zim held Gaz above his head to protect himself from the rain completely ignoring the umbrella that was in her hand. Gaz would have beaten him up if Dib didn't intervene with his puddle splash. In " Planet Jackers ", Gaz didn't seem to care that Zim was in her house, but rather was annoyed about Dib yelling about it.

In " Bloaty's Pizza Hog ", Dib asked Gaz if she even cares that Zim's trying to destroy mankind, but she flatly stated how: This is proven when Zim triumphantly told Gaz he expected to be amused by her "pitiful" attempts to get Dib out of an "impenetrable" containment tank that Zim made himself. Gaz promptly kicked the tank lightly, causing the entire thing to shatter and flood the room.

Later, Zim also showed outright condescension toward Gaz: However, this has been used by fans as a romantic nickname for her in various fan fiction which is not canon.

Despite Zim's demeaning views of his nemesis' sister, Gaz proved herself to be more than superior to the maniacal Irken during her escape from Zim's Space Station. During said escape, Gaz displayed her prodigious piloting skills, and was even shown to be capable of flying literally cockpit-to-cockpit with Zim's ship, even sparing him a smirk and mocking wave in the process, possibly earning Zim's respect.

Zim attempts to hypnotize Gaz with Pustulio In " Rise of the Zitboy ", Zim tried to hypnotize Gaz with Pustuliobut she was reading a book and didn't pay much heed to Zim's presence.

However, after asking if she was sure she didn't feel compelled to gaze upon Pustulio and being answered with a threatening growl from Gaz, he acquiesced to her wishes and leaves her be whilst beckoning the others to follow him.

The Hideous New Girl ", Gaz claims that Zim's voice is "making her sick", and then sprays him with soda however, it should also be noted she then sprayed Dib as well when he tried to thank her. Later when Zim takes her and Dib to his base, he threatens to "melt Gaz's face off or something" if she touches anything.