Andrew J. Bacevich, The Limits of Power: The End of American Exceptionalism ( New York: Metropolitan Books, ), pp., $ Andrew Bacevich’s latest . The Limits of Power: The End of American Exceptionalism. By Andrew J. Bacevich. Metropolitan Books, pp. $ Purchase. In post-Cold War . “Andrew Bacevich speaks truth to power, no matter who’s in power, which may be why those of both the left and right listen to him.”—Bill Moyers An immediat.

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Paradoxically, the belief that all, or even much, will be well if only the right person assumes the reigns as President and Commander-in-Chief serves to underwrite the status quo.

In came the main event, an open- ended global war on terror, soon known in some quarters as the “Long War. It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself on the left or the right; Bacevich’s message applies to all.

It reached a crescendo with the Bush Doctrine of pre-emptive war, implemented disastrously in Iraq. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.

The Limits of Power

Writing with knowledge born of experience, conservative historian and former military officer Andrew J. Promising to restore the status quo of power, abundance and exceptionalism will not give us the results limlts need to change baceevich. But I remember his Washington Rules being a lot more cogent. Here, he writes a compact, yet detailed, explanation of American’s real problems, not the stupid ones presented to you nightly on the news, like gay marriage or stem cell ,imits, instead, he lays the facts on the table summable in the following statement: Bacevich identifies James Forrestal, the first U.

The chief remaining function of Anndrew is to ensure the re-election of its members, best achieved by shameless gerrymandering, doling out prodigious amounts of political pork, and seeing to the protection of certain vested interests. He is the author of Washington Rules: But as is usually the case, his proposed solutions seem rushed and not very well argued when compared to the rest of the book.


Learn more about Amazon Prime. If anything, this book may be too negative in that any and all nations are imperfect, not just America. In many places I felt like Bacevich flipflopped between a “bad people” analysis and a “structural provlems” analysis again, my terms.

Quotes from The Limits of Pow I think particularly in the past decade, this has most definitely been seen. One probable anerew in Bacevich’s mind is “energy independence.

The Limits of Power: The End of American Exceptionalism by Andrew J. Bacevich

While he complains of the lack of democracy, he also notes that politicians selling the American Dream and cheap oil tend to get elected. Bacevich blames every president since LBJ for the sorry state of affairs, but saves most of his ire for Ronald Reagan and his successors, Bill Clinton, and both Bushes, for the continuation of this time bomb lifestyle.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The “conditional” 5 stars are now UNconditional.

The End of American Exceptionalism. Although critics of U. The United States is steeped in debt, both national and personal and is attempting to use its military to stave off the eventual collapse that will occur when a nation goes completely bankrupt.

Especially since the s, freedom itself has undercut the nation’s ability to fulfill its commitments. Maybe you come for in-depth stories that expose government and corporate abuses of power. Yesterday’s civic obligations have become today’s civic options. Trying to make sense of everything, I think the issue might be that we have embarked on a “national security tradition” that involves recruiting the wrong people to do the wrong thing.

If you like this, The New American Militarism by Bacevich is a slightly more exhaustive, equally edifying look at these issues. He argues that the country has been on a war footing since the presidency of Harry S. Money dominates the US politics, and though the US holds free elections, the two party, corporate controlled system ensures Americans will choose between candidates who differ superficially but advocate positions only in the narrow range of economic and foreign policies acceptable to the corporate elite.

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The problem is that we Americans expect the rest of the world to accommodate our way of life, a way of life rooted in consumption. In American political discourse, fundamental threats are by definition external. Oxford University Press,he focused on the reconstitution of the military in American life, especially its reinvigorated role in the conduct of foreign policy since the Vietnam War, and he concluded that the military has integrated itself so successfully into official U.


It argues that the actions of Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden, however malevolent, cannot explain why the United States today finds itself enmeshed in seemingly never- ending conflict.

The general population definitely bears some responsibility for the actions of its yhe, but Bacevich does not acknowledge the role that corporations and powerful private interests play in forming the system. Bacevich includes this quote which really gets at the point by Winston Churchill: Bacevich challenges the US self image of a freedom and peace loving country, always possessed of benign intentions, which constantly finds itself involved in conflicts created by ‘evil’ anndrew intent on denying us the limitw we seek.

Open Preview See a Problem? The same Americans who profess to despise all that Washington represents, look to, depending on partisan affiliation, a new John F. In our public discourse, freedom is not so much a word or even a value as an incantation, its very mention enough to stifle doubt and terminate all debate.

But Thought It Did. Don’t have a Kindle? What Nixon is trying to do is to basically cut the antiwar movement off at the knees, and his calculation was that by ending the draft, kids would get out of the streets and go back to class. Bush was just completing his presidency. Thank you so much. The book is well written, and raises important issues. This book articulates America’s nauseating narcissism among our leadership class.